New aircraft for One Air Pilot Training Centre

– 24th January 2024 –

One Air’s new twin-engine Tecnam P2006T Premium Edition now in flight!

We are excited to announce the arrival of the new twin-engine aircraft that expands the new generation fleet at One Air: the Tecnam P2006T MKII Premium Edition.

What makes this aircraft special? Its exceptional aerodynamic design, together with the two Rotax 91253 engines of 100 hp each, allows it to fly at cruising speeds of up to 278 km/h (278 mph). And with a maximum range of 650 nm (around 1,200 kilometres), it is ideal for long-duration training. It is certified to EASA CS-23 – FAR 23 requirements including VFR, NVFR and IFR.

The Garmin G1000 NXi avionics, featured in the Premium Edition, offers high-resolution displays with all the information necessary for safe flight, including navigation data, engine performance, real-time weather, and much more. Highlights include TAS (Traffic Advisory System), ADS B in and OUT capability as well as WAAS for GPS approaches, which will be enabled in the coming months at Malaga Costa del Sol International Airport, our main base for twin-engine and instrument flight operations.

You can see more photos and all the details of the new Tecnam P2006T Premium Edition by clicking on the link.

– 26th October 2023 –

One Air is expanding its single engine fleet: 5 new join!

5 new Tecnam P2008 MKII single engine aircraft join the One Air fleet. There are now 22 single engine aircraft in our fleet: 8 Diamond DA20 C, 2 Diamond DA40 Ng, 8 Tecnam P2008 MKII, 4 Cirrus SR20.

These new aircraft are equipped with dual Garmin GT3X Glass Cockpits and will be delivered to the school by the second quarter of 2024.

With this fleet expansion, One Air consolidates its position as the training centre with the largest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in Spain.

If you want to know more, read the article in Avion Revue.

– 26th May 2023 –

One Air expands its fleet of next-generation multi-engine aircraft

One Air boasts the largest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in Spain. In the past year, the pilot training centre located in sunny Málaga has expanded its fleet by receiving the first three Tecnam P2008 MKII Premium Edition aircraft nationwide (EC-NYU, EC-NYV, EC-OAT).

On this occasion, One Air has signed the acquisition of a multi-engine Tecnam P2006T Premium Edition equipped with the latest Garmin G1000 NXI technology, including all the extras such as the Traffic Advisory System (TAS), ADS-B in and out capability, as well as WAAS for GPS approaches, which will be enabled in the coming months at Malaga Costa del Sol International Airport, the main operating base for their multi-engine and instrument flight operations.

The aircraft will also be equipped with the Premium Luxury Interiors Pack to provide the best possible flying experience for their student pilots.

The delivery of the new multi-engine aircraft is scheduled for September/October of this year, 2023, from the Tecnam factory in Italy.

– 23rd March 2023 –

The third Tecnam P2008 JC MKII Premium Edition aircraft now flying at One Air

This March, the manufacturer Tecnam Aircraft has just delivered the third P2008 JC MKII Premium Edition.

The new Tecnam, with number plate EC-OAT, joins the already delivered EC-NYU and EC-NYV from the Italian manufacturer, which our students are already enjoying and they are a real pleasure!

At present, One Air has the largest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in Spain with a total of 21 aircraft in flight.

– 3rd November 2022 –

New Tecnams and new Cirrus, now flying at One Air

At One Air, we welcome… three new aircraft! Yesterday, we took delivery of two of our new Tecnam P2008 MKII Premium Edition and a new Cirrus SR20.

With state-of-the-art instrumentation, our modern fleet is already one of the largest in Europe and, very soon, all our students will be able to enjoy them along with those yet to arrive.

Here are the first images!

– 6st October 2022 –

New Cirrus SR20 at One Air

We are once again expanding our fleet with the acquisition of more Cirrus SR20!

The aircraft, which will soon be available to all our students, will be equipped with Avidyne IFD 440, touch screen and Full Glass Cockpit.

