• The first Tecnam P2008 MKII replica simulator in the world will be at One Air

During 2020, we announced the creation of the first Crew Flight Simulator Lab in Spain, with more than 20 simulators and trainers of general and commercial aviation, distributed in several areas. Already then, we set a milestone in pilot training.

Now, we are proud to announce the incorporation of the first full-scale replica simulator of the Tecnam P2008 MKII. This specific trainer is an exact replica of our Tecnam P2008 JC MKII Premium Edition aircraft, with G3X Touch avionics, which are in flight and available to our students. This new simulation device joins the existing Diamond DA20C1, Cirrus SR20 and Diamond DA42, all replicas of our aircraft.

And what are the objectives of incorporating this simulator?

  • To carry out preliminary standardisations on the ground on the specific aircraft model, in a practical way and using real procedures.
  • To subsequently guarantee maximum use of each hour of real flight time in all aircraft.
  • To ratify the importance of complementary training, with training above the established standards and the objective of maximising safety in real flight operations.

The Tecnam P2008 MKII simulator, the first in the world, will be available from May 2024 in our facilities in Malaga city, for all our students.

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