The primary objective of the VFRN course is to learn to fly safely and efficiently under visual flight rules at night.

To achieve this we undertake a number of night flights in order to familiarise ourselves with the operating environment and to gain competency in these conditions.

The flights are from our base of operations in Málaga International Airport in Spain.

Málaga International Airport is a 24 hour airport in Spain and one of the main national airports providing all possible navigational aids, which makes it the ideal location to start night operations in total safety.



  • VFRN Theory Course
  • 5 Flight hours
  • Price:
  • 1.600
  • All inclusive

Why Choose Us for VFRN Rating in Spain:

  • Fly the world’s best training aircraft

  • Learn to fly from a 24 Hour international airport

  • Ideal climate conditions

  • Highest standards of equipment and training

  • Bilingual training