Airline Pilots Standards

– AIRBUS A320 –

The APS MCC Course (Airline Pilot Standards Multi-Crew Cooperation) is an optimized MCC training course that has been developed by EASA in collaboration with the leading airlines and training centres, to ensure a standard of instruction of future commercial pilots. The text is included in Annex I of ED 2017/022 / R AMC / GM; FCL Part, Amendment 3.

Currently, there are very few certified simulators to perform the APS  MCC in Europe, and few ATOs have approval for teaching it.


The new European regulations, to officially integrate, expand and improve the JOC, have recently approved the APS MCC course, which will become the standard demanded by the world’s leading airlines.

These courses are conducted by instructors actively working as airline pilots and have extensive experience in the aeronautical sector.

  • The time in an advanced simulator (FNPT II Alsim ALX) is doubled to 40 total hours.
  • At One Air, you will also complete an additional 10 hours on the Airbus A320 EASA FTD Compliant simulator, obtaining a total of 50 hours of training.
  • To be authorised to teach APS MCC courses, the simulator must, at least, represent a MEDIUM JET.
  • The course is conducted in an airline environment by airline instructor pilots.
  • The JOC course is covered by the scope of  the APS MCC.
  • Final evaluation with results certified by our E-ATO 190.

– Airline Pilots Standards –

  • The highest standards available in an MCC – Multi Crew Coordination.
  • Fully adapted to the new EASA Regulations for airlines.
  • Get instruction in FNPT II Alsim ALX Medium Jet A320 simulator and Airbus A320 replica FTD Compliant simulator by airline pilot instructors.
  • You will take your course on the same type of aircraft (Medium Jet A320 and Airbus FTD Compliant) and with the same procedures used by airlines for pilot selection tests.
  • Preparation for specific assessments.

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  • APS MCC Price
  • 6.900
  • Price if you don’t have a partner.
  • Price if you bring a partner
  • 5.900
  • Price per person.

Multi Crew Cooperation

Although there is no regulatory requirement that APS MCC certification prevails over a basic MCC Course, it is a fact that airlines establish a clear preference for pilots in possession of the APS MCC Training Certificate.

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