Rating Courses in Spain

Among our rating courses the SE-IR Rating Course is one of the most demanded at our Málaga Flight School. Students are interested in this course because they can meet the requirements of knowledge, ground and flight training, and the necessary expertise and experience to obtain the IR rating for all types of pilots with different degrees, such as the Private Aircraft Pilot License or Commercial Aircraft Pilot License among others.

On the other hand, we must highlight that the practices that are carried out with the DA40 Garmin 1000 aircraft is a guarantee of success for the training of the students to be one of the strong point. Having these last generation tools together with desirable facilities make the course one of the most demanded and required by potential clients who want to receive quality and successful training.

It is important to emphasize that students who pass the course / ratings must demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge at the end of the course that allows them to develop their flying activity with the actions awarded, i.e. with this degree the student must know how to pilot a multi-engine aircraft or a single-engine one in IRF with instrumental meteorological conditions up to a decision height of 200 feet. It is also important to point out that the IR rating has to be revalidated every year and theoretical knowledge expires after seven years, hence the student will have to pass new tests.

In addition to all the mentioned above about the qualities of the course, it is interesting to underline that applicants must demonstrate an optimal level of knowledge and technical skills at the end of the course that allows them to pass it with the aim of being able to exercise the attributions that correspond to a IR holder, which concerns an official accreditation to pilot a multi-engine aircraft or a single-engine one.

Students must attend a minimum of 75% of the lessons in each subject in order to pass the exams of the Air Safety State Agency. In short, obtaining this degree with One Air Group in Málaga is important so that students can improve and obtain a degree that will allow them to develop an activity with a great work projection and good growth prospects.