Owning flight hours is one of the priorities of any pilot to be able to access an airline to become a commercial pilot or a transport one. We must highlight that the increasing interest in training to become a commercial pilot is on a rising line thanks to the fact that since 2016 the demand for pilots by airlines is expected to change direction upwards. In fact, it is estimated that in the next two decades more than 500,000 pilots will be needed worldwide, an encouraging figure for all those students who are now being trained in one of the most beautiful and comforting professions.

If your objective is to gain hours as Pilot In Command or fly for pleasure we offer the best option nationwide for acquisition of single hours and blocks of hours. Flight Hour building in Spain .

One Air owns the latest technologies, Diamond aircraft and the most advanced Flight Simulator: Alsim Alx, the first one available in Spain to train pilots. Make your hour building to get your place as an airline pilot with One Air Aviation.

We Offer HOUR BUILDING with:

  • The best climate in Europe
  • Instruction in adaptive double control
  • Best quality to price ratio
  • Provincial landing fees included

Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse

  • 1 Flight Hour:
  • 190 € (inc. VAT)

Diamond DA40 G1000

  • 1 Flight Hour:
  • 225 € (inc. VAT)

In addition, our school counts among its training offers with its last generation aircraft fleet, a completely upward activity and with a great, current importance. Variety and quality in training is One Air Aviation hallmark.

We must say that within the training of pilots there is a great diversity among the students interested in becoming the pilots of the future, especially to aim their professional future towards the world of the aviation. Our students are keen to be trained under the guidelines of our school as they can access facilities with the latest technologies for the training of pilots. Visit us and check why we are the right option for yours flight hour building in spain.