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Multi-Engine Instrument Rating ME+IR+CPL+PBN+APS MCC

Professional ME + IR Programme

We are one of the few flight schools offering our students a professional programme to obtain the ME+IR Multi-Engine Instrument Rating.

Our Professional Programme including ME + IR + CPL + PBN + APS MCC + Accommodation and Transport offers 11 distinctive features among which are: next-generation twin-engine aircraft Diamond DA42 with glass cockpit technology, Cirrus SR20, Diamond DA40 and state-of-the-art FNPT II AL42 (Diamond DA42 replica)  glass cockpit simulator with is certified for multi-engine MEP,  Instrument IR and PBN training.

Also, specific G1000 courses, Full-Motion Redbird Xwind Simulator for crosswind landings, Jeppesen cartography courses and bilingual training integrated into an intensive fast-track course to obtain your ME+IR and all with the best weather conditions in Europe and at an international H24 airport.

Moreover, we offer you the largest simulation devices selection in a European ATO; our Crew Flight Simulator Lab, with more than 20 simulators will be available from September 2020.

Instrument Rating

During your instrument rating training you will learn to perform specific procedures required to fly twin-engine aircraft: asymmetric flight techniques, flying with an operative engine, engine failure, etc. Additionally, the simulator sessions are taken in an exact replica of the aircraft used for the in-flight training, the Diamond DA42.

We can also offer a preparatory course so that you can adapt to using Glass Cockpit Garmin G1000 technology before taking your multi-engine instrument rating course.

  • More than 30 New-Generation aircraft and simulators

All flights are made from the Málaga International Airport, ensuring that training is done under real instrument flight rules: instrument take-offs, precision and non-precision approaches, operating in controlled airspace… and all in the best weather conditions in Europe.

What do we offer in our Instrument Training Programme?

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10 Reasons to choose our
Professional ME+IR Programme

Reason #1

Top-Class Theory Course to adapt to Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit

You will take an introductory theory course on Glass Cockpit technology, specifically the Garmin G1000. In this way you will become familiar with the latest technology.

Reason #2

Practical Course for Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit

With our full-scale Garmin 1000 simulator for procedural training with G1000 screens, you will put everything you learned in the theory lessons into practice.

Reason #3

Certification for completing the Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit Course

After testing your G1000 simulator skills under the supervision of an instructor you will obtain a diploma certifying you have taken the introductory course on glass cockpit technology and Garmin 1000.

Reason #4

Multi-Engine Rating theory lessons and Jeppesen cartography course

Our multi-engine flight instructors will teach the multi-engine training course, where you will learn to understand the differences between flying multi-engine and single-engine aircraft. You will also carry out a specific course on the aircraft you will be flying – the Diamond DA42 G1000.

Reason #5

40 hours in the FNPT II Glass Cockpit Alsim AL42 simulator

After completing the Garmin 1000 courses, you will begin the following practical phase of the ME+IR course with our FNPT II Alsim AL42 full Glass Cockpit simulator, a Diamond DA42 replica.

Equipped with the latest technology, it differs significantly from other simulators. You will spend a minimum of 40 total hours on it.

Reason #6

Application of Instrument Procedures on Garmin 1000

Before starting your flights, you will take a practical course on the application of instrument procedures to the Garmin 1000. In this way you will review flight procedures and make the most of your instrument flight training when you are in the actual aircraft.

Reason #7

21 Flight Hours on twin-engine Diamond DA42 G1000 Glass Cockpit

(Airport fees included)

Enjoy flying the latest generation twin-engine aircraft. The Diamond DA42 is equipped with the latest technology and advances: de-icing, weather radar, FADEC, G1000, long range tanks, etc.

Reason #8

2 hours flight time for ME + IR examination

(Airport rates and examination fees included)

Exam flight hours and their corresponding exam fees are included, so you will not have to worry about extra expenses.

Reason #9

All-Inclusive Intensive Course

In aviation, time is money, so we guarantee that you will finish all your ME+IR training in between 6 and 8 weeks. Also, you will not have to worry about extra expenses. Make the most of our intensive programme thanks to the best weather conditions that make Málaga the ideal place for your training.

Reason #10

You will fly from Malaga International Airport with the best climate in Europe

Exam flight hours and their corresponding exam fees are included, so you will not have to worry about extra expenses.

