We offer the best selection of flight simulators in Spain at a national level, putting within your reach the latest technology to complete your training.



From the past, Alsim has manufactured and developed flight simulators EASA and FAA and has certified FNPT II MCC and FNPT II. To date, Alsim has simulators acquired by more than 150 customers.

Providing cutting-edge technology and responding to all training needs.

Providing the following services, that will help users to operate their devices.


Our flight simulators in Spain are kept up to date, with regular updates of their software and hardware, in keeping with our philosophy of providing the latest technological advances for our pilots and students.


Flight Simulator Garmin 1000

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Flight simulator FNPT II ALSIM ALX with SEP COMPLEX certifications , MEP COMPLEX y MCC

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This flight simulator provides a complete training cycle. Unexperienced students will be trained until they reach an airline pilot standard level. The improvements that have been introduced are the following ones:

The opening between the cockpit and the instructor’s cabin has been extended. There is a greater viewing angle for the instructor.

The ALX simulator is used for both the student and the instructor. Both work closely with the end users of the simulator, that is to say, the pilots. This allows the R & D team to ensure that the students will easily recognize the type of aircraft they are using.

The flight simulator is easy to use and has a high technology. This ensures an easy immersion for both the student and the instructor. It also offers a high level of training. The simulator becomes an essential tool for decision making, which is one of the most important things related to the training of pilots.

Flight Simulator FNPT II Alsim ALX SEP, MEP Y MCC AIRBUS A320

Airbus A320 Simulator

Alsim has introduced a new and innovating training concept which combines different types of aircraft within just one flight simulator with the help of the ALX. This tool provides skills for a wide range of aircraft, including the following categories: single-engine, twin-engine, twin-turbine and the middle class categories, including the dual Jet as Boeing B737 and Airbus A320.

Training program

The main aim is going beyond what the user usually gets. The key to optimize the use of the simulator is provided. Users benefit from the training program associated with the simulator. Alsim provides the JOC / MCC program.

The Garmin GTN 650 GPS is the one used in Alsim’s advanced commercial aircraft simulator models, as it is the case with our ALX Flight Simulator. It combines different features (GPS, COM and NAV) with other more specific functions such as multifunctional display, high resolution terrain mapping, advanced navigation, graphic flight planning, connectivity, traffic visualization and numerous weather options among others, and 15 channels with SBAS / WAAS certification.

Boeing 737-800 Simulator

Flight Simulator Boeing 737-800

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Each product is developed by and adapted according to the customers´ requirements. This provides solutions which are customized to the different pilot training centers to which customers can rely on. This has resulted in a unique and new training system, boosted by customers´ satisfaction.

They include:

Training innovation

The fundamental principle is to understand the logic and procedures of each type of aircraft. The instruments in the panel should be designed bearing this in mind. It should not imitate the design of a particular aircraft, but resemble all the systems that we find in each type of aircraft.

Certified Airline Pilots

The flight simulator offers a complete training. The aim is to optimize the training and to improve the team work between the co-pilot and the already certified airline pilots.

Qualification support

It provides real support related to qualification. The team works closely with the relevant authorities to ensure in a quick and easy way that the simulator is qualified. This guarantees the user´s calm.

Information on how products and systems are used is constantly collected and monitored. This information is sent to the Research and Development (R&D) department to answer questions asked by customers.


outside view of alsim alx simulator wtih two commercial pilot trianing

A type rating certificate is mandatory to fly any aircraft whose Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) has exceeded 12,500 pounds and powered by jet engines. Nearly all of the commercial aircraft in the current global market has surpasses above requirements, hence pilots should acquire a type certificate to fly the airplanes. During the training sessions a trainer undergo different kinds of phases in the training. Training devices used for pilot training can be categorized in to few groups depending on their capabilities. Full Flight Simulators (FFSs) have become the unmatched training devices which delivers a superior level of training for the trainer with realistic visual and motion sensations. FFSs can be peculiar to each aircraft type and the trainer can gain all the training experiences as same as real world flying, ultimately they can gain a type rating for the certain aircraft type even without flying the real airplane. Currently there are 4 levels of Full Flight Simulators from A to D and level D (Type 7) being the highest grade with feedback to the pilot commands from a system called “control loading” conjugated with all avionics including the glass cockpit and communications with ATC. FFSs are used for both initial and recurrent trainings in commercial aviation. As 255,000 new pilots will be recruited globally within next 10 years, Full Flight Simulators going to be the most imperative solution for this remarkable up-going demand in pilot training.

flight instructor in airplane pilot training class with four students

Flight Training Devices (FTDs) are the next in line as sophisticated training tools and they serve the same function as FFSs but with minor degradations. A FTD can be used to interpret inflight and on-ground operations including specific aircraft configurations same as a FFS. Flight deck of a FTD comprises with hardware cockpit instruments and multi touch screens mainly for the overhead panel. A versatile software can be used for the FTDs to uplift the trainer experience. Most of the FTDs are not capable of generating a motion sensation but give aural and visual outputs. Aviation Training Devices (ATDs) are a set of tools more likely to FTDs and used extensively in general aviation flight training institutes. These ATDs can be used for the trainings related to private, multi-engine, instrument, and commercial certificates.

Using FFSs, FTDs and ATDs are highly effective to train new pilots with the expense of less funding. If the training had to conduct in a real world aircraft the trainer has to spend more on fuel and other needs. Even the training won’t be efficient and will have to go through lot of processes due to security and safety related matters. In the real world it’s envisage to experience the different weather conditions that they may face in their future endeavors and emergency situations like engine failures, fire on board, hydraulic system degradations, hijack situations and bird strikes.