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Alsim ALX Simulator in Spain


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In line with our philosophy to invest in new technologies, we have acquired the most advanced simulator within the ALSIM ALX range.

The simulator is FNPT II certified and has glass cockpit technology. With top-of-the-range hardware and software, this excellent simulator offers great added value for the training of our pilots.

One Air Aviation Group is pleased to announce the purchase of the most advanced of all aircraft simulators, the Alsim ALX Ultimate. Among its features, the Alsim ALX Simulator has flight models for the MCC and JOC Courses on Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800.

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Alsim is one of the most prestigious manufacturers, and has been certifying simulators for more than 20 years around the world.

This was a decisive factor in our choice to upgrade to the new Alsim ALX Simulator.


The ALX is compatible with the most widespread standards in aviation, with certifications in compliance with EASA and FAA regulations.



EASA CS FSTD A-FNPT II for piston models
EASA CS FSTD A-FNPT II MCC for turbofan and turboprop models
FAA 61-136 AATD
TC TP9685E FTD Level 2 (+ IR renewal)

Advantages of the Alsim ALX Simulator

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  • Scalable device to fit and grow with the demands of our students
  • Easy maintenance for minimal downtimes
  • Covers up to 4 different aircraft types and 10 different flight models
  • Advanced visual system
  • High degree of realism (HDVS & force feedback)
  • Online technical support with the manufacturer 24 hours a day

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Lever medium jet flight simulator alsim alx

  • Responds to different first-stage training needs (PPL, CPL, IR/ME)
  • A compact machine, reconfigurable for SEP/MEP
  • Advantages of Alsim HD Visual System
  • All drawn from Alsim’s designs developed over 20 years


Our simulator covers the entire training cycle of airline pilots.

The ALSIM ALX simulator offers up to 4 classes of aircraft – from single engine piston, twin engine piston, twin turbine up to medium category twin jet (generic B737/A320).

Designed and approved for ATPL, CPL/MCC, JOC and pilot selection, the ALX offers advanced technology simulation equipment tailored to your training needs.

The ALX is qualified according to CS-FSTD A and FAA rules as well as CS-FSTD A – FNPT II and FNPT II MCC under EASA regulations.



Two-seat cockpit

2 headsets

2 oxygen masks with microphone

Analogue instruments display

Glass cockpit display

Dual FMS

2 Garmin GTN 650

World navigation database

Thrust levers adapted to each class of aircraft

Alsim ALX with EASA and FAA certifications – the most comprehensive FNPT II in the world


Top Alsim technology improved with feedback from pilots

The Alsim ALX simulator is the best tool for instructors and students.

Alsim’s advanced technology and its user-friendly simulator ensure easy immersion for the benefit of both the student and the instructor, offering high-level training.

The simulator is an essential tool to practice decision-making, which is a vital part of a pilot’s training.

Installation of the new Alsim ALX Simulator at One Air

September 2016

With this new simulator, our Flight School has improved the quality of our pilot training courses: ATPL, CPL, PPL, LAPL, ME + IR, FI, IRI, IRC, revalidations and renewals, among others. On top of this we have the advantage of having our main operational base at the International Airport of Malaga and of having our state-of-the-art facilities in the vicinity, both of which are strategically located.

See the prestigious manufacturer Alsim’s press release on One Air’s simulator below.

At One Air we believe that quality training can only be achieved by having a highly qualified team and by making the latest technology available to our future Airline Pilots. Our philosophy is to invest in new aircraft and acquire the best simulators such as the new FNPT II Alsim ALX simulator.

We focus on teaching all our courses with the highest safety standards and our technologically advanced aircraft fleet.


July 21, 2016 –

ALSIM is pleased to announce the sale of an ALX Premium simulator to One Air Group, an ATO located in Spain. The new device will be delivered this summer.

This new flight training tool has been recently developed by the renowned manufacturer to respond to market demand.

“One Air is a European Approved Training Organization (ATO 190) located in southern Spain. Their focus is on offering courses to the highest standards with the most advanced modern fleet of aircraft intended for pilot training available, Diamond Aircraft; DA20 C1 Eclipse, DA40 GARMIN 1000, DA42 GARMIN 1000.

With its main operational base at Malaga International Airport and its state-of-the-art facilities in close proximity”

Garmin GPS specifications

integrated in our Alsim ALX simulator.

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As far as landing options, the SBAS/WAAS-certified GTN650 GPS has 15 channels, generating an average of 5 position updates per second. In this way, we can always fly at 200 feet to avoid any type of obstacle. However, the pilot can constantly modify the VHF navigation system, choosing the manual or automatic option.

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The GTN 650 installed in advanced flight simulators allows pilots to determine the radial and distance to the VOR (the radio navigation system used in aircraft to follow pre-established routes), following the established waypoints .This technology facilitates search and rescue operations with the selection of four common search patterns types: orbit search, parallel line search, expanding square and sector search pattern types. In addition, when flying the aircraft on autopilot, this device helps control the ARINC 424 leg types, including NextGen radius-to-fix (RF) legs. In this way, when coupled with a G500/G600 Flight Display and compatible autopilot, the aircraft can fly fully coupled without issue.

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Communicating via the GTN 650 is done through a 2,280-channel VHF communications transceiver, with an output power of 10 or 16W, depending on what the pilot wants to do. The pilot will be able to set the desired COM frequency by simply touching the number keypad on the screen. Is there anything to worry about? Not at all. The pilot will have full confidence that they are talking to the right controller with the automatic display of the station’s identifier right below the frequency (for example, KIXD ASOS or CHICAGO ACC). The GTN 650 also allows us to automatically decode a flight station’s Morse code to provide positive identification, without the need for aural decoding.

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The great visual and resolution capabilities offered by the GTN 650 not only allow us to better inspect the terrain, but we will also be able to ascertain topography features, cities, airports, terminal areas and Class A or Class B TAWS alerting. At all times you will be informed of the safe altitude limits that the flight should keep to. It will even advise about fuel, which is a topic that tends to concern pilots. This device indicates the estimated travel distance we have until reaching the aircraft’s fuel reserve. On the ground, the built-in Garmin SafeTaxi will show us geo-referenced charts available in Canada, the United States and Europe.