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E- ATO 190

Welcome to ONE AIR

One Air is a flght training center in spain approved by the Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) with E-ATO 190 certification and with recognition from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Our pilot school has as main base the  international airport in Malaga, which, together with its geographical location in the south of Spain, offers the most favorable weather conditions for the training of pilots from all over Europe.

Our aviation school in Spain was founded in 2010 by commercial pilots and instructors, One Air is an aviation school created by pilots and for pilots in continuous growth. Our main philosophy is to offer the latest technologies in the sector with the best quality and highest safety standards  to ensure the best training for pilots.

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What does our pilot school in Spain offer?

Our Pilot training school in Spain offers a fleet that consists of varios Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse, DA40 GARMIN 1000 and DA42 GARMIN 1000 and 2 x DA42 Multimotor GARMIN 1000. Our unified fleet follows the same principals, in relation to standardisation of procedures, as the main global airlines.

In 2017 we acquired the first advanced flight simulator FNPT II ALSIM ALX that was delivered in Spain. Simulator with certifications for single-engine aircraft SEP, twin-engine MEP and medium Jet based on Airbus A320 for courses of MCC and JOC.

We also have all courses for pilots: Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL), CPL Commercial Pilot (A), Instrumental Enabling (IR), Multimotor Enablement (ME), Night Visual Flight (NVFR), FI Flight Instructor, Instrumental Instructor (IRI), Twin Engine Instructor (CRI), Private Pilot PPL (A), Light Plane Pilot LAPL (A), ICAO Linguistic Competence, International Radiophonist, Cockpit Cooperation (MCC), JET Orientation (JOC), Renewals and revalidations as well as conversion of ICAO licenses, flight attendant (TCP), advanced drone pilot (RPA), specific drone ratings, etc ..

Our philosophy is well defined: investment in the latest aircraft, favorable working conditions for our instructors, personal attention for every one of our students in reduced size classes and the highest standards of training.

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Fly at the International Airport

You will carry out part of your training from the Malaga International Airport H24, acquiring an apprenticeship with real air traffic. This being valued by airlines in hiring.

In addition, our students enjoy: university campus (all included), specific coach GARMIN 1000 (based on citation Mustang reactor), bilingual and intensive training, virtual reality, library and multimedia classrooms, aeronautical platform, preparatory English classes for overcoming aeronautical interviews , personalized tutorials and work guarantee by contract.

  • Fly in the safest and latest generation aircraft

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Did you know that the US Air Forces for the initial training of their pilots, use the same aircraft as we do in our flight school?

  • Garmin G1000

    The Most Advanced Technology

A flight Academy in Spain Created by Pilots, for Pilots

  • Our aircraft are the same used for the initial training of pilots of the USAF American Air Forces.

    Diamond Aircraft

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Our FNPT II simulators are certified under European regulation EASA
FNPT II SEP, FNPT II MEP and FNPT II MCC with PBN capabilities

Can also add flight models for MCC courses and 320 JOC AIRBUS. In addition, you can enjoy our new range of programmes AIRLINE PILOT PROGRAMME / PROFESSIONAL PILOT PROGRAMME and do your MCC+ JOC + TYPE RATING + BASE TRAINING in an AIRBUS A320.


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What pilots and students on our courses have to say

Hundreds of our students, licensed pilots and flight instructors are the best measure of our reputation as well as our guarantee of quality.

When I flew for the first time with One Air I noticed that their standards of safety and procedures are of the same level as those of airlines. The approachability and friendliness of the instructors and management combined with aircraft equipped with the latest in technology make One Air a benchmark for the training of future airline pilots.

Agustín ContrerasCAPTAIN RYANAIR 737-800

One Air is the dream of an aviation enthusiast who fought to provide what neither he nor many of us had when when we did our training in this exciting profession. A serious school, with qualified staff, the latest generation aircraft and impecable maintenance. Everything is lovingly cared for so whether you’re a casual flyer, student or aviation professional you will leave with a smile. Whenever I can, I pass by to take advantage of their aircraft and go for a flight along the coast which, without doubt, is something I would highly recommend doing!

