• Boeing 737 MAX Simulator Lab

    A brand new concept in flight simulation.

We have created a new SIMLAB based on the new generation Boeing 737 MAX commercial aircraft!

With more than 300 m² of modern facilities dedicated exclusively to this aircraft, the Boeing 737 MAX Simulator Lab will open its doors in the coming months. Where? Naturally, in our main facilities in Malaga city, next to Malaga International Airport.

Want a sneak peek at what’s to come? Read on!

In our new simulation centre you will find new generation BOEING 737 MAX simulators with EASA certification for APS MCC courses, among others; B737 MAX FTD simulators; themed classrooms, planning area, lounge area and all kinds of advances in technology for training, such as Apple VISION PRO, V360, and some more surprises.

The new simulators will feature B737 MAX Advanced Flight Deck cockpits, with the same features found on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Boeing 777X, offering realism identical to that of the aircraft in flight.

In addition, specific hardware, high quality visuals and true-to-life forces guarantee an optimal training tool for our pilots.

And, as it could not be otherwise, in unique facilities that, by design and content, will provide total immersion offering the highest quality standards.

The 737 MAX is one of the most modern commercial aircraft in the world and is shaping the future of aviation. That is why we have chosen it to take a step forward in training, with the creation of a unique and innovative concept in type simulation, the new Boeing 737 MAX Simulator Lab.

These new facilities are in addition to our global Crew Flight Simulator Lab, which reinforces our position as one of the ab-initio schools with the largest number of flight simulators owned.

We are sure that this new concept will be a reference within the sector. In the words of Agustín Cabanillas, HT of One Air: “The success of our pilots is our success and, therefore, our obligation is to offer the best instruction and the best means in an updated and continuous way. We have made an alliance with one of the most important flight simulator manufacturers, for the creation and acquisition of our new devices that will be a reference in air simulation. We will be able to give more details on this very soon. The One Air team is proud to continue contributing to the training of the pilots of the future”.

If you don’t want to miss any detail of what the new Boeing 737 MAX Simulator Lab will look like, click on the button above. And if you want to keep up to date with everything we have planned for 2024, follow us on our feeds… You’re going to love it!

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