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Everything you need to know

Flying around the world at the controls of some of the most sophisticated aircraft that exist is for many, a dream job. However, on the way to a plane pilot career, you will have to make many decisions, since there is no precise route to become one.

So, where to start?

Let’s talk about the requirements you must to know to begin your training as a pilot.

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Requirements to be an airplane pilot (or a female pilot)

Although the European Standard does not dictate any specific need for admission, each ATO (Approved Training Organisation) can establish a desirable minimum that guarantees the optimal use of the training and maximises the chances of success in your studies.

While you should know that, at the time you get your pilot’s license, you must to:

  • Be at least 18 years old. You can begin your training before having them; the requirement is only at the time of examination.
  • Accredit an Advanced or C2 level of English, according to the University of Cambridge. You can study and test your language skills while you complete your training as a pilot.
  • Hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate.
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Types of aircraft pilot licenses

Wherever you finally choose, we can offer you a team of aeronautical advisors that will help you solve all your doubts and guide you in your decision without any commitment.

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What subjects does an aspiring Commercial Pilot study?

During the course, you will study such interesting competitions that as Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science. You can also train in areas such as Meteorology, Navigation or Radionavigation; and you will learn all about Motors, Flight Planning or Aircraft Structure.

Of all this, and much more, you can inform yourself without commitment with our advisors.

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How much does it cost to be a Commercial Pilot?

Let’s be clear. Being a commercial aviation pilot supposes a great financial commitment, besides that it requires a total responsibility and dedication since it is a very competitive and demanding sector.

Depending on the training route you decide to follow, you must be prepared to pay between € 54,000 and € 85,000 to qualify for the initial license. The ratings could increase this amount depending you decide to obtain a posteriori.

The most important thing is that you value very well what each flight school offers you; don’t let yourself be carried away by the prices. Find out carefully what is included in them: flight hours, teaching hours, habilitations, fleet, teaching materials, simulators, and so on.

However, you should appreciate that we are talking about one of the professions with the highest social recognition, the most exceptional economic projection and one of the best prospects in the short and medium term.

In One Air Aviation, we offer you prices that are adjusted to the quality of training you will receive, always with the most advanced technology, the newest aircraft and teaching techniques still at the forefront of the sector.

Are there scholarships to study for airplane pilot?

Currently, in our country, no public organisation offers scholarships for the training of commercial pilots or any other aeronautical position. However, the Spanish Union of Air Line Pilots (SEPLA) has begun to request instances so that, in the future, there may be some government assistance for studies in the sector.

  • Diamond Aircraft with Garmin Navigation System

  • You will fly at Malaga International Airport

  • Official Course AESA - EASA

  • Advanced ALSIM Simulators

  • Interactive Classrooms

  • Optimal navigate conditions almost all year round

Do you how much does a commercial pilot earn?

The remuneration received by an airplane pilot will be conditioned by multiple factors, such as the company he works for, the range he holds, the actual flight hours or the experience.

Even so, we can estimate that the co-pilots have an average base salary of around € 35,000 / year; while, the first pilots receive a base salary of between € 65,000 and € 110,000 per year.

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What to do after to obtain your license?

Job Opportunities

Many people are not aware of what a commercial pilot can be, because a commercial pilot is not necessarily an airline pilot. Commercial pilots can be tourist pilots, government pilots or field pilots. They can be glider tow pilots, ferry pilots or flight instructors. A commercial pilot is merely the one to whom EASA allows him to charge money for his services.

According to Boeing’s official data, in the next 20 years, more than 600,000 new commercial pilots will be needed to cover the demand generated by the growth of the sector, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. You are at the perfect time to begin your training.

Remember to keep your mind open and take every opportunity, especially at the beginning. Yes, it’s sure you’ve always dreamed of flying wide-body aircraft for Emirates or Lufthansa; but, if you are excited about traveling, be flexible with your options and consider to accept any challenge, there are opportunities all over the world.

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Why are there so few female airplane pilots?

One could think of the difficulty of reconciling work and personal life; but then, why are there more female flight attendants than male flight attendants?

To respond to this, in addition to taking into account economic and cultural factors, we must think that, at its origins, aviation was only military, an area reserved for men. When the figure of the civilian pilot arose, many soldiers migrated to commercial flights which caused a stagnation in the hiring of new pilots and, those who already exercised, were all men.

Currently, in Spain 3.5% of the pilots are women; This figure is expected to increase steadily in the coming years, with the expected growth expected throughout the aviation sector.

In this sense, both airlines and different organisations and associations work to improve the presence of women in aviation with projects such as Aviadoras‘, led by Vanessa de Velasco, a woman pilot with more than 15 years of experience and a reference for many women for their work to make visible the role of pilot women in aviation.

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Why to obtain your CPL (A) License in One Air Aviation?

Surely you already know what you have to study to be a pilot and you have said, I want to be an airline pilot!

Well, in addition to the positive aspects that are implicit in the pilot career such as a high salary, social recognition, the opportunity to know the world or interaction with people of all cultures; if you do it with us, we can give you additional values ​​such as:

  • You will fly on the most advanced Diamond aircraft
  • You can fly in multi-engine aircraft to complete your experience
  • Your flight hours will be at an International Airport
  • You will enjoy the best weather conditions to fly
  • You will train with the most advanced ALSIM simulators
  • Bilingual training
  • Integrated training or modules: you choose
  • Customized financing
  • High-quality standards
  • Own program for hiring pilots
  • A course of access to airline companies
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