Updated in accordance with the European ruling.

As you will know, in 2021 the new European regulations for UAS are being implemented. This leaves us a new framework of rules with changes to our drone courses in Málaga and flying requirements among many other new rules.

At One Air, we’ve adapted our course content to the new rulings and have also developed new drone courses to facilitate your registration into the AESA.

So, if these changes have caught you with the Drone on land, no need to worry, to follow we will tell you all you need to know to get you back flying again.

What are the changes in the drone pilot courses for 2023?

This new year has brought many changes to the UAS sector on all levels and the pilot training has many changes also.

From now, all pilots should demonstrate a minimum knowledge before being able to fly a drone over 250 grams in weight. For this, pilots need to pass an online exam by AESA in order to obtain the certification which allows flight in the desired category.

Also, the distinction between profesional and recreational flight has been eliminated so all operations will be evaluated and classified in function of the risks they carry.

To conclude these new rules, one to highlight is that the age restrictions to register as a pilot and drone operator to 16 years old. Recreational drones can be flown from 14 years old, or 12 years old if accompanied by an adult.

So, do I need an online drone course to pass the AESA exam?

To respond to this question, we firstly need to discuss the importance of knowing a few points:

  1. A UAS (drone) is an aircraft which should safely co-exist with other aircraft (manned or not) in airspace, and for this reason we need to be extremely conscious of what we are doing.
  2. The majority of UAS have cameras with potent cameras incorporated and are capable of capturing high quality images from a great distance which requires special care to not infringe personal intimacy and honor rights as per the data protection laws.
  3. We are certain that in addition to passing the AESA exam, you want to fly your drone securely.

For the above reasons, if you are asking is a drone course is necessary, we respond with a big fat YES!

UAV training school approved by AESA

We at One Air, have designed the best training itinerary so you can learn all you need to know in a simple yet dynamic way.

Apart from adapting our previous drone courses to the new requirements, we offer new UAS courses to allow you to obtain certification in the new operational categories.

Drone courses for Security Forces

During all of 2021, the official pilot drone course for FCS continues to be ruled by the RD 1036/2017.

You will obtain your professional drone pilot license approved by AESA to fly drones of up to 25kg.

Drone courses for Open Category

Also known as the C1 drone course (this is the most popular UAS type among the users), this course will prepare you to pass the AESA exam to allow you to fly drones in the C0, C1, C2, C3 y C4 classification in spaces away from urban areas.

Drone courses for Specific Category

Finally, with this UAS course you can take the AESA exam to qualify to fly class C5 and C6 drones under standard scenarios of the specific category (STS-01 for VLOS flights and STS-02 BVLOS for flights).

Charge your batteries and start to fly now!

If you and your drone is currently grounded because of the new rulings, and you don’t know where to start or whether you have some questions about the AESA exam you can count on us to help!

We’ve developed the best drone courses where you will quickly learn all you need to know the pass the AESA exam which will allow you to legally fly your drone.

You will also learn from professional instructors with thousands of flying hours and above all, you’ll perfectly understand all the concepts and procedures to fly your drone like a pro.

Be supported by our community of experienced drone pilots and leave your doubts about flying your drone in the past.

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