What do the students think about our pilots school?

What opinions about One Air
do our students have?

Yes, this post is titled ‘Opinions about One Air’, and that is exactly what you will find, but before, let us tell you something.

When a new batch of pilots starts, we cannot avoid sharing the excitement of the new cadets. New friends, new disciplines and a special bright in their eyes; the one that flourishes from the heart when the feeling is that at least, this is the place where you must be.

But it is when they finish, when it truly invades us an indescribable feeling. All together, we transform the energy and passion from the start into experience, fortitude and resilience; without diminishing a bit, the passion for aviation.

Next, you will be able to watch some videos in which our students speak about why they chose One Air for their formation, and how it has been their experience with us or what they have learnt in their path to be a pilot.

So, get comfortable and don’t miss all their opinions about One Air


    What is said about us?


Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) Student

‘When the pandemic hit, I rethought what I wanted to focus my life on. I looked for a profession that would give me stability and a future, so I discovered that my passion was in aviation. I made an appointment at One Air to meet the school and find out more about the course. I really liked the experience and that same day I signed up the contract and decided that I wanted to become an airline pilot. […]’


Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) Student

‘When I was looking for pilot schools, I use to work before in the aviation industry. I worked as a Flight Attendant for two different airlines, and I was hooked on the lifestyle. But staying in the cabin wasn’t already my dream… I saw myself being able to fly one day maybe. […]’


Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) Student

‘I was already a private pilot in Argentina, I had already accumulated a few flying hours, but I saw that my training was not professional enough. When the pandemic arrived, I started looking for flight schools and found One Air. I converted my Argentinian PPL licence to the European one and continued with the ATPL course. […]’


Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) Student

‘I started at One Air back in 2012; I took my PPL when the school was just starting. After that, I was living abroad for a while and left my training on standby. When I was able to return to Spain, I found a renovated school, much bigger, with many more aircraft and much more human resources. […]’


Private Pilot Licence PPL (A) Student

‘Working for Airbus as an engineer, I met several test pilots and saw an industry where I could combine my two passions: engineering and aviation. My whole family has been involved in aviation as pilots or flight attendants, so I’ve always loved being in the cockpit, which is why I decided to get my Private Pilot Licence PPL (A). […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘With One Air I first did a drone pilot course, which is a field that interests me a lot; then I got to know the school better and as I had my instructor’s licence, I decided to apply to work here. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘I was very impressed by the fact that the school has Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 simulators, where you can practice and even prepare for a type rating. This is a strong point in favour of One Air. […]’


Advanced Course Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘In 2015, I started working as a flight instructor at One Air, and during a conversation while renewing my licence, I said that I believed the school was going to become one of the best in the short term. And just this 2020, in such a difficult year, we won the Best Spanish Pilot School award. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A) + A320 Type Rating

‘At One Air, we work with instructors who, like me, are type rated. This means that we bring our vision and experience of airline aircraft to the future generations of pilots we have at the school. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A) + A320 Type Rating

‘I am an Airbus A320 airline pilot and I provide the school my prior background having worked as an instructor in other countries. Essentially, I focus in multi-engine IFR simulators, which may be considered the most critical part when applying to access an airline. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘They are very professional, very close to the students; I really like the fact that it is a family school. I am very interested in staying at One Air because I want to be part of the progress the school is making, of its evolution. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘I saw an advert from One Air on the internet, showing the CFI flying. He was taking off from Malaga Airport making a turn which really caught my attention. I was really struck by the atmosphere, the view and the environment. So, when I finished my training at another school, my first thought was: ‘I want to go to One Air’. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘I started as a student and, when I finished the course, I had the opportunity to work as an instructor. I consider One Air as a big family, we are all very close. If you have any kind of problem there is always someone to answer you; you are never alone. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘I finished my ATPL about 8 months ago, after which I started the instructor course. I was quite lucky because, just a month after finishing, One Air gave me the opportunity. I am also an Aerospace Engineer, which gives me extra experience that I try to pass on to the current students. […]’


Airline Pilot Programme ATPL (A) Student

‘I started without any previous aeronautical knowledge and it was at One Air that I acquired and developed it. If someone is thinking of training as a pilot and thinks they are not qualified, I would encourage them to start because all the knowledge they need to know they will learn at the school. […]’


Commercial Pilot CPL (A) Student

‘As soon as you walk in you see everything full of lights, all new and shiny; but, when they showed me around the school and I saw the immense amount of resources and teaching materials they have to teach you, I deleted the rest of the options I had and focused on One Air. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘When I finished my ATPL course, I immediately decided to continue my career as a flight instructor, not only because it helps my progress by continuing to learn, but also for the pleasure of accompanying students in their career development. […]’


