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    Meet Samuel Pérez!

A pilot’s first flight

One of the most exciting moments in the race to become a pilot is the first day of a real flight; the first time you take to the skies at the controls of an aeroplane is hard to describe. But have you ever wondered how to prepare for that moment?

In this video, we fly with Antonio Gómez, flight instructor at One Air, who has been in charge of accompanying and instructing Samuel in his first real flight at the controls of one of our Diamond DA20-C1. Do you want to know how a pilot prepares for his first flight? Hit the play!

The first solo flight

How does a pilot prepare for his or her first solo flight? Who decides when the time is right? What does it feel like to fly alone for the first time?

If the first time you fly is already special, the first time a pilot flies completely alone provokes a mixture of emotions that is very difficult to explain.

In this video, we fly again with Antonio Gómez and Samuel to learn what the final preparations are like before a student pilot flies solo for the first time. We will witness the whole instruction process, seeing how take-offs and landings are practised and even how an engine failure is simulated.

At the end, we will accompany Samuel in his first flight as a PIC and we will fly with him in the sky of Malaga, being part of this unique and special moment in his career as a pilot.

And remember, if you want to know more, stay tuned in the coming weeks! We will be documenting his progress and updating this post with interviews, photos and more videos… Don’t miss anything!