As of 11th January, 2021, on the occasion of our 11th anniversary and the award received for Best Spanish Aeronautical Training School we are going to announce some very special news and promotions. Stay tuned! More info HERE.


    We offer you the following options:



(Full Flight)


Instrument IR + Multi-Engine ME Rating

Flight and simulator training

✓ Theory and practical lessons to get used to Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit and obtain an official certificate.

✓ ME theory and Jeppesen cartography course.

✓ 40 hours on the latest-generation FNPT II Alsim AL42 Glass Cockpit simulator.

✓ Course on the application of instrument procedures in G1000.

✓ 21 flight hours on twin-engine DA42 with G1000 Glass Cockpit.

✓ 2 flight hours on twin-engine DA42 for ME+IR exam.

✓ Exam fees included.

✓ Intensive course.

✓ Real IFR flights to International Airports.



€ 15.400

€ 12.000 *

* Price if you already have a multi-engine rating (MEP) on your license.

Tax included in all prices.

Optional: Vehicle rental from €10/day (6-8 weeks from €548).


+ Full Board

€ 16.600

€ 13.300 *

* Price if you already have a multi-engine rating (MEP) on your license.

Tax included in all prices.

Optional: Vehicle rental from €10/day (6-8 weeks from €548).

Multi-Engine Instrumental +
Commercial Pilot Rating


✓ Professional ME + IR Programme + CPL Rating

✓ 6-8 weeks duration fast-track course.

✓ With accommodation and full board included during whole training.



€ 21.400

Tax included in all prices.

Accommodation included for the entire training period plus daily food allowances (Breakfast, lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday; breakfast on Saturday and dinner on Sunday.).

Multi-Engine Instrument
Full Flight Rating


✓ Professional ME + IR Programme

✓ All training will be performed in actual flight with the latest-generation Diamond DA42 G1000 aircraft.


Full Flight

Ask us about prices.



The most complete modular training programme offered by a European ATO

✓ Instrument Rating (IR) Course.

PBN Course – Performance Based Navigation.

✓ Multi-Engine (ME) Course.

Crosswind course in Xwind simulator.

✓ Commercial Pilot CPL (A) Course.

UPRT Course – Upset Prevention & Recovery Training.

APS MCC Course – Airline Pilots Standards Multi Crew Cooperation.

✓ 3 months accommodation and full board included.

✓ All landing fees and airport taxes.

✓ Examiner fees.

✓ Assistance with application for licence and associated ratings.

✓ All didactic material.

✓ Access to our interactive VR 360º platform.

Garmin 1000 course in DA40/SR20 simulators.

1 Free ME+IR revalidation (DA42 flight time + examiner).

40% discount on Full Type Training Course (FTTC).

30% discount on Flight Instructor FI (A) Course.



€ 26.000

Tax included in all prices.

This complete pack is a special promotion with limited availability for reservations made in 2021.

Subject to availability.

All the information you need, downloading our dossier


  • Valid PPL or CPL.
  • 70 flight hours as pilot-in-command (PIC) of which 50 hours must be cross-country.
  • Class 1 or 2 medical certificate.
  • Having passed the Airline Transport Pilot ATPL (A) theory exam (if you haven’t passed it, you can take it at our E-ATO).
  • Sign up + reserve of a place on this course.
  • You will need approximately 8 weeks to complete the training.
  • NVFR rating (if you don’t have it, you can get it at our E-ATO).

360° VR video of ALSIM ALX GLASS COCKPIT simulator

360° VR video of Diamond DA42 G1000 GLASS COCKPIT flight

One of the key aspects to highlight regarding our Multi-Engine Instrument Rating Course is that students will complete all the training in simulators and aircraft equipped with Glass Cockpit technology, which is used by the leading airlines worldwide.

Therefore, as opposed to other schools, all the training is done in simulators and latest-generation aircraft equipped with Garmin 1000, Garmin GTN 650 and Garmin 750, among others.

Our E-ATO offers numerous advantages: facilities equipped with virtual whiteboards, mock ups for each aircraft, library, VR suites, flight and exam planning room, break rooms, H24 scheduling department – and all in the vicinity of the Málaga International Airport.