• ONE AIR: World’s first pilot school to announce use of Apple Vision Pro for commercial pilot courses

Since our very beginnings, we have always implemented the latest technologies with the aim of providing continuous improvement in the training of tomorrow’s pilots, and we will continue to do so with the utmost dedication.

We are very excited to announce that, at One Air, the official pilot school in Malaga, we have already confirmed the acquisition of our first 10 units of the new Apple Vision Pro, which will be available from this February 2024.

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s new spatial computing device that offers a real world with a unique interface. This is what Apple has dubbed ‘extended reality’. These new devices will be used in some stages of our commercial pilot course.

In addition, we are already developing our own applications, as well as standardising the specific use of the Apple Vision Pro in some new developments that we will be presenting during 2024, with which we intend to continue to set a benchmark in the aeronautical world.

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