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EASA FTD Compliant

Our A320 simulator is designed to replicate the operation and performance of one of the most widely used commercial aircraft by airlines, the Airbus A320.

Today, regular training, refresher seminars and training exams are conducted solely on the simulator.

In addition to the obvious fuel savings and improved aircraft preservation, A320 simulator training allows the recreation of specific training conditions, impossible to replicate in real flight operations.

Airbus A320 Simulator Type
Specific Training Software

Our Airbus A320 Type Specific Training Software, incorporates professional upgradeable license using Airbus authorised data packs. This level of fidelity and reliability allow the FTD approval of this device.

This professional software is used in MPL, EASA FNPT II MCC, recurrent training, EASA FTD devices and even FFS or even customised for companies and private users.

The Airbus A320 simulator’s characteristics, except for movement in space, almost perfectly emulate an FFS. Thanks to being a fixed device, the end cost for the student is much lower compared to FFS simulators but uses the same professional software.

The professional software recreates all the situations and phases of a normal flight as well as the presentation and resolution of abnormal events/procedures down to the smallest details.

With the iPads installed in PF and PM stations, you work with specific cartography that represents the GPS position of the aircraft at all times; checklists; eQRH; as well as the entire library related to the aircraft and model of the manufacturer Airbus and the possibility of personalisation with that of the company in order to operate within their specific SOPs.

Characteristics of the
Airbus A320 Simulator

→ Next level realism and complexity with a 220-degree cylindrical display system; with triple projection and photorealistic scenarios (ground and air traffic, landing strips, taxiways, vehicles, stands, etc).

Force Feedback Control for Captain and First Officer with selenoid locking for autopilot, A/P Disengage, double hydraulic system for perfect damping.

Immersive cabin with 100% real hardware (faithful to the original cabin, its functionality and configuration).

CANBUS electronic control of all systems.

Global database with all airports and their updated approaches (ILS, LOC, GLS, VOR, NDB, RNAV, Radar, etc).

Configurable meteorology, adaptable to Categories I, II and III for low visibility training; PBN; NPAs, to allow preparation for any contingencies or missed approaches, wind-shear during takeoff and landing, TCAS I and II; winter operation; and much more: everything that can happen in real life and during real operations.

→ Integrated instructor position isolated behind the cockpit with touch screens and dedicated software (management of all aircraft systems, radio aids, meteorology).

→ Tasks as simple and common as a re-positioning with system failures in any phase of flight are solved in an intuitive error-free manner to maximise time and maintain concentration.

All types of current approaches are represented and performed; TCAS alerts and resolutions (TA/RA), load sheets, technical analysis, ECAM fault generation systems with resolution, etc).

→ Seats with 5-point seat belts.

Panels with breakers for performing procedures according to the QRH.

→ Automation of all alpha floor protections.

  • A320 AIRBUS

    Real training as if it were the aircraft itself.

Grupo One Air E-ATO 190 is an AESA Approved Training Organisation that has been teaching professional pilot courses since 2010.

Fly with total confidence and safety putting your training in the hands of our team of professionals; with reliable and precise equipment; with qualified professionals who meet your needs; just 2 minutes from Malaga International Airport and with the best value for money.

Our simulator allows you to perform all kinds of procedures in a real training environment the same as that of the aircraft itself.

Airlines operating with

Commercial Aircraft

These are some of the 165 airlines operating Airbus A320 aircraft on five continents:

Air Canada

Air France


American Airlines

British Airways

Cathay Pacific

Delta Airlines



Qatar Airways

Swiss Airlines

Turkish Airlines

United Airlines



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Operational and License Proficiency Check

By law, and for safety, professional pilots are required to have a high level of preparation, expertise and performance in the exercise of the powers of their license.

The aircraft operator is obliged to provide this through its training department, which regularly plans and evaluates revision of knowledge, materials, systems and preparing relevant scenarios.

For this reason, we present you with the option of practicing with training sessions that reinforce existing training and help to increase capabilities thus imparting the expertise to complete them to a level above that required.

We have a broad base of simulator types based in the same location which allows us to provide recurrent training for airline pilots.

We offer high quality sessions with our team of expert instructors, active in airlines and fully B737 and A320 rated (depending on the simulator chosen for the course).