On the other hand, during this month of October, we will receive the first two Tecnam P2008 MKII Premium Edition high wing aircraft, which will complement our Diamond DA20 C1 low wing fleet. The aircraft are already registered at the factory and, very soon, they will be in Malaga.

We remind you that, later on, more aircraft will be incorporated… So, stay tuned to our feeds! Very soon, we will reveal more news that, for sure, will surprise you…

– 21st April 2022 –

One Air further expands its fleet for the third time in two months

This April 2022, at One Air we have once again announced the expansion of our fleet of aircraft to include the third Tecnam P2008JC MKII Premium Edition that to arrive in Spain.

Remember that last February 2022 we announced the incorporation of 3 new aircraft: 1 Diamond DA40 NG, which is already in flight, and 2 Diamond DA20 C1.

In March 2022 the acquisition of two Tecnam P2008JC MKII Premium Edition and now again in the month of April a third Premium unit from the Italian manufacturer for the training of our student pilots.

With these new additions, our modern fleet of 22 aircraft will be made up as follows:

  • 3 Twin-engine Diamond DA42 Garmin 1000 new generation (Full IFR).
  • 2 Single-engine Diamond DA40 Garmin 1000 & NG (Full IFR).
  • 11 Single-engine Diamond DA20 C1 Continental (NVFR and UPRT).
  • 3 Single-engine Cirrus SR20 Glass Cockpit (Full IFR).
  • 3 Single-engine Tecnam P2008JC MKII Premium Edition (NVFR).

We will be announcing more news soon, stay tuned!

– 7th March 2022 –

One Air once again expands its fleet with a total of 21 new generation aircraft

Last February 2022 we announced the incorporation of 3 new aircraft (1 Diamond DA40 NG and 2 Diamond DA20 C1) in this month of March we are announcing the acquisition of even more state-of-the-art single-engine aircraft.

At One Air we have acquired the first two Tecnam P2008JC MKII Premium Editions in Spain

True to our philosophy of offering the best quality to our students, this luxury Premium edition comes equipped with all possible extras such as special custom interior seats, double Glass Cockpit G3X Touch with synthetic vision SVXTM, NVFR and more.

Both Premium edition aircraft with carbon fibre fuselage are scheduled to be delivered by the Italian manufacturer in July/August 2022.

With these new additions, our modern fleet of 21 aircraft is as follows:

  • 3 Twin-engine Diamond DA42 Garmin 1000 new generation (Full IFR).
  • 2 Single-engine Diamond DA40 Garmin 1000 & NG (Full IFR).
  • 11 Single-engine Diamond DA20 C1 Continental (NVFR and UPRT).
  • 3 Single-engine Cirrus SR20 Glass Cockpit (Full IFR).
  • 2 Single-engine Tecnam P2008JC MKII Premium Edition (NVFR).

– 1st February 2022 –

1 NEW DA40 NG and 2 NEW DA20 C1

G1000 NXi & autopilot GFC700. G500TXi tactile – GTN650Xi – Garmin GI275

Our fleet composed exclusively of Diamond and Cirrus, the best aircraft in the sector, has expanded once again, this time with the acquisition of three new aircraft.

The first to arrive is a Diamond DA40 NG (Next Generation) whose incorporation is scheduled for this March 2022. It is fully IFR equipped and has the most modern G1000 NXi avionics and autopilot GFC700 among others. This version will be equipped with AE300 Motor using JET-A1.

The other two aircraft are two brand new Diamond DA20-C1s that are currently in the manufacturing process and scheduled for delivery in 2023 by the Austrian aircraft manufacturer.

  • Both will be equipped with the new G500TXi and GTN650Xi tactile avionics as well as Garmin GI275.
  • Including practically all possible extras together with the most powerful Continental engine option.

As a new incorporation the three aircraft will be equipped with ADS-B Out and ADS-B In. ADS-B Out which provides air traffic controllers with greater safety and more complete information about the situation in the air with relation to other aircraft.

Thanks to this equipment, the separation between the traffic flow can be safely reduced. The ADS-B In receives reports such as METAR, NOTAM, TAFOR as well as radar information plus the position of other aircraft equipped with ADS-B OUT.

