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When does an aircraft become a satellite?

In today’s 1Minute Aviation video, we ask you a very unusual question… When do you think an aeroplane becomes a satellite? No, we haven’t gone crazy.

If you’ve seen other episodes of the series, you probably know that aircrafts need two things to fly: wings and movement. Besides, their take-off will be much easier depending on where the wind is blowing, right?

For an aeroplane to fly, it needs a certain speed depending on the amount of air surround it. Also, as it ascends, the amount of air decreases, so the higher the altitude, the more speed is required.

Well, if we continue to ascend to 100 km of altitude, we would need such a great speed for our wings to be effective, that it would coincide with the orbital speed, and then, the wings would be no longer necessary.

We would then have reached the Kármán Line, the line between the atmosphere and outer space. And yes, in this point our aircraft would become a satellite.