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How to become a pilot

Flying hours, types of licences, pilot's salary and much more.

ATPL Airline Pilot Programme

Everything you need to know about the licence that will take you to the top.

Analysis of the Global Growth of Commercial Aviation

Aircraft deliveries, personnel demand, new routes, and much more.

Flight Training in Europe

Useful guide to choose the best school for flight training. Don't miss!

Drone courses in Málaga

Updated according to EASA ruling!

Spanish Drone Laws

Everything you need to know before flying a drone in Spain in 2021.

New EASA Drone Regulations



All about the most stunning profession existing nowadays.
young man testing the full motion redbird xwind simulator in event with more people in the background

New Full Motion Redbird XWind Simulator

Available exclusively on One Air Aviation as of September 2019.

What is g force?

Or how to serve tea on a plane upside down without spilling it.

Why do aircraft take off against the wind?

We explain you in one minute!

The speed of aircraft

Can planes fly without engines?

Let's talk about how planes glide.

What is thrust force?

Let's talk about Physics in a new 1Minute Aviation video.

When does an aircraft become a satellite?

Let's talk about Kármán Line.