New Diamond DA20-C1 digital simulator

With Garmin G600 + GTN650

We continue to reveal more about our SIMLAB by OneAir!

In this video, you will see up close the new Diamond DA20-C1 digital simulator with Garmin G600 and GTN 650 avionics, which allows our students to familiarise themselves with the type of avionics present in this new generation aircraft.

As we told you in this post about the importance of simulation, at One Air, you will perform the first phase of flight in Diamonds DA20-C1. Therefore, training in simulators based on the aircraft you will later fly will allow you to get the most out of your real flight hours.

Among its features are UHD photorealistic scenarios; high-definition airports and airfields; and real weather conditions incorporated into the simulation, which enhance the development and soften the contact with digital instrumentation of our future pilots.

In addition, both the Diamond DA20-C1 digital simulator and the Cirrus SR22 simulators have connections between the different stations to offer multi-pilot roles and simulate traffic between connected students.