• Diamond DA20 start up: The complete guide

    Diamond DA20

Ever wondered how to start up Diamond DA-20? Delving into the intricacies of the start up of the Diamond DA20 is both intriguing and vital knowledge for aviation aficionados and budding pilots.

Join us on a journey to discover how to ignite the engines of the Diamond DA-20, your primary craft for initial flight training and beyond.

The Diamond DA-20’s role in aviation training

Grasping the use of the Diamond DA-20 is key before diving into its ignition sequence. Famed for its role as a primary single-engine trainer, the DA-20 is the inaugural aircraft student pilots at One Air encounter.

Besides basic training, it’s pivotal in specialised courses like Night Visual Flight Rules (VFRN) and Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT).

Our fleet of eight Diamond DA-20s at One Air stands poised to support students throughout their aviation journey.

Pre-Ignition checks: The walkaround ritual

In aviation, safety and thoroughness reign supreme. The pre-flight walkaround is an indispensable ritual for pilots. This visual inspection encompasses the landing gear, propeller, fuel quantity, and oil level, among other critical elements.

For the day’s first flight, checking the fuel quality to ensure it’s devoid of water or sediment is paramount. Immerse yourself in our instructional video on conducting a walkaround on a Diamond DA-20 for a comprehensive guide.

The Indispensable checklist: Before starting the Diamond DA20 engine

Every pilot is familiar with the checklist, an essential manual detailing all procedures for our aircraft. While many steps are memorised, the checklist serves as a failsafe to ensure no step is missed. Prior to kickstarting the engine, ensuring that flight controls are free, the aircraft key is correctly inserted, and the canopy is securely fastened is vital.

Checklist for the pre-flight inspection for Diamond DA20 aircraft

Igniting the engine: Cold and warm starts

The starting engine checklist provides two routes, depending on whether the engine is cold or warm. The primary distinction lies in the duration of fuel supply to the engine. Our training courses focus on the mastery of this checklist, ensuring that students are adept in its application during flight phases.

Our Simlab, equipped with simulators that replicate the DA-20 cockpit, further assists students in familiarising themselves with cockpit controls. Ensuring the vicinity around the aircraft is clear prior to ignition is a fundamental safety measure.

Two pilots reviewing the preflight checklist

Cold starts for Diamond DA20

Checklist for cold starts at Diamond DA20

Warm start

Checklist for warm starts at Diamond DA20
  • Diamond DA20 panel

You are now ready to start up a Diamond DA20 aircraft

We trust this guide sheds light on the process of starting the Diamond DA-20. For practical demonstrations, view our videos featuring instructors initiating both simulators and actual aircraft.

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