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II Edition of the Contest to win a

Free Pilot Course

Image: The winner of the Free Pilot Course 2020, enjoying the celebration of his first solo flight.

Yeah, you read that right. If you’ve always dreamed to become a plane pilot and haven’t had the chance, now is your time. One Air and Avion Revue, the leading Spanish aviation magazine, are joining forces once again to make your dream come true.

The winner of this 2nd Edition of the contest will be able to take the Private Pilot course and obtain the PPL (A) Licence completely for free in our school, as Samuel Pérez, winner of the 1st Edition in 2020, already did. In addition, this year, just for being a finalist you will have a very special prize.

This is your big chance to become a pilot for free!

We want you to become a pilot, and for that, the prize includes absolutely EVERYTHING you need to get your PPL (A) License. Don’t believe it? Here’s what the free Pilot Course includes.

  • Want to see what Samuel’s experience at One Air has been like?


What is the prize?

Course valued at over €15,000

As we have already advanced, if you win the contest, you will receive the theoretical and practical training that will allow you to pilot an aircraft as a Private Pilot PPL (A).

The free pilot course, valued at over €15,000, and designed exclusively by One Air, includes everything:

✓ PPL (A) theory course. You will receive live theoretical private lessons through our online platform approved by AESA. Follow the lessons from wherever you want!

✓ PPL (A) practical course, with all the corresponding phases.

✓ 45 hours of real flight in new-generation Diamond & Cirrus aircraft.

All take-off and landing fees.

✓ 5 h in advanced simulator FNPT II Alsim ALX.

✓ 4 sessions in Full Motion Redbird Xwind simulator, unique in Europe and an essential device to master crosswind and gust manoeuvres.

✓ 2 hours of flight for PPL (A) exams.

Examiner fees.

Fees for processing and issuing the PPL (A) licence.

Unlimited hours of simulation in mock-ups and touch-screen simulators. All those you need or want to do.

Access to our virtual platform.

✓ One Air’s Special Pack with all the material you will need: cartography, flight headphones, bibliographic material, tablet, CR3, drainage device, leg strap, etc.

✓ Accommodation and full board in Malaga during the flight and simulator phases.

Take a look at what we’ve planned for you…

Become a pilot and dive into aviation! Don’t miss this video, soon you will be the protagonist…

Who can participate in the contest?

Anyone who meets the following requirements can win the free pilot course with One Air and Avion Revue:

  • Be between 17 and 57 years old.
  • Have Spanish nationality, or reside in Spain.
  • Have an elementary school certificate.
  • Pass the examination to obtain the Class 2 medical certificate.

You’ve until July 30th 2021 to apply

What do you’ve to do to win the free pilot course?

Let’s get to the point! To participate in the contest, and to win the free pilot course, is simple and very amusing. We would like to know how much you want to become a pilot with us, so let’s do it:

  1. Follow us on Facebook (@oneairdiamondcenter), on Instagram (@one_air_escuela_de_pilotos) and also on YouTube (@1OneAir); the feeds where we tell you all the news about our pilot school.
  2. Follow Avion Revue International on Facebook (@AvionRevue) and on Twitter (@AvionRevueInt).
  3. Film a video (maximum 1 minute) telling us why you want to be a pilot and why you are the best candidate to win the free pilot course.
  4. Upload it to all the social media mentioned in the previous points, tagging us both One Air and Avion Revue. Also, add the following hashtags: #oneairtealas2021 #avionrevue #oneairescueladepilotos
  5. Every time you upload a video (you can upload a maximum of 3 videos), and you have completed the previous steps, you must send us an email indicating your name and surname, your phone number and the title of the video you have uploaded, to [email protected]

Bring out all your originality and imagination to make your video! You can do it alone, with friends, with family, with your dog or with whomever you want. You have until July 30th 2020 to participate, so publish the three videos to triple your chances!

We will value the complexity of the video, your reasons for wanting the free pilot course and your creativity. We will also evaluate the success of your video on social media, so don’t hesitate to tell your friends to like it!

How will the free pilot course winner be selected?

Firstly, at One Air we will make an initial selection of 10 finalists, based on the requirements mentioned above. And then:

  • Each of the 10 selected will have to write an essay (maximum 1000 words) explaining in detail why they want to apply for the free pilot course.
  • A jury made up of members of One Air and Avion Revue will select the best essay.
  • The winner will be announced publicly on social media and contacted personally and will be able to enjoy the pilot course for free!

But also, if you are one of the 10 finalists, you will receive a very special prize:

  • An Introductory real flight in one of our state-of-the-art Diamond or Cirrus aircraft.
  • A session on Airbus A320 simulator or Boeing B737 simulator in our SIMLAB.
  • A voucher worth €1000 discount to be used at One Air if you decide to take the PPL (A) course.

Exclusions and Exceptions

We’re not talking about just any prize; you’re going to be a pilot completely for free! So there are some details that you should take into consideration:

  • This prize is subject to compliance with the initial legislative and regulatory requirements, as well as, passing the medical examination, established by the aviation authority, both EASA and AESA.
  • Besides, the winner must pass the theoretical and practical exams, in the terms and conditions required by the same authorities. We provide you with everything you need; you only have to show your determination.
  • If the winner does not pass the Class 2 medical certificate, he will lose all rights to the free pilot course, and the second finalist will take his place. If the same happens with the second one, the prize will go to the third finalist. And if finally, the third finalist does not pass the recognition either (which would be bad luck!), the prize will be considered deserted.
  • The free PPL (A) Course, the object of this contest, will be offered and given by our pilot school, One Air E-ATO 190, certified by AESA under EASA regulations. The role of Avion Revue is merely one of sponsorship and therefore not responsible for the training.
  • Employees of One Air and Avion Revue International, as well as their direct relatives, are excluded from participation and therefore not eligible for the prize.
  • All contestants in the competition to win the free pilot course must agree to the processing of their data and images by Avion Revue and One Air.
  • The winner will accept the use of their image during their training experience, with the sole purpose of showing how the training process of the PPL (A) Course is, thus spreading the passion for aviation and bringing it closer to all those interested.
  • Finalists will agree to the use of their image on flights and simulators for the purpose of showing what the teaching process at One Air is like.

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