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    ✓ Avidyne Entegra


Glass Cockpit Avidyne Entegra

Cirrus Design Aircraft

At our new Crew Flight Simulator Lab by One Air, we offer you two Cirrus Glass Cockpit simulators with two different types of avionics: the Cirrus SR20 Glass Cockpit Avidyne Entegra simulator and the Cirrus SR22 Glass Cockpit Perspective Garmin G1000 simulator.

Cirrus SR20 is a single-engine aircraft manufactured by Cirrus Design, a prestigious American aircraft manufacturer, supplier of the USAF Air Force, or the Airbus school, among others.

The SR20 has four seats with vertically opening doors; Continental IO360 ES engine with 215 Hp of power; and monocoque fuselage made with the latest generation composite materials.

In addition, it is the first general aviation aircraft to have a parachute, designed by the company BRS (Ballistic Recovery Systems), which can be deployed in an emergency to bring the aircraft down to the ground safely.

  • Train on Cirrus SR20 simulators

    With the same avionics you will use on your real flights

Cirrus SR20 Simulator with Glass Cockpit Avidyne Entegra

Our Cirrus SR20 simulator with Entegra Glass Cockpit avionics allows our students to familiarise themselves with the type of avionics that are present in this aircraft.

Together with Garmin GTN 650 it is a simulator that perfectly recreates the cockpit and instrumental procedures to be followed.

With photorealistic scenarios that allow a better adaptation to the area of operations that the students will use later during the in-flight phase, it perfectly complements the training of all our pilots.

Our Cirrus SR20 Avidyne Entegra simulator (as well as our SR22, Tecnam P2008 MKII simulator or DA20-C1 simulators) also has connections between the different simulator stations to offer multi-pilot experience and simulate traffic between connected students.

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