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The Multi Crew Co-operation Course (MCC) is required by practically all the major airlines in their pilot recruitment processes.

It is designed to teach students to handle multi-pilot operations with total security.

At One Air, you will take the MCC course, as well as the JOC course, on the FNPT II Alsim ALX simulator based on medium jet Airbus A320.

Agustín Cabanillas, Head of Training at One Air, explains:

‘First, we successfully obtained FNPT II single-engine piston SEP certifications to carry out official training within the PPL, FI, SEP and SEP renewal courses.

Then, the FNPT II Multi Engine Piston MEP certification for the official training of the IR+MEP and CPL courses and MEP renewals.

And, finally, we understood the need to offer our students the best MCC and JOC courses in Malaga based on a medium jet like the Airbus A320 with the FNPT II Medium Jet simulator.”

Our student pilots train with the best instructors, who are highly experienced in business-class aviation and airline work. They have a highly modern fleet of next-generation Diamond and Cirrus aircraft with glass cockpit technology at their disposal.

For this reason, we acquired the Alsim ALX simulator with official FNPT II SEP, FNPT II MEP and FNPT II MCC certifications and glass cockpit technology.

The ALSIM ALX simulator uses the most advanced avionics technology with Garmin GTN 650, among others, and meets all the requirements and certifications needed for the new instrument standards based on GPS approaches (performance-based navigation PBN courses).

For more information, check Alsim’s website:

What does the MCC course consist of?

The Multi Crew Co-Operation (MCC) course has been designed to train pilots in order to work safely in multi-pilot operations flying jet aircraft. During the course, pilots become acquainted with the techniques and procedures needed to transition to multi-crew environments.

The training will be carried out in different phases: normal flight conditions, abnormal conditions and emergency situations. All in the Medium Jet Airbus A320 aircraft.

Due to the importance of this course and its applications, our students take their Airbus A320-based MCC course on a simulator that is used in the selection tests carried out by the major airlines worldwide.

You will learn to coordinate with your crew members as pilot-in-command and co-pilot while you learn to familiarise yourself with the techniques and procedures for Airbus A320.

Access Requirements


✓ Approximately 10 days including the theory lessons as well as the practical instruction in the Airbus A320 simulator.

MCC Course Content

✓ 5 days of ground instruction.

✓ 20 hours (5 sessions) on the Airbus A320 simulator.

Advantages of MCC course at One Air

✓ We own an Airbus A320 simulator.

✓ Highly experienced type rating instructors (TRI).

✓ Each simulator session includes a briefing session well as a debriefing with all the reports and explanations of the training sessions.

✓ A320 mock-ups to be studied beforehand.

Note: All of our Airline Pilot Programme students have the MCC and JOC courses included in their training.

MCC Course

€ 3.000