We offer maximum flexibility in schedules throughout the year thanks to having several simulators in the same location with a large staff of instructors and just 2 minutes from Málaga International Airport.

The OPC/LPC refreshers are made up of a basic profile in addition to the possibility of practicing any of the failures covered by the QRH

The basic profile consists of:

  • Normal takeoff, non-precision approach followed by orbiting and landing.
  • LVO sequence with 125m RVR takeoff and ILS CATI-II A approach with go-around and automatic landing.
  • S/E sequence with engine failure during takeoff at MTOW, QRH, non-normal procedures, single engine approach, single engine go-around and landing.
  • Also during any of these exercises a Rejected Take Off and an evacuation will be included at the discretion of the instructor.

The basic OPC/LPC profile will include the practice of any of the failures covered by three of the QRH systems chosen by the pilots.

Likewise we offer you the possibility of adding more systems to these three already included contracting extra training time for those procedures that you want to practice.


Theory / Practice

The comprehensive preparation of an airline assessment/selection test is essential to success. It is essential to correctly prepare all the phases that normally make up a selection test:

  • Technical or knowledge interview.
  • Personal interview with a pilot and a psychologist.
  • Simulator assessment.

Our instructors are active pilots and instructors and do recurrent training for different airlines so your preparation will be completed according to the existing requirements demanded by the airlines at the time of the tests.

We will also have the reinforcement of a team of psychologists who will help in the preparation of the personal interview as well as the preparation of the psychometric tests during the technical interview.

Who is the course for?

The course is intended for pilots with a frozen ATPL (A) seeking to join an airline for the first time.

We have different options in materials and methodology depending on the airline with which you intend to carry out the assessment (Vueling, Iberia, Air Europa, Ryanair, etc).

Since each company looks for a specific candidate profile, so we will carry out a review of Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, interview with a specialist.


Theoretical Phase of the
Access Course for Airlines


✓ Elimination test samples

✓ Personal Interview

✓ Technical Interview

✓ Group Dynamics

✓ Psychometric Tests


✓ Listening Test

✓ Speaking Test

✓ Technical Interview


Practical Phase of the
Access Course for Airlines

2H in SR20 Entegra replica, SR22 Perspective o DA40 G1000 simulators, for IR refresher. To refresh certain concepts before going to the A320 simulator (*Optional: Extra training hours can be added, if desired, as a reduced rate).

5H in Airbus A320 simulator.

2H as PF (Pilot Flying).
2H of PM (Pilot Monitoring).
1H of General Refreshment to re-enforce weaker areas.

In this phase of the Orientation and Access course for airlines in Airbus A320 simulator, we will focus learning on theses points:

⟶ Improve crosschecking of instruments.

⟶ Adapt skills to the speed and inertia of a faster and heavier aircraft.

⟶ Improve management of time and cockpit resources.

⟶ Optimise the decision-making process during emergency situations.

⟶ Application of effective CRM in a muti-pilot enviroment.


VAT Included

€ 650

‣ The course is carried out with a minimum of 2 students.

‣ All our prices are promotional for the opening of the Crew Flight Simulator Lab by One Air with 20 simulators. Don’t miss this opportunity!



In our ATO we have a simulator laboratory with a total of 20 simulators. The specific devices for instrument flight and its refreshment are supervised by instructors with IRI (A) and / or FI IR (A) qualification who, if necessary, can provide additional instruction at a reduced price.

This way you can later optimise your hours in the A320 simulator. We have all the official course authorisations for IR (A), IRI (A), among others. Find out about our refresher training prices and surprise yourself!

Normally the answer is NO, and in fact, if you enter an airline for the first time, there is no expectation that you know how to fly an A320 effectively. The key is to demonstrate potential and the ability to adapt to this new aircraft and environment by applying the basic techniques of flight and cockpit management.

In our Airbus 320 simulator you will get the experience you need to pass your simulator access test successfully. Additionally, in case of needing extra instruction, we support you by offering reduced prices to reinforce your preparation and improve self-confidence.

In the preparatory course we will analyse how you need to focus your preparation, what is really important and what you should know. To achieve this, before starting the course you will receive a preparatory study pack with which you can study the flight profiles, speeds and basic procedures that we will apply later during training. By doing this, you can enter the simulator knowing the basics of how to fly an Airbus A320.


Imparted by vocational professionals with abundant experience, we will provide the preparation you need to ‘fly from the left side of the cockpit’ and to successfully obtain your promotion to captain.

