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New Alsim AL42 FNPT II Simulator

Diamond DA42 One Air.

This simulator is a replica of the twin-engine Diamond DA42 with Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit. The simulator was delivered in 2019 expanding the fleet of next generation simulators at One Air.

With FNPT II certification and being an exact replica of the One Air Diamond DA42, the Alsim AL42 will be used for instrument training and multi-engine adaptation, thus ensuring the highest standard of training.

Together with our Alsim ALX FNPTII certified for MCC medium jet A320, multi-engine piston, single-engine piston and PBN, this simulator makes One Air the Spanish school with the largest number of new generation FNPTII simulators from the prestigious French manufacturer and able to impart the highest quality training for European pilots.

  • alsim al42 sim inside view with controls, screens and buttons

A new way to offer IR instrumental instruction in pilot schools

The Alsim AL42-VI is designed to offer maximum realism, as if you were in an actual Diamond DA42 aircraft. This FNPT II certified simulator is an exact copy of the aircraft, which helps the student become familiar with the procedures and characteristics of the aircraft in order to provide a seamless transition to their in-flight training.

Advantages of our Alsim AL42 Simulator

  • It allows the student to concentrate fully on their training in the very same cockpit in which they will later carry out their in-flight training.
  • Exact replica of the Diamond DA42 aircraft.
  • Garmin G1000® NXi in EFIS configuration (PFD and MFD)
  • Flight director and latest generation autopilot
  • Instructor station to simulate emergencies and procedures
  • Real breakers
  • Latest generation visual system
  • Fully updated navigation database

Alsim AL42 functionalities


ALSIM AL42: Real Diamond DA42 training

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

side view of a one airs diamond da42 at malagas international airport