The course to obtain the Multi-Engine Rating (ME) in Spain is carried out with our fleet of twin-engine Diamond DA42 Platinum GARMIN 1000 aircraft; all our them equipped with G1000 Glass Cockpit, weather radar, TCAS, de-icing systems, FADEC, etc.

In addition, at One Air, the multi-engine rating course is taught by high experienced instructors.

On the Multi-Engine Rating Course, you will learn the specific techniques required to fly twin-engine aircraft: asymmetric flight techniques, flying with an operative engine, engine failure, etc.

You will enjoy learning to fly new aircraft from the H24 Malaga International Airport, under the best weather conditions in Europe and in a real commercial airport environment.



✓ Multi-Engine ME theory course.

✓ Theory lessons on the aircraft you are going to fly: the Diamond DA42.

✓ Course to become familiar with GARMIN 1000 and twin-engine procedures.

✓ 2 hours on GARMIN 1000 simulator to standardise procedures before flying.

✓ 6 flight hours on the twin-engine DA42 + 2 flight hours for the exam on the DA42 (8 hours total).

  • Price:
  • 4.520
  • Includes flight exam fees.

Access Requirements:

Private Pilot Licence  PPL.

✓ At least 70 PIC flight hours (as pilot-in-command).

✓ Class 2 medical certificate.