– RedBird Full Motion Xwind –

Crosswinds, together with wind shear, are some of the principal contributing factors to incidents at airports around the world.

For obvious safety reasons, during the training, flights in adverse weather conditions will be cancelled; this makes it impossible to acquire experience in landings in strong crosswind conditions.

For this reason, at One Air, we have developed the only specific course for crosswind landings and wind shear.

What does the Crosswind Course consist of?

The course is composed of a specific theory class about the importance of wind in critical phases of flight. The different specific techniques to be used on approach and landing in adverse conditions are also discussed.

Additionally, the student will practice landing approaches with crosswind at different intensities using the only Full Motion Redbird Xwind simulator in Europe.

With briefings and de-briefings, performed by an experienced instructor, the student will make the most of the in-flight exercises. Until now, such a specialised training could not be carried out.

Why do the Crosswind Course?

Like all standard aviation procedures, crosswind landings require constant practice to really master such special conditions.

In fact, wind gusts and crosswinds cause more incidents than thunderstorms, fog and ice formation combined.

Even the most experienced pilots are aware of the difficulty and precision required in approach manoeuvres to land in crosswind conditions.

Wind gusts, an unpredictable element

Gusts of wind can also be a real challenge as it is impossible to predict their frequency and intensity. Therefore, it is essential to acquire the necessary skills to ensure the approach manoeuvres under these types of circumstances.

Our Full Motion Redbird Xwind simulator, specific for crosswind training, is the perfect tool to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve landing manoeuvres in total safety.