• DA20 C1 Simulators

    ✓ Glass Cockpit G600 GTN 650
    ✓ Garmin GNS 530 Analogue


Glass Cockpit and Analogue

Diamond Aircraft Industries

At our new Crew Flight Simulator Lab by One Air, we offer you two Diamond DA20 C1 simulators with two different avionics: Diamond DA20 C1 Glass Cockpit Garmin G600 with GTN 650 simulator and Diamond DA20 C1 Analogue Garmin GNS 530 simulator.

Diamond DA20 C1 are single-engine aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, the prestigious Austrian aircraft manufacturer, pioneer in the design and manufacture of new generation aircraft for general aviation.

The Diamond DA20-C1’s monocoque fuselage is made of glass fiber and carbon fiber composite. In addition, this aircraft has a glide factor of 14:1, one of the highest values in its segment, which gives it exceptional safety and maneuverability.

All our Diamond DA20 aircraft are C1 models which means that they are equipped with the most powerful class of engines for this aircraft (125 Hp) from the renowned manufacturer Continental Motors.

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    DA20 C1 Simulators

    With the same avionics you’ll use on your real flights…

Diamond DA20 C1 Simulator
Glass Cockpit Garmin G600 GTN 650

This simulator is a step more advanced than the analogue version of the DA20-C1. It includes real G600 Glass Cockpit along with the innovative Garmin GTN 650 that is present in our aircraft as well as in simulators like the Alsim ALX.

The Diamond DA20 C1 Glass Cockpit G600 simulator provides first contact with instrument flight and familiarisation with digital instrumentation.

It also has UHD photorealistic scenarios, high definition airports/airfields and real meteorological conditions incorporated in the simulation, elevating the realism and quality of contact with the avionics for our future pilots.

There are also connections between the different simulator stations, as well as the SR20 or the SR22 simulator or the Tecnam P2008 MKII simulator, to offer a multi-pilot experience and simulate traffic between connected students.

  • Hardware + Software for professional and commercial use

    Fully Certifiable under Regulations

Diamond DA20 C1 Simulator
Garmin GNS 530 Analogue

Training simulator with original analogue instruments for learning the basic ‘T’ of an aircraft and equipped with Garmin GNS530 avionics.

Our Diamond DA20 C1 GNS530 Analogue simulator is key in the first contact of our students to understand the basic principals of flight in addition to familiarisation with instruments together with normal and emergency procedures, thus avoiding additional real flight hours.

Simple but at the forefront of simulation, it consists of state-of-the-art hardware, modern equipment, UHD photo-realistic scenarios and high fidelity reproductions of the airports and airfields out of which One Air operates. This facilitates familiarisation with the operational areas that student will encounter in their subsequent flight phase of training.

Additionally, real meteorological conditions are incorporated in to the simulations and the simulators are interconnected to enable multi pilot operations and live traffic interactions between students.