Our own aeronautical maintenance centre

One of our great values as a pilot school is to always offer our students quality learning, with the most advanced technology available in our prestigious facilities. For this reason, we have our own aeronautical maintenance centre 100% dedicated to our Diamond and Cirrus aircraft fleet.

We take care of our aircraft…

… so they take care of you.

The importance of having our own aeronautical maintenance centre

Our maintenance centre doesn’t serve third parties, as our team of aeronautical maintenance technicians are exclusively dedicated to look after our aircraft. This way, we can offer immediate support to ensure schedule is maximised and we guarantee the security of all the students and instructors.

Also, another advantage of having our own maintenance centre is the considerable reduction in the time it takes to get the aircraft ready, meaning more available slots for flight hours.

The best human team for the best aircraft

It would mean nothing to have the largest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus of Spain if we didn’t ensure we had the best human team to look after them. Aeronautical Maintenance Technicians (AMT), Certifying Personnel and Auxiliary Technical Personnel among others, guarantee the perfect operation of the fleet.

At One Air, we are a team of more than 70 aviation professionals dedicated to and for your training. That’s how our large family works in perfect sync so you can enjoy the best possible training experience.