Our Facilities

Our base and aeronautical training center is located a few minutes from Málaga International Airport. Málaga International Airport is one of our bases and since our inception is where we have completed the IR, MEP, CPL and NVFR training. In Málaga airport and in Vélez- Málaga we have our own hangars and facilities.

The visual and initial phase of flight takes place at the private aerodrome in Vélez-Málaga, with direct daily connections provided by our transport fleet exclusively for our students.


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Our training facilities, consisting of more than 3,000 m2, feature: spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology, multimedia library, virtual reality suites, flight planning rooms, operations rooms, briefing areas for individual tutorials, exam areas, student rest areas and seven zones with latest generation simulators (ALX, AL42, Xwind, G1000, touch screen, VR).

One Air is also composed of departments for Training, Quality Control, Continuous Auditing, Scheduling, Flight Management as well as Reception, Training Assessor offices, Innovation and Development department. Together with our own transport we also have free parking, nearby restaurant / food court and all with the best climate in Europe.

Modern Classrooms

Pleasant and bright spaces, neutral colours and large tables ensure the classes comfort. And, in the centre of the classroom, a large electronic whiteboard with a touch screen, so you do not lose the detail of the lesson.

Multimedia Library

Our library has everything you need to optimize the study hours. Multimedia equipment for consultation, digital whiteboard and large tables. Also, it is a versatile space and perfectly adaptable to the daily needs of the school.

Briefings, tutorials and long study sessions

The entire aviation sector is grounded on an essential basis: teamwork. Without losing sight of this maxim, we have designed our library. A meeting space that ensures the knowledge of classmates and instructors nourishes our students at all times.

Students Crew Lounge

Cabin Crew Simulator


For us, the most important are our students. Therefore, we ensure that they train and train with the most advanced flight simulators.

Always at the forefront, always leading the way.

The Alsim ALX FNPTII (certified for SEP, MEP and MCC), is an advanced simulator so versatile that it is used in all phases of pilot training.

Besides, the Alsim AL42, a replica of our Diamond DA42, is an excellent simulator for the instrumental and PBN training of our students.


Full Motion RedBird Xwind

The Redbird Xwind full-motion simulator, together with the right instruction, teaches pilots the appropriate techniques to face and overcome these two factors in total safety and without risks. By positioning the student in crosswind and gusting conditions, we teach pilots the specific techniques required to deal with these challenging conditions.

Garmin 1000 Trainer

We have confidence in resources that add value, so we have developed a Garmin 1000 simulator. By having actual Garmin 1000 avionics (software and hardware) you interact with the simulator in exactly the same way as in the real aircraft.

This simulator enables you to adapt to the aeronautical environment and to Glass Cockpit technology. Simulations of all types will be under taken, classes in radiotelephony, introductory instrument flight courses and advanced instrument flight courses in addition to adaptation courses for single-engine and twin-engine Diamond aircraft.

Touch-Screen Simulators


– LEAX –

We have our hangars and facilities both at Malaga Airport and at Vélez-Málaga Aerodrome, two locations strategically located within the province.

With most of our fleet at the Vélez-Málaga private aerodrome, we enjoy a quiet environment for flying and with exceptional weather throughout the year. With direct daily connection through our private transport for students, at the Vélez-Málaga Aerodrome, we carry out the visual and initial phase of the flight.

We also have facilities at the Malaga H24 International Airport, our base from the beginning. In it, the courses IR, ME, CPL and VFRN are carried out, thus obtaining a complete training with continuous and real airline traffic. Our flight training centre is located a few minutes away.