Álvaro QuintanoCaptain 737-800NG Norwegian Air Shuttle

I will never forget my time at One Air. They gave me my first working opportunity as a pilot and their confidence. For me, One Air is a reference point for modernity and innovation, with clear ideas and great spirit. During my time here I have improved greatly as a pilot. From the management I have always received support, excellent treatment, flexible timetabling and great working conditions. I must give my thanks to my colleagues and everyone who helped me to become the pilot I am today. I thank you very much with all my heart!

Carlos Noé BarbaFirst officerBoeing 717-200 Volotea and Ex-instructor

My time with One Air has been tremendously enriching and challenging. I have been able to teach what I know and also to learn from my colleagues and students. The experience of flying with a new fleet of Diamond aircraft in my city (Málaga) is, without a doubt, something I will miss in the coming years. The treatment received during my time as an instructor has been exemplary; treatment which I have always tried to pass on to my students, by giving my best and enjoying my work.

Agustín GrondonaFirst Officer Ryanair BOEING 737-800 Ex-Instructor One Air

One Air was the first place to have trusted me to work with them and it was a luxury to start out with the latest aircraft and installations. Málaga is the ideal location to train in a professional setting and with unequalled weather conditions. If I had to return to working as an instructor One Air would be my first choice.

Alberto Medina BarreraFirst Officer A320 Vueling

I recently started my adventure with One Air, to train as a commercial pilot, and I’m very proud of the training that I’m receiving to pursue my career and of the magnificent team that they have here. Thanks to them I’m making my dreams a reality.

Marcos Jesús CotesStudent Pilot

I completed the Professional Drone Pilot / RPAs course with DJI Phantom 3 drone, being trained in the operation of the same. I’m delighted with the teaching methods which enabled me to learn easily and without any prior knowledge.

Elisa ReyProfesional Drone Pilot / RPAs#

To be able to do a renewal of my ME (Multi Engine) rating in a Diamond DA42 G1000 was a absolute luxury. And flying from an international airport was an amazing experience. Best of all was that the price was less than the average and all the flight hours were real as opposed to simulated!.

Susan ChariceCommercial Pilot ATPL/ CPL#

During 2013 and 2014 I had the good fortune to be working as an instructor for One Air. From the day I joined the team I was received with the great warmth and professionalism which characterises One Air and which has continued to this day. I have witnessed its growth as a school and its great ambition, always based on instruction in aircraft with the latest technology and with highly qualified instructors. I’m proud to have been a part of One Air and I’ll always be grateful to them for for the treatment I received and for having allowed me to develop my profession in the best working environment and by the best means. Without hesitation I would recommend One Air to anyone who dreams of becoming a pilot!

Expedito ArrabalFirst Officer SUSI AIR (INDONESIA)

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One air, the differences 

•  What is the most important thing to take into consideration when choosing a flying school?

There are several important considerations but primarily the team involved, the age and type of the fleet and the ground based facilites e.g. simulators and learning aids. It is also important to take into account the airport environment as training offered at an international airport like Málaga will always be much more complete than at any other location. Finally there is the climate conditions, as training flights are made under favourable weather conditions, an area with better weather conditions will enable you to complete your flight hours more quickly.

•  Is it better to do a CPL+ATPL course in a modular or integrated format?

In the modular course each phase that you complete doesn’t need to be repeated. In the integrated course you finish everything or you don’t have any type of licence. In the USA 90% of pilots obtain their licences through modular courses. Additionally in our training you will complete 200 hours of actual flight, an essential requirement when it comes to interviews with airlines.

•  What is MCC, where is the best place to do it?

MCC stands for Multi-Crew Cooperation. It’s best to do this course in a type-specific simulator designed for popular aircraft (A320/B737). In addition, with us you will do the MCC course in a real full motion Category D simulator used by airlines.

•  Is the age of the fleet of aircraft important?

Yes. In One Air you will only fly new aircraft equipped with the latest technology.

•  Where is it best to do an instrument (IFR) course?

