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We offer you three different programmes to become an airline pilot

In response to the needs of our future students who wish to take a commercial pilot course, and after a decade training professional pilots. we have designed three different and specific programmes to become an airline pilot; each of them with its own peculiarities adapted to our students:

Integrated ATPL.

Airline Pilot Programme ATPL.

International Airline Pilot Programme ATPL
With Business Degree in Aviation Management, A320 Type Rating & Flight Instructor.

Integrated ATPL

Everything you need to become a pilot at the best value for money in Europe.

Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

Much more experience while keeping the best value for money in Europe.

International Airline Pilot University Programme ATPL

with Business Degree in Aviation Management, A320 Type Rating, Flight Instructor & New One Air Pilot Club Membership.

With training itineraries far superior to the official standards, you will obtain your Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (frozen ATPL) in the way that best suits your needs, possibilities and/or personal preferences.

When studying the commercial pilot course at our official flight school in Málaga, you will be provided with personalised training and continuous assessments. Our school’s top quality standards and excellence bring out the best in our students, motivating them to complete their studies with all the possible guarantees and the best possible training.

Official Headquarters for AESA FCL Exams in Malaga
State Aviation Safety Agency

All instrument flight training, along with many of the other training phases, is done from Málaga International Airport, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days and facilitates commercial flights operated by the major airlines worldwide. We also have a private airport which is used for the initial phases of training.

This is the perfect environment to become familiar with this type of operation, and we offer our students one of the best aeronautical training schemes in Europe in terms of flight procedures.


At One Air, we invest in being at the forefront in terms of facilities and the best aircraft and simulators fleet. To this end, we have dedicated more than 3000 m2 to integrate the necessary infrastructure to guarantee educational excellence. You can take a walk around the school in our 360º Virtual Tour.

Our students fly in modern Diamond and Cirrus aircraft, Airbus A320 FTD Compliant simulator and Boeing 737 FTD Compliant, FNPT II Alsim ALX Jet Medio A320 simulator, ALSIM AL42 simulator, replica of our twin-engine Diamond DA42, RedBird Full Motion Xwind specific cross wind simulator, replica simulators of our Diamond & Cirrus aircraft, touch panel simulators, Garmin 1000 trainer and VR suite all equipped with the latest technology to achieve the highest standards of training for our Commercial Airline Pilots.

Moreover, in 2020 we were proud to present our Crew Flight Simulator Lab, which is the largest simulation centre in a European pilot school, with more than 20 commercial and general aviation simulators.

Commercial Pilot Training in Spain

Thanks to our strong commitment to investment in resources and facilities and our training method, we have been recognised as the Best Spanish Pilot School 2020 and 2021 by the prestigious aviation magazine Avion Revue International.

Come and find out more about our commercial pilot training programmes and you will understand why our students are already working for the leading airlines in the sector. You will get your wings and you will have one of the most exciting and promising professions in the world.


Everything you need to become a commercial pilot

✓ Initial Class 1 Aeronautical Medical Examination.

Private Pilot Course PPL (A).

Airline Transport Pilot Course ATPL (A) – EASA.

✓ Subscription to ATPL question bank and continuous face-to-face tutorials.

✓ ATPL exam fees (first sitting).

All required flight hours as PIC (Pilot-In-Command) flown in Diamond and Cirrus new generation aircraft.

Night Rating (NVFR) Course.

✓ Intensive instrument preparation course (IR) in G1000 simulators.

Instrument Rating (IR) Course including PBN privileges.

Multi-Engine Rating (ME) Course.

Commercial Pilot (CPL) Course.

✓ ICAO English linguistic competency course and exam.

APS MCC CourseAirline Pilot Standards Multi Crew Cooperation Course.

Advanced UPRT Course – Upset Prevention & Recovery Training.

FTTC Course – Full Type Training Course (Airbus A320 + Boeing 737).

✓ Specific and personalised support.

Crosswind Course on Full Motion Redbird Xwind simulator.

✓ Didactic material for all courses and qualifications.

✓ Access to VR 360º interactive virtual platform.

FI (A) Flight Instructor rating course + initial work experience as an instructor.

Airbus A320 Type Rating + Base Training with real touch-and-gos with our Type Rated Authorised Training Organisation: One Air Type Rating E-ATO 316.

European Business Degree in Aviation Management.

✓ Unlimited hours in touch-screen instrument simulators and mock-ups.

✓ All landing fees at national airports (touch-and-goes included).

✓ Flight examiner fees (first attempt).

✓ Comprehensive insurance for aircraft, third parties and pilot.

