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Flight Training in Spain


E-ATO 190

New Times, New Concepts.
Welcome to Aviation — Welcome to One Air.

One Air is a flight training centre in Spain approved by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) and certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as Approved Training Organisation E-ATO 190.

Our flight school has its main base of operations at Malaga International Airport, which, given its location in the south of Spain, offers the best weather conditions in Europe for the training of pilots.

Founded in 2010 by commercial pilots and instructors, One Air is an aviation school created by pilots, for pilots. Our philosophy essentially boils down to equipping our students with the latest top-end technologies in the aviation sector and offering the highest standards of safety.


One Air, the Best Spanish Aeronautical Training School in 2021 and 2020


More than a decade of training aeronautical personnel

Official Headquarters for AESA FCL Exams in Malaga
State Aviation Safety Agency

inside Alsim Alx flight simulator in One air Spain company


Most of our fleet follows the same unified philosophy as the leading airlines in the world by only operating aircraft fabricated by Diamond Aircraft Industries and Cirrus Design Corporation.

Both manufacturers use the latest generation materials (carbon fibre and composite materials) in the construction of their aircraft, and they are currently the two best aircraft manufacturers used in training in the world.

diamond aircraft logo and cirrus aircraft

We operate twin-engine Diamond DA42s and single-engine DA40 and DA20C1s, each of which are equipped with Garmin avionics systems (Garmin glass cockpit G1000, Garmin glass cockpit G500, Garmin touch panel G650, etc).

We also have single-engine Cirrus SR20s, equipped with glass cockpit technology and modern Avidyne IFD 440 touch panels, with wireless connectivity and synthetic vision.

And finally, we have chosen the Italian manufacturer Tecnam, acquiring the first three Tecnam P2008 JC MKII Premium Edition aircraft in Spain: a limited edition with dual Glass Cockpit G3X Touch with SVXTM and NVFR synthetic vision, a more powerful engine and a luxurious cockpit with high-level extras.

Furthermore, aware of the real needs of future pilots, we’ve developed our own interactive 360º VR platform. An exceptional tool to study the procedures in each of our aircraft and simulators, as well as the main airlines’ planes.

  • The biggest Diamond & Cirrus aircraft fleet in Spain

On the occasion of our 10th Anniversary as a pilot school, during 2020, we were proud to present our Crew Flight Simulator Lab, which is the largest simulation centre in a European ATO, with more than 20 commercial aviation and general aviation simulators.


Discover our specific ATO for Type Ratings!

In our constant desire to improve and expand the training of our pilots, we have created One Air Type Rating: our specific ATO for type ratings, with European certification E-ATO 316.

Don’t miss the following video, in which you can enjoy a small preview of everything we have prepared for our pilots. And if you already know us, you surely know that at One Air we love to go much further and we always enjoy putting our signature on everything we do.

Our aviation school has more than 40 aircraft and simulators


  • The largest simulator centre in a European flight school

  • alsim al42 simulator with opened glass cockpit available in one air flight school

We take another step forward as a pilot school by acquiring two airline simulators that will lead our new SIMLAB by One Air: a replica AIRBUS A320 EASA FTD Compliant simulator and a replica BOEING 737-800 NG EASA FTD Compliant simulator.

These two devices, together with a large selection of new general aviation simulators and our current simulators, compose the largest simulation centre in a European pilot school, and only 3 minutes away from Malaga International Airport.

Our FNPT II Alsim AL42 simulator, an exact replica of our twin-engine Diamond DA42, is used by the worlds top aviation schools.

The AL42 is used for instrumental and PBN training, making the transition to real training more seamless for our students, who will later fly the same type of aircraft, the Diamond DA42.

Our advanced FNPT II Alsim ALX flight simulator, which was the first one in Spain, is certified for three different types of aircraft (SEP, MEP and Medium Jet Airbus A320) enabling the PBN, Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating, MCC, APS MCC and JOC courses.

Seeking excellence in training, we incorporated the Redbird Xwind into our simulator fleet, which is the first Full Motion simulator specifically for crosswind in Europe.

In addition, our new facilities, available to all students, are already a reference in the aeronautical sector. We have new digitalised classrooms, flight planning rooms, multimedia library, briefing areas, student crew lounge, and much more.

At our commercial pilot school, we offer you three training programmes

So you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Integrated ATPL

The best value for money in Europe.

A programme with the essentials to become a commercial pilot at the best price in Europe.

Now with the option to get your European University Degree!

Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

More experience with the best value for money in Europe.

+ Almost double the number of theory hours.
+ Many more real flight and simulator hours.
+ Full Type Training Course on A320 and B737.

