Flight Instructor FI Course in Spain

The Flight Instructor course enables pilots to work for ATO accredited training centres teaching theory, flight and simulator lessons for the issuance of Private Pilot Licences PPL(A) or Commercial Pilot Licences CPL(A). This course can lead to a career in the school and the ability to obtain other ratings such as instrumental or twin engine instructor.

This pilot rating course has a duration of 130 hours of classes and 30 hours of flight time. Having passed the instruction phase the student will undergo a theory exam and flight skills test.

Having completed the flight instructor course you will automatically be included as part of our team of flight instructors working at One Air.

In One Air we look after our instructors offering favorable working conditions as well as a clear path to advancement.



  • FI theory course + theory exam.
  • 32 Flight hours in Diamond aircraft.
  • Price:
  • 9.500
  • Including practical exam and examiner fees

* For FI, IRI, CRI request further information.

Flight Instructor Course Access Requirements:

  • Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A).
  • 6 flight hours in the previous 6 months before the access test.
  • Specific access flight test.

Taking the aircraft pilot course is an almost guarantee of job success nowadays, so that is the reason why many people choose to get this type of training to later find a job related to the specialty acquired: commercial pilot license, private pilot license or FI IRI CRI flight instructor license. This course is intended for those students who want to be FI IRI CRI flight instructors, which enables entering into ATO teaching organizations in such a way that these students are accredited to teach theoretical flight and simulator lessons.

Why Choose Us for the FI COURSE:

  • Fly the world’s best training aircraft

  • Learn to fly from an 24 Hour international airport

  • Ideal climate conditions

  • Highest standards of equipment and training

  • Bilingual training

  • Progression on to our flight instructor team