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Make your dream come true and become a Private Pilot.

The PPL (A) private pilot course does not require any previous aeronautical experience. We offer you the course in Malaga and the opportunity to learn to fly in an airport environment with real commercial traffic. In this way, you will be able to fly at any airport in the world. We offer at your fingertips the most advanced technology in the training of pilots. You will learn to fly in new generation aircraft and simulators equipped with Garmin avionics. Discover our Diamond aircraft fleet and our new Alsim ALX Simulator. Once you obtain your license you will become part of our club and you will be able to fly with very advantageous terms.

You will obtain your European Private Pilot License PPL-A as an airplane pilot.

No need for previous experience or aeronautical knowledge.

Initially you will obtain the single-engine piston rating (SEP) and later you will also be able to carry out all types of ratings with us: twin engine rating (MEP), instrumental rating (IR) and night flight rating (NVFR).
At One Air we deliver to our students our aeronautical pack with all the materials you will need during your life as a pilot: Flight helmets, cartography, aeronautical clock, plotter, cr3, digital tablet with manuals, aeronautical information and much more!

Immediate start and personalized follow-up, you decide when to start. Distance learning available, you can attend your classes from anywhere in the world through our live virtual platform.

The private pilot license is the first step to becoming a commercial pilot.

PPL Course in Spain


  • 9.000
  • Tailored Finance
  • Price includes VAT

Access requirements:

No requirement for previous experience or specialist aeronautical knowledge.

If you want to be a private pilot, get in touch with us and an aeronautical consultant will answer to all your questions.

No requirement for previous experience or specialist aeronautical knowledge.

Please, ask us for information, as we have limited seats and we have a great demand for this type of courses at One Air aviation school in Málaga.

You will master all kinds of weather conditions, use advanced aircraft simulators, best Aircrafts, online courses and get bilingual training. That is why perhaps it is one of the most technologically advanced aviation schools in Spain.

In addition to this, our company offers you the possibility of taking a tailor made financing and receiving a fully online training from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Us:

  • Highest standards of equipment and training

  • Bilingual training

  • Tailored Finance

  • Private Pilot License PPL(A) in Málaga International Airport.

  • Fly the world’s best training aircraft

  • Learn to fly from an international airport

  • Ideal climate condition

  • First advanced simulators Alsim ALX in Spain

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PPL Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take?

To carry out the PPL course it is required to perform a minimum of 45 flight hours in addition to the theoretical tests. The average time in One Air is around 4 to 6 months depending on each student in particular.

What type of aircraft can I fly with the PPL?

With the license of PPL you can fly any aircraft in non engaged in commercial operations. Our course certifies you to fly any single piston aircraft..

Can I carry passengers?

Yes, you can. Once your license is issued, and provided that the operation is only for recreational purposes and without revenue.

How long is my licence valid for and how do I renew it?

The validity period of the PPL license lasts two years and as such it will have to be renewed every two years.

Can I rent and fly aircraft in other countries?

Yes you can without restrictions in EASA countries.

Can I be paid for flying with a PPL?

No, You cannot. The PPL license is designed for recreational use and it will never be used for professional purposes. This requires a CPL license. .You can check the pricing of our courses in our website or by contacting a training advisor.

What is the difference between the LAPL and the PPL?

The LAPL licence grants permission for flying light aircraft similar to the Ultralight category, albeit with less restrictions  than the ULM. However, the PPL licence grants you more freedom than a LAPL.

If I choose to continue on the Commercial Pilot path,  does the PPL count towards it?

Of course, In fact in the CPL path, the initial phase is that of  PPL since it is a necessary requirement within one of the minimum required to obtain the CPL.

What are the medical requirements for the PPL?

In order to obtain the PPL license, a class 2 medical exam is required, which is less restrictive than that of class 1 for CPL.

How old I must be to become a private pilot?

Minimum age for a PPL is 16 years old with a parents’ authorization to be able to start the PPL course

What level of English is required to become a private pilot?

They are no linguistic requirements to became a Private Pilot but in case you want to fly in other countries it is necessary to speak English up to ICAO 4 standards. One Air is an approved centre to officially certify this requirement.

Is the training difficult to become a PPL?

No, the percentage of students who finish the course successfully it’s almost 100%. Most of the concepts are new for the students and it requires studying many hours but with interest and motivation you will achieve your goals.

Will the weather slow down my training? Safety is our top priority, and thus our daily operation is heavily influenced by the weather. Fortunately, One Air operates mainly in  Malaga international airport, as well as in La Axarquia. Operating in this area allows us to fly throughout the year, we take advantage of the bad weather days,  for giving simulators  sessions as much as possible. In this way we achieve that the periods set for the duration of the course are maintained.

What extra cost is involved in the training?

The costs involving accommodation and commuting. The Commercial pilot course plus all necessary ratings and courses like the MC in One Air includes all costs of fees, uniforms, etc. necessary to complete the course.

What qualifications do I need to become a pilot?

To begin training for the PPL licence you must be 17 years old, pass a Class 2 medical exam, and own a High school certificate or have attended vocational school. To begin training for the CPL licence you must be 18 years old, pass a Class 1 medical exam, and own a High school certificate or have attended vocational school.

How much does it cost to become a pilot?

It depends. We offer the normal  . You can check the pricing of our courses in our website or by contacting a training advisor

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