Now with the option to get your European University Degree!

International Airline Pilot University Programme ATPL

with Business Degree in Aviation Management, A320 Type Rating & Flight Instructor.

+ A320 Type Rating with our TRTO.
+ FI (A) course and rating.
+ European Business Degree in Aviation Management.
+ New One Air Pilot Club Membership.

Probably, the most comprehensive ab-initio training programme in the world!

A complete range of courses for pilots:



Upset Prevention
& Recovery Training

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Fly from Málaga International Airport

Part of your training will be completed at the 24-hour Málaga International Airport, so you can learn to fly with real commercial air traffic. This is being highly valued by airlines looking to hire.

In addition, our students enjoy luxury 5* accommodation, a specific Garmin 1000 trainer (based on the Citation Mustang jet), bilingual and intensive training, a virtual reality suite, a library and multimedia classrooms, an online platform, English classes to prepare for interviews, personalized tutorials and employment guaranteed by contract.


    multi-engine diamond da42 plane on the airport runway of malaga


…that the United States Air Force (USAF) uses Diamond and Cirrus aircraft for their initial pilot training?

  • Garmin G1000

    The Most Advanced Technology


  • three aircraft landed in the form of triangulation

Your excellence, our priority

Our main objective is to offer our students the highest quality standards so that they can make the most of their aviation training


FNPT II SEP, FNPT II MEP and FNPT II MCC with PBN capabilities

Circular diagram of each training mode available in the alsim alx at one air aviation school
  • Our students and instructors
    recruited by worldwide leading airlines


There’s no one better to introduce us than our former students, current students and instructors, who can vouch for the quality of our training.

‘My experience at One Air has been super nice since they have supported and helped me through the most difficult phases of this long career. Both the instructors and the administrative staff have always been friendly and professional and I’ll always remember that. It has been a unique and a really unforgettable experience in which I’ve learned a lot as a pilot and as a person. Thank you so much to this great family, for all they have done for me.’

‘One Air is the dream of someone passionate about aviation who fought to create something that he and many of us did not have when we were training to enter the thrilling profession that is piloting. A reputable school with highly qualified staff, next-generation aircraft and impeccable maintenance. Everything is taken care of with the utmost devotion so that you will leave the school with a smile, whether you are an enthusiast, student or professional. I always drop by the school when I can to enjoy the aircraft and take a flight along the coast, which I strongly recommend.’

‘My time at One Air was tremendously rewarding and challenging. I have been able to teach what I know and learn from my colleagues and students. The experience of flying with a brand-new Diamond fleet in my city (Malaga), has made me appreciate something that I will undoubtedly miss in the coming years. The way I was treated at the school as an instructor was exemplary; this is something I have tried to convey to my students, always giving them my best and enjoying my profession.’

‘One Air were the first to put their trust in me to work with them and it has been a real luxury to start my career with new aircraft and facilities. Malaga is the perfect place to train in a professional environment and unparalleled weather conditions. If I were to work as an instructor again, it would be my first choice.’

‘A short time ago I began my adventure at One Air to train as a commercial pilot, and I am really proud of the training I am undergoing to make my career and of the fantastic team they have, who are friendly and approachable. Thanks to them I am making my dreams come true.’

‘In 2013 and 2014 I was lucky enough to work for One Air as an instructor. From the very first day I joined the wonderful team I was treated with the utmost cordiality and professionalism, and still today I am treated excellently. I have witnessed the school’s growth, with great ambitions that have always been grounded in aviation training with the most advanced technologies and extremely qualified staff. I am proud to say that I have been part of One Air and I will always be grateful for the way I was treated and for them having allowed me to develop my profession in one of the best work environments and with the best equipment. I wholeheartedly recommend One Air to anyone who dreams of becoming a pilot!’

‘I recently started my adventure with One Air, to train as a commercial pilot, and I’m very proud of the training that I’m receiving to pursue my career and of the magnificent team that they have here. Thanks to them I’m making my dreams a reality.’

‘I finished the professional Drone/RPAS piloting course with the DJI Phantom 3 drone, training to get my certification for this model. I am absolutely delighted with the school’s training method, which allowed me to learn in simple terms with no prior knowledge.’

‘Being able to renew my ME (multi-engine) rating in the Diamond DA42 G1000 is a real luxury. And flying from the international airport was an impressive experience. Best of all, the price was below average and it was all actual flying!’


  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions
    from future pilots

Medical, physical and admission requirements

The minimum requirements are to be 17 years old and to pass a simple Class 1 medical examination if opting for a Commercial Pilot License, CPL(A). For a Private Pilot License, PPL(A), or a Light Aircraft Pilot License, LAPL, as well as being 17 years old you must pass a Class 2 medical examination. One Air will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need to obtain the right certificate.

