Our flight simulator equipped with Garmin 1000 avionics is an example of the new technologies being developed in the aviation industry which are also present in our aircraft.

By having actual Garmin 1000 avionics you interact with the simulator in exactly the same manner as our Diamond aircraft. Flight Simulator Garmin 1000 in Málaga. 

You will do a course to orientate yourself with the aircraft environment using glass cockpit technology.

You will undertake various different simulations as well as different courses in order to guarantee complete and quality training.

Our simulator is equipped with two Garmin 1000 systems (PFD and MFD), 2 flight controls, 3 interchangeable throttle quadrants ( SEP COMPLEX / MEP COMPLEX / CESSNA CITATION MUSTANG). Your Training Simulator Course .

Flight Simulator Technical Details:

GLASS COCKPIT: A Primary Flight Display (PFD) and a Multi-Function Display (MFD), both with high luminosity screens, effective at all viewing angles, legible in all lighting conditions and with the highest resolution in it’s category (1024×768).

Reversible Mode PFD/MFD: For training purposes or in the unlikely event of a failure of one of the screens. All of the information on the PFD and the engine data are completely interchangeable.

Traffic: Integrated Mode S with Traffic Information System (TIS)

Terrain Mapping: Includes a topographical map of terrain and artificial obstacles, utilising a range of colours to visualise the aircraft position above the ground. Aumentando sustancialmente la seguridad dándonos datos de nuestra situación respecto al suelo.

Weather: Flight Information System (FIS) with XM data connection.

Digital Audio Panel: Including three Comms, two Nav, isolated system for crew /pilot with intercom, DME, ADF, HF, Sat phone, peripherals and authorisation recording capabilities

AHRS: Attitude and Heading Reference System.

Added Security Systems: Redesigned electrical system with added backup battery and backup instrument system. ( anemometer, altimeter and attitude indicator) with engine operated vacuum pump.

EIS: Engine Information System, this system shows all the data related to the engine on-screen, basic information, fuel, vacuum pressure, electrical status and provides visual and voice alerts.

ADC: Air Data Computer, provides on-screen information such as TAS, CAS, VSI, TAT, wind direction and speed.

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