Our course has been designed to prepare you personally and technically. In this way, and with a high degree of success, you will achieve your promotion to commander.

Each course is personalised and our objective is to satisfy the specific needs of each pilot and the particular company profile.

The Command Preparation Course is taught by active captains with extensive experience in the aeronautical sector.

In preparation for the assessments for promotion to captain we focus on the following areas:

  • Planning
  • CRM
  • Decision Making
  • Normal and emergency procedures
  • Situational Awareness
  • Workload Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Low Visibility Operations
  • Air Legislation
  • Others

Jet Orientation Course

The JOC – Jet Orientation Course as the name indicates is an familiarisation course for jet aircraft. At One Air we do it in in FTD Compliant Airbus A320 simulator (or Boeing 737-800 NG FTD Compliant simulator if you so choose).

JOC Course Contents

✓ Introduction to the Jet A320 handling

A320 cockpit management skills

✓ Familiarisation with A320 systems

Precision and non-precision approaches

✓ Standard Operating Procedures

Cockpit Procedure Training

PF and PM responsibilities

✓ Airline specific procedures

Training Structure

✓ Theoretical Training | 6 h.
Taught by A320 rated instructor
(1 or 2 days)

✓ IR Simulator Refreshment | 4 h.
(Replica Glass Cockpit SR20 or DA40 G1000)
Taught by instructor with IR

✓ A320 Mock Up | 6 h.
Flexible Timetable availability

✓ Airbus A320 Simulator | 10 h.
Taught by A320 rated instructor
(4 sessions of 2,5 h. each session)

Access Requirements

To carry out the course, you must have a valid EASA commercial license with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings along with an MCC or APS MCC certificate (in the case of having an APS MCC, the JOC will serve as refresher training).

Course Duration

26 hours of training spread over 4 business days, depending on availability.



€ 1.200

‣ VAT Included.

‣ Price per person. In casa two people come together, € 100 discount per person, € 1.100 total per person.

‣ If you wish to take the JOC course individually the price is € 1.800

‣ All our prices are promotional for the opening of our SimLab with 20 simulators. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Airbus A320 Simulator Rental

It is possible to customise different packages depending on whether a professional instructor or supervisor is required or dry lease rental the simulator per hour.

Hours with current airline pilot rated for Airbus A320

Prices per hour for 1 person
(VAT Included)

1 h – € 110

Prices per person
for 2 people
(VAT Included)

1 h – € 65

In case of 2 people who want to receive instruction together, there will be a surcharge of only € 20, so the price per person will be more favorable.

Hours with supervisor

Our supervisor/operator is a commercial pilot, without type rating, with extensive experience in simulation. He will not give instruction, only supervision.

It is essential to be a pilot with a commercial license and A320 rating to be able to choose this option.

Prices per person
(VAT Included)

1 h – € 80

Hours dry lease

Airbus A320 simulator rental by hours for pilots with current or expired A320 type rating.

Prices per person
(VAT Included)

1 h – € 70

Price per person
for 2 people
(VAT Included)

1 h – € 40

In case of being 2 people, there will be a surcharge of only € 10 so the price per person will be more favourable.

For groups and enterprises

One of the goals of the ‘Crew Flight Simulator Lab by One Air’ is bringing aviation closer to everyone who wants the opportunity to learn flight procedures and the specific situations which pilots face on a daily basis.

With professional simulators and at a low cost we offer the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience in our simulators. You can choose between different simulators and prices, being able to carry out a completely customisable experience.

From general aviation simulators such as the analog or digital Diamond DA20 C1 with Garmin G600, Cirrus SR20 Avidyne Entegra or SR22 Perspective G1000, Diamond DA40 G1000, VR, and Boeing 737-800 NG or Airbus A320 simulators.

The experience includes following:

Briefing prior to the general aviation simulator and basic aviation concepts (15 min).

✓ Choice of general aviation simulator, to familiarisation with basic flight fundamentals (20 min).

✓ Choice of Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800 simulator (40 min).

* Ask for prices

For media production and filming

We have special prices according to needs and number of hours. We can offer any of the two real commercial aircraft simulators (Boeing 737 or Airbus A320) unmanned or with full crew, depending on requirements.

We adapt to your schedules and needs as we know time flies!