ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence

The licence that will take you to the top.

One of the hardest academic questions that arises when you decide to obtain the ATPL license to become an airline pilot is about the syllabus. Besides choosing the best flight school, you must make another crucial decision: choose between studying integrated ATPL or modular ATPL.

In addition, if you have already started researching, you will probably have doubts about what an ATPL course consists of, which subjects it includes, or how many flight hours it includes. Or you may also want to know the differences between the various licenses and ratings that make up the Commercial Pilot – ATPL course.

Below, we have cleared up all the questions you might have before you start your training as a pilot. We will also tell you about our different training programmes and the advantages of doing your ATPL course in Spain at One Air.


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    ✓ A320 & B737 simulators
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What is ATPL?

What does it mean?

The ATPL or ATP (Airline Transport Pilot License) is the license that allows you to work as an airline pilot for specific companies transporting people and cargo. It is the highest level of aircraft pilot certification, and it enables you to pilot aircraft weighing more than 5700 kg or with more than nine passenger seats.

The EASA ATPL license is the universal standard established to guarantee an academic standard in approved training centres in European countries.

Grupo One Air, as E-ATO 190, is approved by AESA under EASA regulations to give the Airline Transport License in Spain.

What is ATPL frozen?

The frozen ATPL is obtained by completing all the theoretical phases of training and passing the 14 corresponding exams.

Therefore, owning a frozen ATPL means that the theoretical part has been passed, but the required flight hours have not been reached yet.

To ‘unfreeze’ the ATPL, EASA establishes that 1500 flight hours have to be completed under the following minimum criteria:

  • 500 hours flown (either DM dual command, or PIC Pilot in Command).
  • 250 flight hours as PIC.
  • 200 hours of cross country flight (at least 100 as PIC).
  • 75 hours of IR instrument flight.
  • 100 hours of night flight NVFR (PIC or co-pilot).

ATPL Subjects

As mentioned above, to obtain the frozen ATPL license, you must pass the 14 exams corresponding to the ATPL subjects:

1. Air Law

2. Aircraft General Knowledge

3. Instrumentation

4. Mass and Balance

5. Performance

6. Flight Planning and Monitoring

7. Human Performance

8. Meteorology

9. General Navigation

10. Radio Navigation

11. Operational Procedures

12. Principles of Flight

13. VFR Communications

14. IFR Communications

Official Headquarters for AESA FCL Exams in Malaga
State Aviation Safety Agency

In the following video, our student Samuel Pérez tells you about his experience in the ATPL course at One Air. Don’t miss it!

Integrated ATPL vs Modular ATPL

The training to become a commercial pilot is made up of different phases or modules: two licences (PPL and CPL) and the different ratings that are noted down on them (ME multi-engine, IR instrument, NVFR night, etc.).

Based on this, the main difference between both modalities is that with a modular ATPL you become a pilot from the first time you obtain your licence and you will obtain the relevant ratings according to the modules you pass, without having to wait to complete the whole programme. In contrast, with an integrated ATPL you obtain all licences and ratings at the end of the course with the successful completion of the last phase of training.

In addition, in a modular ATPL you go into more depth in each of the subjects, as there are more hours of theory. Each phase is taught in full, with all the theoretical content stipulated by EASA for this type of training.

On the other hand, the integrated ATPL programme is designed to optimise time, providing you with the essentials to obtain the licence in a shorter period of time, with all the contents stipulated by the Authority for this type of training.

Both training modes are valid and meet the requirements to become a commercial pilot, so you will have to choose according to your specific needs or personal preferences.

Three ways to take your ATPL course at One Air

At One Air, after more than a decade of training professional pilots, we have developed three different programmes for you to become a commercial pilot:

✓ Integrated ATPL

✓ Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

✓ International Airline Pilot University Programme ATPL

All our programmes are based on quality and all meet the highest educational standards, but each of them is specially designed to meet the different needs of our pilots.

In our Integrated ATPL you get an intensive programme with the essentials to become a pilot at the best value for money in Europe.

With the Airline Pilot Programme ATPL, you will enjoy much more flight experience, double the theoretical hours and the FTTC course on A320 and B737, designed exclusively by One Air. A modular ATPL with a super plus of experience while retaining the best value for money in Europe.

And for those who want it all, we have our International Airline Pilot University Programme ATPL with Business Degree in Aeronautical Management, Airbus A320 type rating and FI (A) Flight Instructor course and rating. Possibly the most comprehensive ab-initio training programme in the world.

Integrated ATPL

The best value for money in Europe.

The Integrated ATPL is an intensive ATPL training developed by our school, in which we include the essentials to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) and Airline Transport (ATPL frozen).

With 1000 hours of theory, 250 hours of real and simulator flight, SEP, MEP, IR, PBN, NVFR ratings, UPRT course, APS MCC course, ICAO English and even fees and insurance, you have a complete training with everything you need to become a commercial pilot.

If you want to see in detail what is included in our Integrated ATPL just click on the button below.

Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

Much more experience while retaining the best value for money in Europe.

The Airline Pilot Programme or APP is an intensive training developed by our school, in which you will complete all the necessary phases and qualifications to obtain the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) and Airline Transport Licence (ATPL frozen).

What does it include?