In short, ADS-B OUT and ADS-B IN increase safety levels at all types of airports and various weather conditions on the ground and in the air.

With these three aircraft One Air is currently furnished with the largest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in Spain with a total of 19 aircraft.

Soon we will inform you of more news, stay tuned!

16 Diamond Aircraft


DA40 – DA40NG


3 Cirrus Aircraft


– 21st October 2020 –

Third Multi-Engine Diamond DA42 for One Air

We expand our fleet of aircraft!

With the acquisition of the third twin-engine Diamond DA42, we increased our modern fleet to a total of 16 aircraft, thus having the largest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in Spain!

Together with our 20 simulators integrated in our SimLab, we are the European ATO with the largest number of simulators for our students.

– 3rd March 2020 –

One Air Aviation becomes the Spanish school with the largest number of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft

One Air, official pilot school in Málaga, becomes the Spanish school with the largest number of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in its fleet after having acquired two new single-engine aircraft this March: a Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse and a Cirrus SR20.

The One Air fleet now consists of a total of 15 aircraft: twelve Diamonds (nine DA20 C1 Eclipse, one DA40 G1000 and two DA42 G1000) as well as three Cirrus SR20.

To complement the school’s fleet of latest generation aircraft are 7 simulators, among which are the Alsim ALX Medium-Jet Airbus A320 and Alsim AL42 Diamond DA42 replica, with four different FNPT II certifications.

In addition, One Air is the only ATO in Europe in possession of a specific full-motion crosswind simulator.

– 3rd December 2019 –

New Cirrus SR20 in One Air Aviation

The aircraft used by the US Air Force to train its pilots.

After the addition of three new Diamond DA20 to the One Air family, we again expand our fleet with two spectacular Cirrus SR20, making a total of 13 aircraft in our pilot school.

Also, with this acquisition, One Air becomes the first E-ATO school to have Cirrus SR20 aircraft in its ranks for pilot training.


The Cirrus SR20 is a single-engine aircraft manufactured by the American aircraft manufacturer Cirrus Design. The SR20 has four seats, piston engine and fuselage made of composite materials.

It is also the first general aviation aircraft to incorporate a parachute, designed by Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS), which can be deployed in an emergency to lower the plane safely to the ground.


The Cirrus SR20 is one of the safest aircraft on the market; not for nothing, it is the aircraft model used by the US Air Force (USAF), French Air Force (Armée de l’Air) and Chilean Air Force (FACh), for the training of their cadets.

Its technical safety features include safety belts with built-in airbag for all occupants, integrated cabin with safety cage and Glass Cockpit avionics, in addition to the parachute for the fuselage mentioned above.


Firm defenders of educational excellence, at One Air, we offer our students two Cirrus SR20 with Glass Cockpit technology, for excellent aeronautical training.

The SR20 aircraft will be used for crossing flights and navigations in the different educational stages of which each teaching syllabus is composed. Thus, together with our large fleet of Diamond aircraft, we guarantee the best training for all our students.

– 28th May 2019 –


Once again, One Air E-ATO190 Pilot training centre in Málaga is expanding it’s fleet of Diamond aircraft. This time the additions are in the form of Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse equipped with the latest generation Garmin G500 avionics and Teledyne Continental engine.

The delivery is scheduled for next month (June 2019), along with two further DA20 C1 aircraft which will be delivered shortly thereafter. These three new arrivals bring One Air’s fleet to 11 of the new generation Diamond aircraft.

detail of screen control of a diamond da 20 airplane


    detail of a one air da20 cockpit with garmin g500

After more than 10 years dedicated to pilot training, it has been proven that, at One Air, our main objectives are safety and quality in the training of our student pilots.

That is why, for us, the continuous improvement of all our resources is mandatory. In a pilot school, the type of aircraft fleet is key to guarantee the best training.

At One Air we are very aware of this, so we do not stop incorporating new aircraft, always the most advanced in the market, to keep us at the forefront of training.