New Diamond DA20-C1 Analog Initial Trainer

The first experience with simulated flight

We still have more simulators to show you from our SIMLAB by OneAir!

You already know that a good initial training is essential, both to establish the basic concepts and to get the most out of each hour of flight.

And, as we told you in this post about the importance of simulation, at One Air, you will perform the first phase of flight in Diamonds DA20-C1. Therefore, training in simulators based on the aircraft you will later fly will allow you to enjoy optimal training.

Well, in today’s video, we present our DA20-C1 analogue simulator: the first contact that our students have before the initial flight phase. Subsequently, they will use the DA20-C1 simulator in its Glass Cockpit G500 variant.

In the DA20-C1 analogue trainer, our students will carry out the same procedures as they will do in their first hours of flight. It is also a valuable tool for understanding the operation of the ‘basic T’, on which the different instruments are represented, such as the anemometer, the horizon, the altimeter or the gyro, among others.

Simple and cutting-edge, it incorporates Garmin GNS530 avionics, as well as state-of-the-art hardware, modern equipment and UHD photorealistic scenarios.