One Air Group Drone school adds more value to the drone courses in Málaga with the DJI Phantom 4 Professional Drone, Dji Inspire, Dji Mavic latest model, considered the best drone in the market within its range. You can get your Drone / RPAs certificate with us.

One Air offers you specialized courses to fly these unmanned aircraft. Among all of them, we can highlight the Drone / RPAs pilot courses (both basic and advanced) taught in Málaga, a comprehensive theory and practice Drone course,

You can find all the information on our Málaga Drone courses visiting our specialized Website devoted to drone courses: DRONE COURSES MALAGA and also visiting One Air Group Website by clicking the following link: drone courses.



● Aviation Law.

● Meteorological studies.

● Navigation studies.

● The principles of flight.

● RPA best practices.

● Human factors.

● Drone maintenance and knowledge.

● Communications.

● Air Traffic studies.

● Meteorological studies.


No previous experience and no university degree are required. The UAV Pilot Training Program is taught by one of our expert flight instructors at our flight school located in Málaga. At the end of the program, students will get the Drone / UAV pilot certificate with a total training of 60 theoretical hours. In this new industry, UAV pilots are having a very important growth rate. Send us your data and we will contact you to give you instructions on how to start.

Our official courses are made according to AESA regulations complying with the requirements of Royal Decree Law 8/2014.

RPAs (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Training

This full-time intensive course is designed to provide you with the needed tools and knowledge to get a pilot license by passing a theory test and also to provide you with the needed practical skills to be a safe and competent UAV pilot.

When taking this course you will obtain the needed theoretical knowledge and certifications to comply with the requirements demanded by the Royal Decree Law 8/2014 in the article 50.5 (b and c) and 50.5-3 (e), appendix (i), in order to pilot an unmanned aircraft of less than 25 kg.

Aerial photograph drone rating course

Our Specialized Drone Rating Course (such as the Dji Inspire drone or the Phantom 4 drone) is based on the best flight practices learned in our Recreational course and teaches students all there is to know about the handling of your UAV. This course has been developed through real experience in the Aeronautics industry by commercial pilots, professional Drone pilots and operators that make up our team. Getting the qualification and certification with the Dji Inspire drone in Malaga is now possible.

Drone Operator Course

It will allow you to become drone / RPAs operator authorized by Air Safey State Agency (AESA)

In addition to testing your knowledge and flight skills, you will need to create and maintain a service / CSO manual. This will be dealt with in greater depth during the course and is a fundamental step in getting the permits. The authorized remote pilot course requires both theory and practical phases, including flying lessons to complete the course. The remote pilot certificate focuses solely on remotely piloted aircraft and follows a competence training process in order to achieve the RPAS Drone pilot certificate and the future incorporation into the different professional profiles that are being developed around these Flight systems for civilian uses in low risk operations.

This option provides people with no aviation experience and no intention to fly manned aircraft in the future with the possibility of getting a certificate that is totally focused on the operation of a remote piloted aircraft. We are devoted to ensure that you get the knowledge and confidence to safely and freely operate RPAS Drones in the future.

We have designed an advanced course which meets all the AESA authorized standards to teach new drone pilots the basic concepts about piloting and air safety, being these facts the main principles of the drone course in Málaga.


Knowing how to fly a drone is a quality to be taken into account nowadays. Many people and companies want to acquire this knowledge and many of them get the Drone / RPAs certificate thanks to the training received by the schools stablished for this purpose. We must highlight that One Air Group in Málaga is one of the most leading centers in this regard. We have recently acquired the latest model of the DJI Phantom 4 professional drone for our training courses in Málaga. This Drone has an advanced stabilization ball joint formed by 3 axes to eliminate vibration and sudden movements during flight. In addition to this, this fact allows the camera to record fluid and stabilized video when making complex maneuvers.

This increase of new students demanding to learn to fly drones has been a real revolution, but it is also causing an increase in the number of drones flying over our skies, which have caused a significant increase in potential accidents between manned aircraft and drones, a latent danger causing many headaches to the authorities.

Experts from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are analyzing the possible effects of a collision between a manned aircraft and a drone. These experts point out that a collision between the two aircraft could cause, among other damages to the manned aircraft, a strong impact on the windshield of the cabin causing a burst or causing uncontrollable engine failures in the event that different fragments of the drone were thrown at high speed towards these.

How can we avoid collisions between the two aircraft? Mainly, they can be avoided if the person who manages the drone has been trained on its piloting, respecting the aviation rules. In addition to this, among the established rules it should be stressed that the authorities have indicated that drones weighing more than 20 kilograms or having commercial purposes must have a certain regulation in this respect, but pilots must also use “common sense” and be very prudent when carrying out these flights.

Another of the rules in force in a country such as the United States, where there are many of these aircraft (last year 700,000 drones were sold), is that they must be registered for their control. Doing this, the United States have avoided almost 700 accidents between drones and commercial aircraft, and they have also got a very wide registry of damages caused by amateur users.

Among the measures that would favor fewer collisions between drones and manned aircraft is the fact of having a better behavior, more information, more training and offer alert messages in open spaces to avoid the risk of collision. In Spain it is compulsory for drones to have civil liability insurance. Drones should have third parties insurance with greater coverage depending on the activity that we are going to perform with them and the place we are planning to do it. We can lose control of the drone due to the risk of multiple environmental circumstances, the loss of signal when out of coverage or simply the fact of running out of battery, causing the drone to end up heading to an inhabited area or road with car traffic, thus significantly increasing the risk of an impact. That is the reason why the fact of taking a course in a drone / RPAs training school like ours in Málaga is so important. It will make you get the right air knowledge to keep most of the situations under control and to be able to safely fly your drone.

To sum up, training is a key issue to take into account to reduce accidents between commercial aircraft and drones. One Air Group offers the widest range and the adequate level of training to avoid these accidents to happen. You can get with us your Drone / RPAs certificate, which will be a great help for you to avoid and reduce this kind of accidents. Our drone courses, together with the great variety of latest generation drone models we offer as the DJI Phantom 4 Professional or the DJI Inspire make our training a high level one. When choosing a drone school which offers you the latest technologies you can be sure you will be able to avoid accidents between these kinds of aircraft.