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One Air alumni Oliver Daemen, the youngest space traveller in history

Don't miss New Shepard's launch!
19 July, 2021/by Rosa

Eurocontrol forecasts recovery of commercial flights after Covid

These are the data expected for this summer... #FlyingAgain
9 July, 2021/by Rosa

Sarah Almagro Vallejo, runner up in the Abanca Pantín Surf championship!

Our warmest congratulations to all the team!
2 July, 2021/by Rosa

Opinions about One Air

Do you want to know what the students say about us? They tell you on video!
24 June, 2021/by Rosa

ATPL Airline Pilot Programme

Everything you need to know about the licence that will take you to the top.
15 June, 2021/by Rosa

New International Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

With Business Degree in Aviation Management, TR A320 and Flight Instructor.
10 June, 2021/by Rosa

Three new programmes to become an airline pilot

Now you can choose the one that best suits you!
8 June, 2021/by Rosa

One Air Type Rating is real

Our specific ATO for type ratings is now a reality!
7 June, 2021/by Rosa

Free Pilot Course 2021 – New Edition!

You have until 30 July to participate!
4 June, 2021/by Rosa

Analysis of the Global Growth of Commercial Aviation

Aircraft deliveries, personnel demand, new routes, and much more.
28 May, 2021/by admin

Meet the winner of our Free Private Pilot Course 2020!

The winner of the I Edition of our contest has already fulfilled his dream.
18 May, 2021/by Rosa

Flight Training in Europe

Useful guide to choose the best school for flight training. Don't miss!
20 April, 2021/by admin
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