Students and instructors tell us about the training.


How is a crosswind landing simulated?

We’re back with our new post of ‘One Air Experiences’, our video series where our students and instructors tell us their experiences in the training.

After the first episode where we learnt what a PBN training consists of, we’ll continue telling you about our Crosswind course from our instructor Eirik Storli, and his student Ramón Guio.

Have you ever wondered how landing in crosswind or with turbulence is simulated?
Without a doubt it’s one of the most complex conditions to face as a pilot, and such a necessary training of these manoeuvres is really challenging to practise without its security risks.

For this reason, One Air decided to incorporate a specific flight simulator for crosswind, gusts and turbulences in to our SIMLAB: the Full Motion Redbird Xwind, unique to Europe.

So if you too are curious to know what crosswind training is like, we’re sure you’ll love this new video… Don’t miss it!