Why to do a pilot course?

Now is the perfect moment!

If you have decided to do a pilot course, you should know that you are in the perfect moment to begin. Because, as we told you in our post about the growth of commercial aviation, the forecasts are very favourable for future commercial pilots.

In addition, low-cost airlines are revolutionising the market at all levels, as they represent competition for the big airlines that, until recently, ruled the international air traffic.

And although there are new low-cost carriers all over the world, it is in Asia that the bulk of the job opportunities are to be found, mainly due to the emergence of new emerging economies on the scene. Therefore, studying a pilot course is a sure bet for a future career and a guarantee of success.

Below, we invite you to know some of the reasons why you should do a pilot course due to take off your future.

Why study an airplane pilot course?

Surely you have already thought about the salaries, the prestige or the high employment rate in the sector; and the truth is that all of them are true.

On the one hand, in our post about being a pilot, we already talked about salaries, prestige and the responsibility that come with being a pilot.

On the other hand, regarding the employment rate, you should know that, according to the Spanish Institute of Statistics, it is around 85% of active graduates (EPA 2016); a figure that very few labour sectors can reach.

But the most important reason to study a pilot course is none of these. The real motivation to make a career in aviation must be found in yourself, as this will be the best way to achieve success, not only as a pilot but in everything you do.

Is it a good idea to studying a pilot course?

Of course, it is! Studying an aeroplane pilot course due to the evident increase in short and medium-term hiring is always going to be a fantastic idea. Deciding on one of the aeroplane pilot courses in an official pilot school will help to cover the needs that are expected in this sector.

The most important thing is to know that you must do your best and give your best. This way, you will be sure to succeed in the subsequent selection of personnel after obtaining your license and your corresponding flight hours. Our advice is to take good care of your academic record, as the airlines will make it very seriously.

Take your airplane pilot course at One Air Aviacion. We offer you the largest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in Spain, as well as the most advanced flight simulators. If you want to make your future take off, don’t think about it anymore; the time is now.

Advantages of doing a pilot course in Spain

In Spain in general, and at One Air in particular, we have everything to offer you a unique educational experience, as you can see below:

  • An H24 international airport to learn in an environment with real airline traffic
  • A private aerodrome to ensure a quiet environment in the early stages of training
  • Favourable weather all year round
  • A cosmopolitan city with a multitude of cultural and leisure options

Taking an aeroplane pilot course in one of the most advanced schools for flight training in Europe, One Air E-ATO 190, is a commitment to safe employability in the coming years due to the constant increase of flights in the world.

Now is the perfect time to do a pilot course. Take the reins of your future and bet on a prestigious profession with the best professionals.

Official Headquarters for AESA FCL Exams in Malaga
State Aviation Safety Agency

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