✓ Licence and rating issuance fees.

✓ Licence and rating processing fees.

One Air Commercial Pilot Kit
(Apple iPad, flight headset, pilot uniform, CR3 flight computer, aeronautical charts, aeronautical plotter, flight bag, Jeppesen logbook, aeronautical kneeboard, fuel drainer, flight syllabus).

✓ CEFR B1/B2/C1 English Courses.

✓ Training and Licence Insurance for the duration of the course.

✓ Employment Guarantee (dependent on interview).

Three different programmes to do your Commercial Pilot Course

Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Turn your smartphone!
Theory Hours· 1060 hours· 1771 hours· 2786 hours
Practical Training256 total hours
· 151 h. on Diamond, Cirrus and Tecnam aircraft.
· 105 h. on new generation simulators
365 total hours
· 205 h. on Diamond, Cirrus and Tecnam aircraft.
· 160 h. on new generation simulators
507 total hours
· 263 h. on Diamond, Cirrus, Tecnam and Airbus aircraft
· 244 h. on new generation simulators
Advanced UPRT
English Course + ICAO
One Air Kit
Class 1 Medical Cert.
1st Theory and Flight Test Fee
Studies Insurance
Landing Fees
Employment Guarantee
FTTC Course Advance (A320 + B737)
FTTC Express Course, FTD comp Airbus 320 y Boing 737
Flight Instructor FI (A) Course and Rating
Initial Work Experience as an Instructor
Airbus A320 Type Rating + Base Training
European Business DegreeOptionalOptional
One Air Pilot Club MembershipOptionalOptional
Specific and Personalised Support by our Pilot Recruitment Dept.
SEP Renewal
MEP Renewal

Get unlimited practical hours by joining our new One Air Pilot Club*

Get unlimited practical hours by joining our new One Air Pilot Club*

Integrated ATPL

The best value for money in Europe.

A programme with the essentials to become a commercial pilot at the best price in Europe.



Our integrated pilot course now with European University Degree, subscription to the new One Air Pilot Club and many more benefits and services.


Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

More experience with the best value for money in Europe.

+ Almost double the number of theory hours.
+ Many more real flight and simulator hours.
+ Full Type Training Course on A320 and B737.

A bonus of experience keeping an exceptional price.


* FTTC is included free of charge within the One Air Airline Pilot Programme.


Our Airline Pilot Programme now with European University Degree, subscription to the new One Air Pilot Club and many more benefits and services.


International Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

with Business Degree, A320 Type Rating and Flight Instructor.

+ A320 Type Rating with our TRTO.
+ FI (A) course and rating.
+ European Business Degree in Aviation Management.

The most comprehensive ab-initio pilot training programme in the world!


* FTTC is included free of charge within the One Air International Airline Pilot Programme.



  • 3.500 per year
  • 698 per month

→ Deferred payments at 0% interest. Option of One Air internal financing or bank financing with advantageous conditions.

Reception 24h


Study rooms

Living area


Dining area





Video monitoring

Access control


    Timeline of the different pilot training programmes:

1. Integrated ATPL

2. Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

3. International Airline Pilot University Programme ATPL

With Business Degree in Aviation Management, A320 Type Rating, Flight Instructor & New One Air Pilot Club Membership.

Airline Pilot Training Courses Access Requirements:

✓ High school / A level diploma or equivalent and completion of assessment tests.


The key is in the training

Our students and instructors are recruited by the leading national and international airlines.


    License and ratings are obtained under EASA regulations

Why our students choose us?

  • The largest Diamond, Cirrus & Tecnam fleet with 26 owned aircraft

    ✓ The European school with the most UPRT aircraft.
    ✓ New generation twin-engine: DA42 and P2006 MKII Premium in one location.
    ✓ New generation single-engine: DA40, DA20C1, Cirrus SR20 and Tecnam P2008 MKII Premium.

  • SIMLAB by One Air

    ✓ Airbus A320 + Boeing B737.
    ✓ Alsim FNPT II ALX + FNPT II AL42.
    ✓ Full Motion Redbird Xwind.
    ✓ Replica simulators of our aircraft.

  • One Air Type Rating E-ATO 316

    ✓ Type Ratings
    ✓ Renewals / Revalidations
    ✓ Experienced airline instructors

  • Two different operating bases

    ✓ Private aerodrome for the initial phase of flight.
    ✓ Malaga International Airport for IR, ME, CPL and NVFR phases.

