We believe in the value of experience and for this reason we have developed a preparatory orientation course for IFR flying and for the Garmin 1000.

This enables you to take full advantage of the subsequent SEP+IR course.

The flight hours will be completed in a DA40 Garmin 1000 aircraft from Málaga International Airport. All flight training takes place under instrument flight rules at a 24 Hour Airport.

We offer two options:

Option 1: Instrument Course SEP+IR

In Flight and Simulator FNPT II ALSIM ALX

  • Price:
  • 11.000
  • Including practical exam and examiner fees

Among the great peculiarities that this course offers to students who choose it you can find the adaptation to the instrument flight IFRY AL Garmin 1000 course. This modality offers a solid training to those who take it because it offers the possibility of consolidating some indispensable knowledge to be able to successfully pass the SE-IR Rating for aircraft pilots.

Option 2: Instrument Course SEP+IR

In Flight

  • Final Price:
  • 13.500
  • Including practical exam and examiner fees

Course Access Requirements:

  • Minimum of 50 cross country hours as Pilot In Command (PIC).
  • Private pilot licence PPL(A)
  • Current Class 1 or 2 medical certificate.
  •  ATPL (A) Frozen
  • Night VFR Rating

Another of the great peculiarities and features of this course is that it is possible to do the practice with the DA40 Garmin 1000 aircraft. In this sense, our flight school has the latest technologies and the best facilities so that students can develop all their abilities and acquire the appropriate knowledge to get the SE-IR Rating which allows them to become a renowned pilot.

Why Choose Us:

  • Fly the world’s best training aircraft

  • Learn to fly from an international airport

  • Ideal climate conditions

  • The most advanced simulators

  • Highest standards of equipment and training

  • Bilingual training

  • Tailored Finance

One Air Group facilities in Málaga have all the features to become suitable facilities for the development of the course. Hence, there is a great demand by the customers and it is consolidating as one of the great referents in this sense.