No. Flying is actually quite mundane in this regard. In fact, in the United States, all kinds of people of all ages enjoy the wonderful world of aviation.

Yes, certain vision deficiencies are allowed.

You must get a medical examination from a health centre recognised by AESA, the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency. How often you are required to go will depend on your age.

You don’t need a language certificate to study with us, but you ought to have enough proficiency in English to be able to follow the lessons. We interview prospective students in order to make sure they have enough English proficiency and we also offer English classes (included in the Airline Pilot Programme) for students to improve their English and obtain an English proficiency certificate. Knowledge of Spanish, however, is not needed.

In addition to the medical certificate required if you are studying to become a commercial pilot, you must have a bachelor’s degree or take an admission exam. At One Air we will provide you with all the information you need and help you prepare for the exam. If what you want is to become a private pilot, the only requirement is to be eager to learn and have fun in the thrilling world that is aviation.

All about ratings

A rating is an authorisation to be able to fly a certain type of aeroplane or to do so in certain weather conditions (e.g. instrumental flight). There are also ratings that allow you to perform certain jobs.

An Instrument Rating allows you to fly in low-visibility conditions, in an aircraft authorised for instrument flight.

The multi-engine rating enables you to fly aircraft with two or more engines.

By carrying out the corresponding flight revalidations and renewals.

Syllabus + Exams

Almost from the beginning of the course, after previously completing some theoretical classes and the basic simulator phase.

It depends on which course you have chosen, as they all have different durations. You can find more specific information on course duration in the Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License course sections.

Theoretical exams are carried out at the school and at AESA, the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency. There are also in-flight tests called proficiency tests.

No, but, of course, you have to study! At One Air, we will provide you with all the necessary materials for you to successfully pass your exams. The theoretical exams are multiple-choice and the practical exams are in-flight.

No. At the beginning, the plane will fly for you and you will be instructed and supervised by a trained instructor. You will get your own ‘wings’ before you can imagine!

As long as the plane is well-maintained and up-to-date with all its periodic checks, and is flown by a qualified and prudent pilot, flying is the safest means of transport. At One Air, we have new aeroplanes equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and which undergo maintenance under the highest safety standards.

No. Your instructor will allow you to fly only when you have learned to perform certain maneuvers. Safe takeoffs and landings and maintaining positive control of the aircraft are some of the necessary requirements.

Practically, yes – although there are certain restricted areas.

It depends on the course. Some can be started immediately and others can only be taken after the student has obtained a license.

Choosing the best flight school

There are several crucial factors, but mainly the personnel, how new and advanced the fleet is and the facilities at the school’s disposal, such as having older or newer simulators.

The airport environment is also very important since training at an international airport like Malaga will always provide students with more valuable experience than anywhere else.

And finally, the weather is also essential since flights are made in favourable weather conditions – so if you carry out your training in an area with better weather you will reach your required flight hours sooner.

You’ll read everything you need to know before you choose a school for flight training in our post.

The advantage of a modular course is that you will not have to repeat each phase that you complete. In an integrated course, either you complete the entire course or you will not receive any kind of licence.

In the US, 90% of pilots obtain their licences through modular courses. Over our airplane pilot course you will accumulate more than 200 hours of actual flight in total, which is an essential requirement to qualify for job interviews for airlines. For more info, you can read our post about everything you need to know about ATPL license.

MCC is the Multi-Crew Cooperation rating. The course is best done in a specific simulator for the most common aircraft (A320/B737). In addition, we have a simulator based on Airbus A320, one of the most widely used aircraft.

Yes. In One Air, you will only fly new Diamond and Cirrus aircraft equipped with the latest technology, which are the best aircraft for training.

Without any doubt, at an airport equipped for instrument flight – all the better if it is a 24-hour airport. At airports like the Cuatro Vientos in Madrid you are limited to flying under visual flight rules only. In Málaga, however, you have a H24 international airport that supports instrument approaches.

It’s quite self-explanatory – a flight simulator emulates the conditions, the cockpit, the controls, and the visuals of a real flight. At One Air, before you start flying, you will take a course with our simulators to get used to the cockpit environment.

In this way, you can take full advantage of your actual flight hours. Besides, we work with the best Alsim simulators.

At One Air we constantly developing the way in which we offer our aviation training, introducing changes that have played a key role in the success of the organization. The quality control, as well as a great team, is what makes our flight school a place where you can learn to fly while enjoying one of the most advanced and top-of-the-range aircraft fleets in Europe.