Tecnam P2008 JC MKII Aircraft

Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of the Tecnam P2008 JC MKII aircraft is a leap in comfort and equipment over the standard model. Its dual Garmin Glass Cockpit G3X Touch avionics with SVXTM and NVFR synthetic vision, and its luxurious interiors, offer superior comfort and a completely improved flight experience.

For this reason, at One Air, we have chosen the Italian manufacturer to acquire the first three units in Spain, 5 more units are coming for the second trimester of 2024. Thus, our students will be able to fly the most luxurious and modern version of this aircraft.

Without a doubt, the Tecnam P2008JC MKII Premium Edition is the best in its class. In it, our students will be able to familiarise themselves with high plane aircraft and experience aerodynamic differences, as well as different flight controls to those found in our Diamond and Cirrus fleet.


The first Tecnam P2008 JC MKII Premium Edition fleet in Spain

We love to differentiate ourselves, you know that. Because the essence of the true ‘One Air Experience’ is to always offer the best means.

That’s why our Tecnam P2008 JC MKII are Premium Edition; a limited edition full of high-end extras:

  • Dual Glass Cockpit G3X Touch avionics with SVXTM synthetic vision, 3D terrain display and NVFR.
  • Personalised, sport-finish, leather-trimmed seats.
  • Luxurious interior with a wealth of detailing.
  • Carbon fibre fuselage.
  • And much more.

Our 8 Tecnam P2008 JC MKII Premium