This is what our new facilities look like

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary as an aviation school in Spain, we have expanded our facilities which now have over 2500 m² dedicated to pilots training, cabin crew training and drone pilots courses.

Also, we are launching 5* Superior all-inclusive accommodation so that our students can enjoy a complete experience during their training.

If you want to see everything we have prepared, read on!

More than 2500 m² dedicated to pilots training

We have tried to ensure that all the elements of our school follow a common thread. From the decoration, we are inspired by the components of an aeroplane, to the digitalization of the classrooms, going through a perfect uniformity.

Our training facilities include spacious classrooms equipped with the newest technology, a multimedia library, virtual reality rooms, operating rooms, briefing areas for individual tutorials, examination areas, student lounge areas and seven areas with new-generation simulators.

Everything is designed to enhance your learning, accompany you on the way to your ‘wings’ and ensure perfect integration into the aeronautical sector.

With the most advanced simulators

For us, the most important thing is our students. That’s why we make sure that they are trained with the most advanced flight simulators on the market.

The Alsim ALX FNPT II (certified for SEP, MEP and MCC), is an advanced simulator so versatile that it is used in all phases of pilot training. Besides, the Alsim AL42, a replica of our Diamond DA42, is an excellent simulator for the instrumental and PBN training of our students.

To ensure complete training in all senses, we have the Full Motion Redbird Xwind simulator, specific for crosswind and unique in Europe.

Also, our GARMIN 1000 trainer, together with our three VR tm tactile simulators, are the perfect tools for cadets to make contact with the air environment.

Hangars in two different airports

With most of our fleet in the private Aerodrome of Velez-Malaga, we enjoy a quiet environment for flying and exceptional weather throughout the year. With a direct daily connection using our private transport for students, in the Aerodrome of Vélez-Málaga, we carry out the visual and initial phase of the flight.

Besides, we also have facilities at Malaga International Airport H24, our base from the beginning. In it, the courses IR, ME, CPL and VFRN are carried out, thus obtaining a complete training with continuous and real traffic of the airlines.