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Since our foundation in 2010, One Air’s main objective has been to offer the highest quality training combined with the highest safety standards.

It is point of pride for the entire One Air team to have created the first national Crew Flight Simulator Lab available at an AESA Authorised Training Organisation (ATO).

The new laboratory ‘SIMLAB’ is divided into general aviation aircraft and commercial aircraft equipped with more than 20 airplane simulators. All the simulators are located at our headquarters, authorised by AESA, in Malaga City.

Just 2 minutes from Malaga International Airport, our location offers excellent connections with every convenience for students, pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Furthermore, just a short walk away, you will find a variety of restaurants, hotels, culture and leisure options, under a exceptional weather and with the beach just a few minutes away; without a doubt, a further attraction to our facilities, located in the Galia Center building, within the Malaga Nostrum Shopping Centre.

Students of our Airline Pilot Programme or modular courses have a spectacular residence with all kinds of amenities located just 5 minutes from our main headquarters connected daily by our private minibus transport service.

Nonetheless, for pilots and aviation enthusiasts who wish to use Sim Lab we are in an area with hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities (with whom we have special agreements) just 1 minute walk from our Simulation Lab.

  • All the amenities for a unique learning experience…


Airline Simulators

The airline simulators owned by One Air, are a benchmark in quality and aeronautical training at a European level. All our airplane simulators are located at our headquarters just 2 minutes from Malaga International Airport.

At our Crew Flight Sim Lab you’ll learn in a practical way the operational characteristics of the aircraft that most of the world’s airlines operate: Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. You will enjoy the best training, state-of-the-art facilities and a team of professional airline pilots, to sublimate your experience.


In 2024, we take a step forward to set ourselves apart from other ab-initio pilot schools, with the creation of the new BOEING 737 MAX Simulator Lab, with more than 300 m² of modern facilities dedicated exclusively to one of the most advanced new generation commercial aircraft in the world.

From the APS MCC completed using the Alsim ALX FNPT II APS MCC based on Medium Jet A320 to our innovative Full Type Training Course Airbus A320 & Boeing 737 completed using EASA FTD compliant replica simulators of the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, we offer a wide range of courses for students and pilots.

We offer you the most complete training, imparted by professionals with type ratings in Airbus A320 and Boeing B737 who are based at Málaga International Airport and who work for the major European airlines.

  • AIRBUS A320 Replica Airplane Simulator

    EASA FTD Compliant

    + INFO
  • BOEING 737-NG 800 Replica Airplane Simulator

    EASA FTD Compliant

    + INFO
  • ALSIM ALX FNPT II APS MCC Airplane Simulator

    Medium Jet A320

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Our students’ success is our own success.

Airbus and Boeing are the two largest manufacturers of passenger aircraft in the world, duopolising the sector with the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, respectively.

For this reason, at One Air we have detected the need in the sector to integrate both simulators in the same location with unbeatable access and prices.

All Crew Flight Simulator Lab aircraft simulators are located in the main facilities of our E-ATO 190 (Approved Training Organisation), by AESA.

In addition, our Airline Pilot Programme students have the option te train certain hours in airline simulators, which can be carried out prior to the selection tests in the company, depending on the simulator to be used by the company itself: Airbus A320 or Boeing 737.

General Aviation Simulators

All our aircraft for training student pilots are the latest generation. With the most advanced aerodynamics and modern instrumentation, our Diamond and Cirrus aircraft fleet enjoys international prestige.

For this reason, we have developed and complemented our general aviation simulators with the same avionics fitted on our aircraft. All our students train each of the flight procedures in a way that is true to reality, thus achieving better time optimisation.

In addition, all hardware and software licenses for the new general aviation simulators are for professional and commercial use, fully certifiable under regulations.

At our Crew Flight Sim Lab, we also have four FNPT II certifications, specific Full Motion crosswind simulator, touch-screen simulators, or VR simulators with 3-axis motion, among others.

Thanks to ground simulation, we achieve maximum performance during in-flight training, while benefiting from improved operational performance and increased aviation safety.

  • TECNAM P2008 JC MKII Replica Simulator

    Garmin G3X Touch

    + INFO
  • DIAMOND DA20-C1 Glass Cockpit Replica Simulator

    Garmin G600 – GTN 650

    + INFO
  • DIAMOND DA20-C1 Analogue Replica Simulator

    Garmin GSN 530

    + INFO
  • CIRRUS SR20 Glass Cockpit Replica Simulator

    Avidyne Entegra

    + INFO
  • CIRRUS SR22 PERSPECTIVE Replica Simulator

    Glass Cockpit Garmin 1000

    + INFO

    Glass Cockpit G1000

    + INFO
  • FNPT II SEP COMPLEX Airplane Simulator

    IR & PBN Certified

    + INFO
  • FNPT II MEP COMPLEX Airplane Simulator

    IR & PBN Certified

    + INFO
  • Full Motion REDBIRD XWIND

    Crosswind and turbulences

    + INFO
  • GLASS COCKPIT Simulator

    ✓ G1000 Citation Mustang
    ✓ Diamond DA40 Garmin 1000

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    With several aircraft displays


    A truly immersive experience

All of our airplane simulators in our 360º VR interactive platform

Furthermore, aware of the real needs of future pilots, we’ve developed our own interactive 360º VR platform.

An exceptional tool to study the procedures in each of our aircraft and simulators, as well as the main airlines’ planes.