Chief Flight Instructor CFI

‘I remember when we were only 2 or 3 instructors and you only could take the PPL. The school has grown a lot and now you can choose between several programmes to become a commercial pilot, do a University Degree or even do a Type Rating, which is the last step to join an airline. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘When I had the opportunity, I was trained in Portugal and, after completing it, I was looking for a way to progress my career, so the FI (A) course was the most logical step. I chose One Air because of the fleet, one of the best for teaching. […]’


Commercial Pilot Licence’s Student (CPL)

‘Both the people at the reception and the instructors always have a moment for you, they are very helpful and it’s grateful when you have any problem or question that they solve everything really fast.  […]’


Alumni + Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘I believe the team is unbeatable, both the high experienced instructors at the advanced levels who even combine their airline jobs with teaching; and the initial instructors, who are always attentive on how to help you. […]’


Airline Pilot Programme’s Student

‘I chose One Air because, when I decided to become a pilot, I was looking for a school with the best value for money. When I saw the modern fleet, I realised that it was a very good opportunity to train as a pilot and fulfill this goal that I have had for a long time. […]’


Airline Pilot Programme’s Student

‘I started researching the world of aviation and, when I went to other schools, no one thought I was really interested. The difference was that, when I came to One Air, from the first moment, I felt part of the team and I knew I was in my place. […]’


IR + MEP + CPL Ratings

‘My experience at One Air has been very positive. I have learned a lot and very quickly, I have been accompanied by very prepared and professional instructors, who have always known how to guide me and explain to me, in the best way, everything I had to learn. […]’


Commercial Pilot License CPL (A)

‘At One Air, they always adapted to my needs, for example when I came from Qatar with short leaves and little time to fly and do my exams. They offered me my first job as flight instructor, giving me the opportunity to do job interviews with different airlines and, nowadays, I’m working for an airline. I’m very grateful for this. […]’


Instrumental IR + Multi-Engine MEP + CPL (A)

‘I chose One Air because after having finished my course as a Private Pilot PPL (A) in Italy, I started looking for around all Europe, a school to practice in an International airport with a lot of commercial traffic. […]’


Commercial Pilot License CPL (A)

‘The first steps to give in aviation are not easy for everyone, so the economic side was something that I needed to consider. I made a comparison between some schools, the facilities, material offered… I came to Malaga to see One Air and it convinced me. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘One Air was the first school that gave me the opportunity to work as a pilot, as I was previously working as a flight attendant. […] Due to my past experiences, other schools were old-fashioned and, well, ‘old’ has nothing to do with One Air.’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘The aircraft fleet we have right now is big and modern; it is fully updated and adapted to the market and students demands. […]’


Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) Student

Become a pilot was my passion since I was a child. I’ve done other jobs but I couldn’t find myself and I thought that nothing was going to achieve it except being a pilot. So I decided, ‘why not take a chance and go for it?’. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘My interest in aviation began when I started flying RC airplanes with my dad. I recommend One Air because I’m working with a lot of great people. They help you develop your personal skills and also flight skills on a daily basis. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘I’ve desire for teaching and for adventure. Malaga area is a place where you’ve the best of both worlds: a lot of students and a lot of things to do after work. One Air is an exciting place for training. […]’


Alumni + Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘As flight instructors its helps us a lot to have a great maintenance team watching out should we’ve a problem and they get it fixed as soon as possible, which really gives to day to day security. […]’


Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) Student

‘From the very beginning, One Air have helped me with everything I need, such the accommodation. The instructors have always been attentive to my needs and have never made me feel bad when I’ve made a mistake, instead, they’ve reinforced me to do it better. […]’


Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) Student

‘I always wanted to be a pilot; ever since I was a child I have dreamed of becoming a pilot. But there are difficulties in it, so when I had the economical opportunity, I looked for schools and at One Air I felt very welcome. […]’


ATPL (A) Airline Pilot Programme Student

One Air is always there for the students, all the instructors, all the staff, the maintenance team… But it’s a mutual relationship: the school values your effort and your persistence to be the best pilot you can be. […]’


Flight Instructor FI (A)

‘I did my training in Portugal and then I decided to do the Flight Instructor Course. I think it is very nice to be part of the new generation of pilots; we as instructors are part of their lives, which is very rewarding. […]’


Commercial Pilot CPL (A) Student

‘The school has put a lot of effort into growing and, in the end, One Air has managed to offer magnificent resources. One of the best on the market. […]’ […]’

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