In order to get the Commercial Pilot Rating – CPL (A), the most important thing is having the latest technological instruments, such as aircraft practices with a twin-engine Diamond aircraft, being this one of the most important aspects of those offered by One Air Group. In this way, it aims to consolidate itself as the reference training center in this field.

The majority of positions for airline pilots require the flying of twin-engine aircraft. Therefore we have chosen to make flying the twin-engine DA 42 an integral part of obtaining your Commercial Pilot License.

Our practical course for commercial pilots CPL (A) uses two types of aircraft: Diamond DA40 Garmin 1000 and Diamond DA42 GARMIN 1000.



  • 10 Flight hours in DA40 GARMIN 1000
  • 7 Flight hours in DA42 GARMIN1000
  • Price:
  • 4.300
  • Including practical exam

Course Access Requirements:

  • Private Pilot License PPL(A).
  • Minimum of 150 flight hours (200 hours for licence issue).
  • Minimum of 100 hours as Pilot in Command PIC.
  • Have passed the ATPL or CPL theory exams.
  • Class 1 medical certificate.
  • VFRN certification.

The training to get the Commercial Pilot Rating (CPL) provides all the guarantees to become one of the most demanded courses in the future, with a huge work projection nowadays and with perspectives to be among the preferred course among students.

In this case, the training that will be carried out by One Air Group is very segmented which means that it will be carried out in different phases, thus achieving to differentiate in an optimal way the high level that the student acquires to train as a pilot taking the Commercial Pilot Rating Course CPL (A). Learning and training under the premises of quality, effort and a wide technological range are key elements for students chooses to be trained within a leader group in this kind of training: One Air Group.

Among the great novelties which differentiate us from our competitors we can highlight that One Air Group offers its students the possibility of practicing piloting real flights in a real way from Málaga International Airport. That is to say, in this case the instrumental training in a real one, thus getting an instrumental experience, since being trained using a simulator is not the same as being trained using real instruments.

Why Choose Us:

  • Fly the world’s best training aircraft

  • Learn to fly from a 24 hour international airport

  • Ideal climate conditions

  • Highest standards of equipment and training

  • Bilingual training

  • Commercial Pilot course CPL (A) in twin engine aircraft

In short, being trained at a One Air Group center is a guarantee of success, since students know they have the best facilities at their disposal, as well as the latest technological advances in Aircraft and Simulators, both of them keys to develop a present and future career.