Drones Course in Málaga

In our drone School the basic Drones pilot course as in the advanced RPAs Course or UAV training. You will get both the theoretical part and the practical part, which are intended to train drone pilots, no matter if you have or have not previous experience to obtain the Drones pilot license, you will get the drone training and the highest safety standards To operate as a Drone Pilot. Make with Grupo One Air Aviation the “Málaga Drones Course“.



Authorised and Approved by AESA – EASA

Do your drone course in Málaga in our official centre. Only Approved Training Organisations (ATOs), authorised by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) and which have the courses available, can provide Drone/RPA courses required to obtain the basic and advanced certificated for flying RPAs.

Official drone certification


drone dji inspire 2 fly whith orange lights

Drone Courses and RPA training sector has experienced rapid growth recently. . It is anticipated that the restrictions will be relaxed at a European and national level. In Spain there has been temporary legislation established by the State Aviation Security Agency (AESA) which is responsible for regulating drones up to 150kg in weight. The Drone Pilot can see all typical and frequent questions in the final of this page.




With us you can obtain your drone rating DJI DRONES and Rating the news Inspire 2, DJI MAVIC PRO and DRONE FIXED WING
We are also an authorised drone centre for online Drone RPA training.
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Drone Pilot Course



  • One Air Aviation, in association with Málaga Espectacular, have developed an advanced drone training course in Málaga which guarantees high quality learning.
  • Quality training with professional flight instructors and commercial pilots.
  • Drone courses in Málaga with specialised instructors, without intermediaries, offering the most economical and competitive prices.
  • We have the latest generation drones for your training including the DJI Inspire 2, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 and Drone Fixed Wing SkyWalker X8
lateral view of the Dji Inspire 2 Drone with zenmus X5S camera

Theory – Drone Course

(61 hours)

  • Operational Principals and Aviation Regulations
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Navigation and Analysis of Charts
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors for RPA
  • Communications
  • Applicable Aviation Language
  • Knowledge of Air Traffic Services
  • Advanced Communications
  • Theory Examinations

Practical – Drone Course

(10 hours)

  • Aircraft Overview
  • Restrictions
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Normal Procedures
  • Performance
  • Equipment, Weight and Balance
  • Assembly, Adjustment and Start-up
  • You will also practice undertaking the manoeuvres required to obtain the skills certification.

Drone Ratings DJI Phantom 4 – DJI Inspire 2 – DJI Mavic

Professional Video and Photography

fixed wing drone flying with cloud wake in the background

You can also obtain ratings for more advanced models such as the latest drone DJI Inspire 2 or Phantom 4 which are capable of capturing 4K video and professional recordings during it’s flights, or the drone DJI Inspire 1 and Inpire 2 which are also geared towards professional video and still photography.

Prices for Drone Pilot Course


Drone Courses

Basic and Advanced

  • Study Materials
  • Advanced Theory Course
  • Theory Exam
  • Practical Course
  • Practical Exam
  • Theory Certificate – Drone Pilot
  • Practical Certificate – Drone Pilot

Online Drone Course


control command for drone simulator

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Monday to Friday 18:00 to 22:00



Airline pilot with fixed wing drone

This spectacular fixed wing drone develops a perfect glide and high speeds. It is also designed for FPV / UAV incorporating stabilization. The model is the SKYWALKER X-8 with 2120 mm wing. Being able to make flights of 2 hours, flight performance very agile and can reach a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.


Advanced Drone Pilot Course (62 Theoretical hours + theoretical exam)

Theoretical Course – Specific practical of the Aircraft (5 theoretical hours + Theoretical Examination of the Aircraft)

3 Sessions in Simulator

3 Practical sessions in flight field

Practical test

Information regarding the use of drones


Before starting an RPA course in Málaga it is necessary to take into account that current Spanish legislation does not permit flying drones at night nor in the vicinity of airports. It also limits overflying buildings and obliges active supervision for flights of a autonomous nature, additionally it requires the monitoring system to be approved. However, operations carried out by military drones are covered by different legislation and are exempt from the aforementioned restrictions.

Actual legal framework that permits development while maintaining safety in this new technologically advanced sector. While drones in excess 150kg weight are covered by European legislation and the body responsable for conventional aircraft the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

In One Air we run drones courses in Málaga certified by AESA, in which we offer training for pilots in accordance with the different categories of legislation, and are continually working to improve education in the aviation sector.

