Discover Commercial Pilot Course in Spain CPL and Airline Transport Pilot Course in Spain ATPL.

One Air Group in Málaga will carry out a continuous training and advice process marked by its quality and demands in order to motivate the students to strive and pass a course to become a Commercial Pilot for an airline, taking into account the high future job prospects and the degree of training involved and required in this sector.

Come and take your commercial pilot course in Málaga with One Air and develop your own career within one of the professions with more future.

Commercial Pilot Training in Spain

We offer the best choice with regard to quality and price nationwide for commercial pilots and for those wishing to work for airlines.

We have developed a programme to meet your needs with limited group numbers and personalised attention. With us you can obtain your Commercial Pilot License CPL (A) and Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL.



  • Airline Transport Pilot Theory Course ATPL (A) – EASA
  • All necessary hours as Pilot In Command PIC.
  • English Course B1/B2
  • ICAO Linguistic Competency in English
  • Intensive Instrument Course (IR) in G1000 simulator
  • Instrument Rating Course (IR)
  • Multi Engine Course (ME)
  • Commercial Pilot Course (CPL)
  • Course in MCC cabin in FNPT II ALX JET MEDIO AIRBUS A320
  • Orientation course for JOC airlines
  • ALL FOR:
  • 59.000

Upon completion of the Professional Pilot Programme you will have obtained:

  • Commercial Pilot License CPL (A) and Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL (A)
  • SE Rating
  • ME Rating
  • NVFR Night Rating
  • ICAO Linguistic Competency in English
  • 25 Hours in Simulator Glass Cockpit Garmin 1000
  • 46  Hours in our new Simulator FNTP II ALX ALSIM GLASS COCKPIT – (SEPTEMBER 2016, First in Spain)
  • 20 Hours MCC course in FNPT II ALX JET MEDIO AIRBUS A320 
  • 209 Flight Hours
  • Certificate Course JOC of Orientation of Air Lines

Course Requirements:

High school diploma, A levels or equivalent.


Training is the key.

Experience is much more important than practice and textbooks. This is where your training has a real effect on your performance, by means of a practical experience, as it is done in commercial aviation. And of course, it is much better if it is done in a real way as we do in One Air at Málaga airport.

Characteristics, complete dossier in PDF

Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot Courses in Spain

On this page you can view more information about the specifications for the Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot courses in the downloadable PDF



Every single person can Access to our commercial pilot courses, whether they have a previous degree or not and whether you have a private pilot license or you are just beginning your training as a pilot. We will train you with both the best aircraft simulators and real airplanes to become a commercial pilot and get your commercial pilot license (CPL).

Why choose us:

  • Fly the world’s best training aircraft

  • Learn to fly from an international airport

  • Ideal climate conditions

  • The most advanced simulators

  • Highest standards of equipment and training

  • Bilingual training

  • Own pilot recruitment programme

  • Airline access courses

  • Two programmes tailored to meet your professional needs

  • Pre-approved finance

Commercial Pilot Courses and Airline Transport Pilot Courses


Specifications – Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot Courses in Spain

Everything we have to offer relating to our Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot courses, including all characteristics and specifications in one complete PDF dossier ready for download.

The latest technology will be at you disposal, like our Diamond Aircraft fleet and cutting edge flight simulators.

Having all the necessary tools to carry out pilot training to the highest standards is key. There are many flight schools in Spain, but not all of them have access to the same level of technology and facilities. One Air Málaga has the technology and the moderns aircrafts necessary to allow our students to achieve quality training that will enable them to confront the challenges of flying the latest aircraft from Boeing and Airbus.

One Air Málaga offers the highest quality learning thanks to methods used by our professional teachers in addition to quality flight instruction from Málaga International Airport.

Additionally, at One Air Málaga we have multimedia classrooms which are not only key for students to develop the abilities necessary to pilot an aircraft but also allow our courses to be taken online.

We are an Approved Training Organisation (ATO 190) with European recognition.

Airline Transport Pilot Courses in Spain

Learning to fly is the dream of lots of people and many of them have the opportunity to make it a reality thanks to flight schools.

That said, it is also important to underline a key element that distinguishes One Air Málaga from its competitors and that is the use of our new Diamond Aircraft. These aircraft are a significant advancement and a considerable improvement for the students that pass through one of the leading pilot training schools in the country and have all the technology and equipment necessary to provide our students with top quality training here at One Air in Málaga.

 Furthermore one of the fundamental elements of any flying school are the flight simulators. These allow students to acquire the essential skills required to fly, besides being a critical feature of any learning programme.

Aviation is a world with a very wide range of possibilities with regards to pilot training and certification. Getting the relevant licences requires effort on the part of those interested in becoming pilots. Taking this into account it should be noted that in order to work professionally as a pilot it is necessary to have a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) which can be obtained in one of two ways.

Firstly, there is the integrated course which includes 150 flight hours and all corresponding theoretical components. These two requirements are essential to obtaining the licence and achieving the accreditation required for a student to become a commercial pilot (CPL)

Secondly, the students can obtain their certification by means of modular training by passing the required exams by parts and thus ultimately obtaining the same licences.

A Commercial Pilot’s License – Aspects Of Your Work VS Reward

There are many institutions which provide commercial pilot training and commercial pilot licenses. But before certifying a student or private pilot for their CPL, one should be trained in different aspects. It is not enough if one knows the flight form outside. Experience is critical over the theory and text books. This is where your training really has an effect on your performance – Through practical experience. Having a good number of hours of flight training (typically 200+ hours pilot in command) will serve to assist you during your license examinations to be a commercial pilot. The license will be checked and approved by the relevant governing aviation body in your country. In Europe, it’s EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). In the USA, it’s the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Commercial pilot license needs a proper training

A Commercial pilot license certifies you to fly an aircraft for hire or financial reward. Therefore it is a significant milestone in the learning of flight, giving you a much increased freedom to earn through flying.  One needs good training before applying for a license. This training should be practical with a methodical system of in-flight instruction as well as a balance of aviation theory, consisting of Rules of the Air, Theory of flight, aircraft controls and instruments, meteorology, navigation, aerodynamics, planning, human factors and more. Along with a comprehensive learning, is a requirement to understand the radio operation to enable effective air and ground communication.

A Commercial pilot license is an exciting career for many people and highly coveted one. Though aviation can be a round the clock job and can often require you to be away from home for long hours, even days, the rewards can be quite satisfying.

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