Diamond DA42 NG Twin-Engine

A new concept of multi-engine aircraft.

Our three twin-engine Diamond DA42 complete the current fleet of 19 new-generation aircraft available to our students.

Used in the Instrumental IR (A), multi-engine ME and commercial CPL (A) instrumental training course phases, they are, for safety, design, quality and ergonomics, the best twin-engine aircraft on the market today for pilot training.

Multi-engine aircraft of a new generation, a reference in the best pilot schools of the world, was the first aircraft of these characteristics with A1 JET engines to cross the North Atlantic non-stop.

It first appears was during 2004, making it a newly streamlined aircraft that sets it apart from its competitors.

Diamond DA42 NG with Garmin 1000 avionics

The ultimate carbon fibre multi-engine aircraft.

With our three Diamond DA42 you will feel at home in the air with commercial airline traffic.

We fly in the operational area of Malaga International Airport, at the same speed, with the same procedures and the same communications. You won’t have to imagine your future, you’re already in it.

Equipped with Garmin 1000 avionics, our twin-engines incorporates all these features:


• JET A1 fuel.

• 4 spacious seats.

Carbon fibre monocoque.

• Wingspan: 13.42 meters.

• Service ceiling: 18.000 ft.

• Rate of climb: 1350 ft/min.

TCAS Traffic Colision Avoidance System.

• Maximum speed: 200 kts (365 km/h).

• Low stall speed: 60 kts (what means a huge operational range).

Premium Equipment

Long range fuel tanks (2700 km).

Weather radar.

Traffic radar for ADS-B exits with real representation in G1000 / independent automatic surveillance system.

TKS de-ice system (authorised to fly in icy conditions).

• Autopilot.

• Ergonomic electric seats.


• Glass Cockpit G1000 Full IFR.