• A day flying from Malaga International Airport

A day flying from
Malaga International Airport

With our student pilot Alba D.

As you already know, in One Air E-ATO 190, we make all the instrumental and multi-engine training from Malaga International Airport. Not many pilot schools can operate from an international airport with heavy traffic and real airlines.

Due to this, our students, during the advanced stages, acquire the invaluable experience that will prepare them for the real operational flights that they will carry out during their work life.

Have you ever asked yourself how is it to fly in an international airport? What about the communications during take off or landing? In today’s video, you will be able to jump in one of our Diamond DA42 and join one of our advanced students, Alba D.

Fasten your seat belt and accompany her on a normal day as a student at the Commercial Pilot Course and ATPL during her Instrumental Multi-Engine stage (IR+ME).

E-ATO 190