In One Air we have the most comprehensive advanced drone courses tailored to the future needs of Drone/RPA pilots



Do I need a permit to fly a dron?

If you want to fly a dron for a recreational purpose you do not need any type of Aesa license for drones or permission. Not even liability insurance. What if it is maintained with the regulations that regulate the places in which they can fly, which is different from the regulation that regulates the professional use of these. At Grupo Oneair we offer courses aimed at professional use. But many students decide to do it without this purpose, since they want to receive a wide information about them, besides receiving practical classes to learn to use them in a safe way and to take from them their full potential. For professional use, it is necessary to obtain a series of certifications.

Where can I fly a dron for recreational use?

The most suitable place to fly in the places enabled for them, that is to say, a club of aeromodelling. You can also fly in other areas as long as you do not exceed 120 meters in height, do not approach aerodromes or airports, do not return at night and do not overfly urban centers or agglomerations of people. Within a closed enclosure, there is no restriction on its use.


What do I need to be able to fly professionally?

AESA, the State Agency of Air Safety, has pronounced in 2014 by means of a law that regulated the professional use of these devices. This law is provisional and has to be modified to regulate a more reasonable use of drones. This law requires a part of the professionals who require work with the aircraft that obtain a series of certifications and insurance. The requirements Aesa Drones are as follows:

  • Theoretical knowledge of aviation applicable to the use of drones. Such knowledge can be accredited through specific courses for drones or through the possession of flight licenses. Another way is the accreditation of theoretical knowledge of a flight license made at an Aviation School (ATO). Any of these formulas require classes at an authorized Aviation School (ATO) like Grupo OneAir.
  • Medical certificate LAPL or Class 2. That the child requirements for other aerial activities.
  • Certificate of theoretical knowledge and flight of a concrete dron. Through a theoretical course on dron and practical classes of accreditation that certification, which is valid to fly that dron and anyone with reasonable similarities (weight, speed, security system)
  • Work for a drone operator or be yourself as a self-employed drone operator. To be a drone operator is to prepare documentation on the type of activity to be performed in order for AESA to have record and approval.
  • The dron must be secured.
girl fly dji mavic drone near the beach and fly command control view

Can I work outside Spain with the drone certification obtained?

Currently, each country has rules that can not carry out work outside its borders. A European level is being worked out along the lines of common rules which also require certification to be obtained in one country, valid in the other countries of the European Union.

What limitations do I have for professional drone use?

Currently, as long as the draft of the new Law is not approved, the limitations are as follows:

  • There is no fly above 120 meters above the ground.
  • Do not fly at night
  • Do not fly over urban core.
  • There is no fly over crowds.
  • Do not approach less than 8km from an airport without having previously coordinated with it.
  • Do not fly in controlled airspace.
  • Local restrictions on flights or aerial photography.
aerial view with drone dji mavic

Do I have to renew my drone certifications?

Certifications of theoretical techniques and knowledge of concrete do not require any renovation. The medical certificate that must be renewed periodically depending on the age.

Do I need to be registered as a company to work with drones?

 You have to be a drone operator and both a company and a freelancer can be.

What is the best drone to work with?

It will depend on the work you want to do. It is a market in full expansion and the offer of equipment with professional potential grows every day. An important feature in any aircraft is reliability. This reliability is the experience of the company and the number of drones of that model sold. That there is a large amount of a model is usually significant that covers well the needs of many people and that there is a lot of feedback regarding the problems that have arisen in these models. At Grupo OneAir, we advise students on the acquisition of their products using all the experience acquired and keeping us abreast of the constant innovations offered by the market.

girls using dji mavic pro drone

What is considered drone?

In Spain the word RPAS is used which means Remotely Piloted Aircraft System. It is a subgroup within the UAVs or Aircraft without pilot. The RPAS differ in that at all times there must be a pilot taking responsibility for that flight. This means that although the drone is flying autonomously, the drone pilot is monitoring them at all times and can take control at all times. In addition the standard indicates that a pilot can only be in charge of a single drone at any time.

With these definitions it is clear that any aircraft piloted remotely will be a RPA or drone, more commonly known. Therefore, it does not mention the type of aircraft, and we can find aircraft type aircraft, helicopter, multicopters, hybrids or other types that can be developed. Balloons and airships are excluded.

