Students and instructors tell us about the training.


Instrument rating IR previous course

We are back with a new post of ‘One Air Experiences’, our series of short videos in which we sneak into the classes so that students and instructors can tell us their impressions of the training.

After seeing what crosswind training is like, what the PBN course consists of or how a pilot learns to land, we continue learning from our instructors.

In today’s video, we accompany Alejandro Lorente, who has just passed the ATPL subjects and is about to begin the advanced phase in which he will obtain his IR instrument rating and ME multi-engine rating.

Before starting, with the help of our instructor Alba del Río, he will learn how to read navigation charts and will do several briefings in the Cirrus SR22 Perspective G1000 simulator so that he can make the most of his certified flight hours.

At One Air, we are firm believers in the importance of added value in teaching. That’s why we have created exclusive training courses and complementary instruction prior to all official courses. Don’t miss the video!