✓ Private Pilot License PPL (A)

✓ Airline Transport Theory (ATPL Theory)

✓ PIC (Pilot In Command) flight hours

✓ Single-Engine Rating SEP

✓ Multi-Engine Rating (MEP)

✓ Instrument Rating (IFR) with PBN

✓ Commercial Pilot License CPL (A)

✓ Night Flight Rating (NVFR)

✓ UPRT course (Upset Prevention & Recovery Training)

✓ Previous IFR Instrumental Course in Garmin 1000 simulator

✓ APS MCC course in FNPT II simulator Alsim ALX

✓ ICAO English Language Proficiency

✓ Aeronautical Interview Preparation

✓ Contract work guarantee

✓ 1771 theoretical hours

✓ 365 total hours of practical training (205 of real flight)

✓ Our exclusive FTTC Full Type Training Course on Airbus A320 and Boeing 737

International Airline Pilot Programme ATPL

With Business Degree in Aviation Management, A320 Type Rating and Flight Instructor FI (A).

The International Airline Pilot Programme ATPL is a modular ATPL training that we have designed exclusively for you to hace it ALL, and get the Commercial Pilot Licence CPL (A) and Airline Transport Licence (ATPL frozen) with the most comprehensive ab-initio pilot training programme in the world.

This ATPL programme includes 2786 theory hours, 507 hours of real and simulated flight, everything already included in the Airline Pilot Programme ATPL, and the following:

✓ Flight Instructor FI (A) course and rating

✓ Initial work experience as an instructor

✓ Airbus A320 Type Rating with Base Training

✓ International Business Degree in Aviation Management

✓ Specific and personalised support during your entire training

✓ New One Air Pilot Club Membership

If you want to see in detail what our International Airline Pilot University Programme ATPL includes, just click on the button below.

ATPL Course Admission Requirements

Be 18 years old, or turn 18 during the first year of the course.

✓ Be the holder of a Class 1 aviation medical certificate.

High School or Vocational School Attendance Certificate.

✓ English level test.

✓ Test of general knowledge.

Why obtain your ATPL Licence at One Air?


    We offer you three different and specific programmes to obtain your ATPL Licence. Choose the one that best suits your needs!


    The largest fleet of Diamond & Cirrus aircraft in Spain: Diamonds DA42, Diamonds DA40, Diamonds DA20 and Cirrus SR20.

  • SIMLAB by One Air

    ✓ Airbus A320 + Boeing 737
    ✓ Alsim FNPT II ALX + FNPT II AL42
    ✓ Full Motion RebBird Xwind


    We operate at the private airport of La Axarquía during the initial training phases and at Malaga International Airport in the advanced stages.


    Our specific ATO for type ratings with E-ATO 316 certification.


    Luxury student accommodation and private shuttle bus to transfer you between the school, the residence and the airports.


    Our own maintenance centre exclusively for our aircraft fleet.


    More than 2500 m² dedicated to pilot training: multimedia library, digital classrooms, lounge area for students, among others.


    Malaga offers the best weather conditions for pilot training, with an average of more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.


    We are more than 70 professionals dedicated to providing you with the best training, of which more than 30 are flight instructors.


    We offer you our own recruitment programme, airline access course, study insurance with loss of licence, pre-approved financing, among many other advantages.


Frequently Asked Questions

At One Air, we want to make your learning as easy as possible and allow you to complete your theoretical training most conveniently for you.

You can choose to take the theory stage of the PPL (A) License online, with live bilingual classes, through our official platform and approved by AESA.

The theoretical classes of ATPL are given face-to-face daily in our school; they are bilingual classes with qualified instructors. This is the way you will make the most of your study hours, while you are nourished by the direct contact with your colleagues and the rest of the staff.

However, you will also have the option of studying ATPL at a distance, from wherever you want and entirely at your own pace. To do this, you will only have to attend the ‘revision weeks’ before the exams, in which you will resolve doubts, consolidate your knowledge and prepare to pass the different official tests.

Currently, we have a special promo with awesome discounts on the ATPL price. You have all the details by clicking here.

Each of the 14 subjects that make up the theoretical phase of the ATPL must be passed individually by official examination in SENASA. You should know that, at One Air, you can take your exams at our main base in Malaga city, as we are an official exam centre. To know everything about ATPL exams do not miss our post.

In addition, you must also take the Language Proficiency Exam by completing the tests stipulated for this purpose. You will take these exams at our school, without having to go anywhere else, since we are authorised examiners by OACI.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is the body in charge of regulating everything related to worldwide civil aviation.

In addition, it is the organisation that establishes the standard to follow for the different academic procedures; as well as the global aeronautical regulations and norms.

Our ATPL course, Airline Pilot Programme, meets the official standards and requirements stipulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency. One Air ATO 190, is an AESA approved training organisation under EASA regulations.

While the PPL only allows you to fly as a private pilot, always for recreational purposes and under certain restrictions; the ATPL is the license that will enable you to exercise as a pilot in command of aircraft over 5700 kg or more than 9 passenger seats.

Although the ATPL is the license to carry out air transport, it is the CPL license that allows you to receive economic reward for it. Therefore, both licenses are part of the full training to be able to work as a commercial aircraft pilot.

ATPL and ATP are two ways of referring to the Airline Transport License; therefore, they are the same.

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