What maximum weight can my drone have?

The current standard contemplates drones up to 150kg. For drones of less than 25kg, you will only need to have the specific knowledge course on RPAS. For more than 25kg if you will need to have a drone pilot’s license, or certified theoretical knowledge to obtain it. In addition, drones with mass greater than 25kg. They must have been registered and obtained a certificate of airworthiness.

googles Dji glasess and mavic pro drone

Do I have to be the owner of the drone that I operate?

 The operating company may be the owner or rent those drones. In one case or another, you must notify the Air safety agency in the country where we fly, AESA in Spain which specific drones you are using, accompanied by each of your liability insurance for professional use.

Is there any way to fly in places that currently the norm does not allow?

Exceptionally and having justified adequate security measures, AESA may authorise specific drone flights that do not meet some of the points of the standard. EASA will therefore have the final say in such cases and there is no way to guarantee the viability of a job until the relevant consultation has been made. At Grupo OneAir we give advice on the channels to make these requests and how to do them. As well as local permits that must also be requested.


Courses with AESA regulations

 Recreational and Professional Drones Training.

We have developed the AESA-authorized drone training course for recreational and professional training. We will teach the new pilots concepts on how to minimize the risks to teams and people as established by AESA, the State Air Safety Agency. The drone pilot coursesRPAs contemplate the theoretical and practical parts in their different sections. Briefly:

  • Laws
  • Weather.
  • Navigation.
  • Flight Standards.
  • RPA practices.
  • Human Factors.
  • Maintenance
  • Communications
  • Air Traffic
Accesories Kit for Drone Dji Inspire 2


  • DJI Phantom 4
  • DJI Mavic
  • DJI Phantom 2 Vision
  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  • DJI Inspire 1
  • Yuneec Q500
  • Parrot Bebop

Our Certification Courses or specific qualifications for a drone type. For its typology since according to the current rules of Aesa for drones, are the ratings to pilot drones based on their weight:

  • Less than 2kg
  • Less than 25Kg
  • Between 25Kg and 150kg, (Greater than 150kg for use in fire extinguishing)

These drones ratings as well as courses will be performed by our team of professional pilots and official Drones operators.


Drone Pilot License

RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)

The course is available to individuals, small businesses and large organisations. The successful completion of course facilitates the Drone Pilot license in order to obtain permits for aerial work. The course instruction is provided by qualified professionals with extensive RPAS operational experience, and is designed to facilitate a ‘bespoke’ training approach. This allows you to meet the knowledge requirements for both beginners and experts.

Our goal is simply to close the gap between the capacity and the technology being operated. To train enthusiasts with the skills they need to enjoy the flight in a safe and controlled manner. Our courses are developed with the flying experience, located in a fun atmosphere, in a controlled and informative way.


Job opportunities as a Drone pilot

Taking a drone pilot course is also more likely to find a pilot drone job. Looking for drone pilot work in any region of the planet is to take into account, at the moment, the different existing regulations and the unification of norms and laws that are being Looking for it in Latin America, the United States and the European Union that are in the development of a common rule in the use of drones that is expected in 2018.

Use of Drones

If on July 21, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced the new drone law in the USA as we told you on our blog and put on the table important developments for commercial operators of drones as those Drones weighing less than 25 kilos can reach altitude of no more than 122 meters and maximum speed of 161 kilometers per hour. Being always in daylight and without a license to fly drones, but having a minimum age of 16 years. Also the European Union is drawing the new law on drones of applicability in the European common framework, not forgetting that Latin America. Where drones are increasingly used in the business sector, something that makes the importance of obtaining the title of drone pilot to find a better job in one of these countries important.

Common rules on the use of drones

In some countries there have already been some steps in common drone regulation, to establish general bases for a regional law on this area that is expected to be completed by 2017 and ready by 2018 to help improve the employability of many professionals who wish To work in foreign countries on the demand of their clients who have, for example, headquarters in different countries. The advances in the application of the drones continues unstoppable rise in its growth at global level.


Drone training school in Málaga.

In both our basic and advanced Drone Pilot courses we offer theoretical and practical modules which are designed for pilots of unmanned aircraft. Whether you have previous experience or not you will receive the highest standards of training and safety in order to obtain your Drone Pilot certificate and to gain the ability to operate as a Certified Drone Pilot.

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