  • Own Maintenance Centre

    ✓ A complete team of professional technicians dedicated exclusively to our fleet, which guarantees a greater number of flight hours and always the highest safety.

  • Three different ways to become an airline pilot

    ✓ Integrated ATPL
    ✓ Airline Pilot Programme ATPL
    ✓ International Airline Pilot University Programme ATPL with Business Degree in Aviation Management, A320 Type Rating & Flight Instructor

  • Malaga: Exceptional weather in the best city in the world to live in.

    ✓ The best weather conditions for pilot training in Europe.
    ✓ An unrivalled environment in which to enjoy your aeronautical training.

  • The best human and professional team

    ✓ Over 100 professionals
    ✓ Native English and Spanish teachers

  • Transport and accommodation

    ✓ Private transport fleet
    ✓ Luxury accommodation for our students

  • Value-Added Training

    ✓ High Quality Standards
    ✓ Bilingual Training
    ✓ Recruitment programme
    ✓ Airline Access Course
    ✓ Study insurances
    ✓ Pre-agreed Financing
    ✓ And much, much more…

Commercial Pilot Course + ATPL

Frequently Asked Questions

To work as a commercial or airline pilot, you need to obtain a CPL – Commercial Pilot Licence – and pass the ATPL theory test (giving you a frozen ATPL until you reach the required flight hours). Once you have these, you can fly for an airline.

To begin training for the PPL and continue with CPL training you must be at least 17 years old, pass a Class 1 medical examination, have a high school certificate (or equivalent) or have attended a vocational training school.

You do not need to have a university degree to obtain a CPL licence. In fact, 98% of airlines only require candidates to have a CPL licence, ME+IR ratings and an MCC course.

Do a lot of research and ask for advice from professionals in order to study your options and make the best decision. At One Air, we are happy to listen to you and provide advice, no strings attached.

Each country has its own regulations. Spain, together with several other countries in the EU region, is subject to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) rules. However, all licenses are issued following the international standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and there are agreements in place between ICAO member states to allow for the conversion of pilot licenses.

Yes, it is possible at certain stages of the training, such as the initial theory phase. Other stages cannot be done remotely and must be taken in person at our facilities.

Another advantage is that One Air is the official venue for SENASA exams, so if you study with us, you won’t have to move anywhere else.

It depends, since we also offer training by modules, which is more flexible in both work/life balancing and payment methods. You can check the prices of our courses on our website or speak with one of our training advisors.

The average duration of the course is between 16 and 24 months, but it depends largely on how much work each individual puts into it. At One Air, we design the courses for training to be completed in 16 months, but we are flexible and can adapt to our students’ needs.

Commercial pilots will have to get a Class 1 medical certificate. You can check the requirements on the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA) website. Glasses are allowed within certain limits.

Yes, of course you can! The Spanish pilot licence, which is a European licence, is issued according to some of the most restrictive standards and, therefore, you can fly to different countries and even operate from them.

Yes, currently all companies require the Multiple-Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course. Subsequently, and depending on the company, you will have to get a type rating – generally after the interview has been completed, as the conditions will be specific for each company. At One Air, our CPL course includes MCC training with our certified ALX A320 simulator.

For students who are not from Málaga and need accommodation during the course, the school offers advisory services to help students find accommodation.

Besides, we offer accommodation at the university campus for our pilot students on the Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot courses. Our students have the option to enjoy one of the best university campus in Málaga, including accommodation and full board.

Accommodation and transport costs. One Air’s CPL course includes all the materials, uniforms, etc. needed to complete the course.

Currently, the aviation sector is experiencing rapid expansion and, as forecasts improve, it is a great time to be a pilot. You can see the full report at https://www.grupooneair.com/commercial-aviation/.

Safety is our main priority, and that is why our daily activity is largely dictated by the weather. Fortunately we mainly operate at the Málaga International Airport, as well as in Velez-Málaga. Operating from the Southern Spain allows us to fly all year long. We make the most of the days with bad weather by offering our students simulator sessions as much as possible. This way we manage to stick to the training period established for the duration of the course.

You must be at least 18 years old to be able to start the CPL course.

Since 2008, it is mandatory for every professional pilot to speak English at ICAO Level 4 Language Proficiency, at least. One Air Aviation Group is authorised to officially certify this requirement.

No. The success rate among our graduates is very high – almost 100%. Most of the concepts are new to students and studying this course requires commitment, but with interest and motivation, you can pursue your dreams.

If you want more information about our employment guarantee scheme, don’t hesitate to book an appointment and one of our aviation consultants will be happy to explain what you need to do to apply.