Tecnam P2008 MKII Simulator

with Glass Cockpit Garmin G3X Touch
A simulator that is unique in the world!

In our Crew Flight Simulator Lab by One Air, we have a full-scale replica simulator of the Tecnam P2008 MKII, which is also unique worldwide.

This specific trainer is an exact replica of our Tecnam P2008 JC MKII Premium Edition aircraft, with Glass Cockpit G3X Touch avionics, which are in flight and available to our students. The new Tecnam P2008 MKII simulator joins the existing Diamond DA20C1, Cirrus SR20 and Diamond DA42, all replicas of our aircraft.

The Premium Edition of the Tecnam P2008 JC MKII aircraft represents a remarkable evolution in terms of comfort and technical features compared to its standard version.

Its advanced dual Garmin Glass Cockpit G3X Touch avionics, including SVXTM synthetic vision and night flying capability (NVFR), together with a high-end interior, guarantee an exceptional, ultra-comfortable flying experience at the highest level.

Undeniably, the Tecnam P2008 JC MKII in its Premium edition is positioned as the leader in its segment. This gives our students the opportunity to adapt to high-wing aircraft, and to appreciate the aerodynamic differences compared to the other aircraft in our Diamond and Cirrus fleet.

Tecnam P2008 MKII Glass Cockpit Garmin G3X Touch Simulator

The Tecnam P2008 MKII simulator allows a perfect adaptation to the G3X Touch avionics that equip our aircraft. What’s more, this simulator recreates the procedures to be used in the real aircraft and offers a fully immersive experience.

Like our other Diamond DA20 simulators or the Cirrus SR22 and Cirrus SR20 simulators, it uses state-of-the-art technology, fully photorealistic UHD scenarios, and real-time simulated weather.

In addition, the Tecnam P2008 MKII simulator also features inter-station connectivity to offer multi-pilot role and traffic simulation between connected students.

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    With the same avionics that you’ll use in your real flights…