Without a doubt in an ILS equipped airport and if it’s 24h even better. Aerodromes like Cuatro Vientos in Madrid are visual so the types of operations are limited. In Málaga, however, you will enjoy flying under instrument flight rules from a 24h international airport.

•  What is a flight simulator and which one is better?

As the word suggests a flight simulator emulates the conditions of flight. In One Air before beginning to fly you will do an orientation course in our simulator. This later allows you to take full advantage of your time in the air. At One Air we have one of the best Advanced simulators available, and the first of its type in Spain, the FNPT II ALSIM X. is prepared to perform the MCC and JOC AIRBUS a320 course – Boeing 737-800.


  •  What medical requirements are needed to obtain a pilot licence?

The minimum requirements are to be at least 17 years of age and to pass a simple Class 1 medical examination in the case of opting for the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL A)
For a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) or Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) you must also be 17 years of age but only require a Class 2 medical examination.
At One Air we will give you the necessary information in order to obtain these certificates.

Do I need any special physical preparation?

No. Contrary to some expectations, flying isn’t necessarily physically strenuous. In fact, in the United States, people of all ages and characteristics enjoy the wonderful world of flying.

  • Can I fly If I don’t have perfect vision?

Yes, flying with certain conditions is permitted.

  • How do I keep my medical certificate valid?

You must do a medical examination in an AESA recognised medical centre.

  • Do I need to speak English?

Depending on the course chosen, it could be a requirement.

  • What are the requirements for entry into the school?

In addition to the corresponding medical certificate if you opt for the commercial pilot course you must have A-level equivalency or take an entrance exam. At One Air we will provide information and preparation for you to pass satisfactorily. If you want to be a private pilot the only requirements are to be eager to learn and have fun in the exciting world of aviation.

  • How do I maintain my pilot licence?

By doing the corresponding flight revalidations.

Common Doubts

•   When can I start flying?

Almost from the start of the course, after completing some theory classes and the basic simulator phase.

•  How long will it take me to finish the course?

The amount of time required will vary depending on the course chosen. Get more information when contact us.

•  What type of exams are there?

There are theory exam at the school and official exams at AESA. Additionally there are in flight tests called ‘skill tests’.

•  Is learning to fly difficult?

No. Right from the start you will be flying under the instruction and supervision of one of instructors and before you know it you will have gained your ‘wings’.

•  Is flying safe?

A well maintained aircraft under the control of a qualified and prudent pilot is one of the safest forms of transport. At One Air we have the latest aircraft equipped with advanced technology and maintain the highest standards of maintenance.

•  Is there a certain number of hours that have to be flown before I can do my first solo flight?

No. Your instructor will allow you to do your first solo flight once you have learned to carry out certain manoeuvres. Safe take-offs and landings and maintaining positive control of the aircraft are some of the prior requirements

•  Can I fly anywhere I want to?

Effectively yes, although there are certain restricted zones.

•  Are the pilot exams very difficult?

No. Like with any exam, you have to study. In One Air we provide all the material necessary to successfully complete your exams. The theory exams are multiple choice format and the practical exams are conducted in flight.

•  When do the courses start?

It depends on the type of course. Some begin immediately and others require the student to have finished prior courses.


•  What is a rating?

A rating is an authorisation that allows you to fly a certain type of aircraft or fly under certain meteorological conditions (Instrument Rating). There are also ratings for carrying out certain types of work.

•  What is an instrument rating?

An instruments rating permits flights in non-visual conditions in an aircraft equipped and certified for instrument flight.

•  What is a Multi-Engine (ME) rating?

The Multi-Engine rating enables the pilot to fly aircraft with more than one engine.


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Being up-to-date on the latest technologies should be a priority for every self-respecting pilot school. Consolidating ourselves as one of the best prepared aviation schools in Europe is our goal.

One Air has been introducing great changes in its way of offering its aeronautical training. Changes that have played a key role in the success of the organization. The quality control as well as a great human team, make our pilot school a place where our students can learn while enjoying one of the best and most modern aircraft fleets in Europe.

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You can ask for information about your aircraft pilot course at our aviation school.