Our VIP Private Pilot Course aims to adapt to the needs that some of our students may have, offering personalised schedules, one-on-one classes, priority flight scheduling and many other advantages to become a private aircraft pilot.

The VIP Private Pilot Course is tailored to the needs of our most demanding students.

Our Private Aircraft Pilot Course (PPL) offers the following benefits:



  • All the theory lessons are INDIVIDUAL and have a flexible schedule throughout the year, with availability from Monday to Sunday. As a VIP student, you will be able to cancel or add more classes according to your scheduling needs with less than 24 hours’ notice.
  • You will have a greater number of flight hours and more time flying our DA40 single-engine aircraft. You will spend more time flying – instead of 42 hours, you will have a total of 52 real flight hours: 25 Hours on the Diamond DA40 Garmin 1000 and 27 hours on the Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse. (On the normal private pilot course you would do 42 hours of real flight, 5 flying the DA40 single-engine and 37 flying the DA20 C1 Eclipse plus 5 hours on the simulator.)

  • All the landing fees for domestic airports are included.
  • Examination fees and exams included.
  • Individual bilingual ground and flight instruction: in English or Spanish.
  • Licence issuance fees included.
  • Possibility of attending theory lessons with a companion/family member at no additional cost for 2 students.
  • Aeronautical VIP Pack: Apple iPad, limited edition commercial pilot watch, experience on the DA42 Diamond twin engine and many more advantages…

  • Price of VIP Private Pilot Course PPL(A)
  • 14.500