The MCC course, MultiCrew Co-Operation course is required by all companies to access their selection processes.

It is designed to carry out the tasks of a multi-pilot operation with total safety.


Thursday, 20th July 2017 Alsim is happy to announce ALX FNPT II upgrade for One Air flight school (ATO-190) located in Malaga, Spain.
Offering the MCC Course and the Joc Course.

The upgrade to FNPT II Medium Jet based on the A320 will allow the school to provide the best MCC training courses and JOC training courses in Malaga.

cockpit flight simulator alsim alx multi panel crew

Agustín Cabanillas, One Air Head of Training, explains why the school upgrades their Alsim ALX:

“After successfully obtaining single-engine piston SEP certifications to carry out official training within the PPL, FI, SEP  and SEP renewal courses as well as the Multi Engine Piston MEP certification for the official training of the IR MEP and CPL courses and MEP renewals, we understood the need to offer our students the best MCC courses and JOC courses in Malaga based on a Medium Jet like the A320 / B737″.

alsim alx simulator fnpt ii a320

One Air offers to their students the best  instructors, with airline and executive aviation experience as well as the most modern fleet of Diamond Glass Cockpit aircraft. That is the reason why they need to offer the best in simulation through ALSIM and its ALX simulator, with official certifications FNPT II SEP, FNPT II MEP and FNPT II MCC with glass cockpit technology.

The ALSIM ALX simulator has the most advanced avionics Garmin GTN 650 and meets all the requirements and certifications necessary for the new mandatory Performance Based Navigation (PBN) courses.

For more information about One Air flight school, please go to Alsim Alx Simulator

ALSIM has been developing and manufacturing FAA & EASA certified flight simulators since 1994. Today, the company has more than 265 devices certified and in service worldwide with over 165 customers.

More info in Alsim Simulator Website :

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Training in Medium Jet based on the Airbus A320

Given the importance of this course and it’s professional utility, we offer other option to our students, to use the same A320 simulator that is used by the major airlines in their selection processes.

The MCC Multi Crew Co-Operation Course Airbus has been designed for training pilots to work safely in the multi-crew environment of commercial jet aircraft. During the course the pilot is introduced to the skills necessary for the transition to the corresponding type of operation.

The training will be carried out in different phases: normal flight conditions, abnormal flight conditions and emergency fight conditions.

MCC Course Access Requirements:

Multi Crew Course Duration:

  • Approximately 10 days, including the theoretical and A320 simulator part of the course.


  • 5 days ground instruction.
  • 20 hours (5 sessions) in the simulator Airbus A320

Course Advantages:

  • Simulator A320
  • Type rated instructors (TRI) with extensive experience.
  • Each session has briefing, debriefing, reports and explanations.
  • Specific A320 Mock-ups for orientation and study.

Note: Exclusively for students of the Commercial Pilot Program y Airline Pilot Program.

MCC price Course

  • 2.900